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15 Best Golf Sun Hats for Full-Coverage Sun Protection On the Course

The best golf sun hats offer exceptional sun protection. You need to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays while you’re playing golf. And golf sun hats not only shade you from direct sunlight and UV damage. But they also make sure you can safely see your target on the golf course.

So buying a golf sun hat is good for vision as well as skin health.

Of course, there’s nothing better than to have your very own buying guide for golf equipment. Something you can rely on to get a better understanding of the type of golf sun hat that you need.

Fortunately, after doing most of the research for you, I have compiled this informative article on the best golf sun hats for every golfer. Whether you want something stylish, with extra coverage, and durability.

Best Golf Sun Hats - Factors to Take into Consideration

Golf sun hats can provide plenty of benefits. From coverage to protection, your preference is a matter of personal taste and style. With so many varied options out there, you have plenty of sun hats to choose from.

Narrow down your search for the best golf sun hats based on these factors.

Types of Golf Hats

Ball Caps


Ball caps are an affordable pick for golfers. The starting price for such golf hats are $10-$15-and above. If you go for a higher-quality golf hat, you need the best material and style. Something that does not attract moisture and dust.

You can select a ball cap with a sweatband to keep perspiration from coming on your face. Ball caps are the most comfortable caps to play golf with. They do not obstruct your view of the course. Nor do they interfere with your golf swing.

Bucket Hats


A bucket hat offers excellent coverage and shade. You should wear a bucket hat for serious sun protection. Made up of cotton fabrics or denim or canvas, they offer ventilation and comfort.

Lots of new golfers wear something called a mesh bucket hat that is cheaper than cotton or denim hats. It may not provide coverage from UV rays but it does offer ventilation. A great option for playing in human or windy weather.

Wide-Brim Hats


These are, so far, the most stylish and convenient golf sun hats. Wide-brim hats cover the face and the neck. You can protect your face from all sides without it affecting your swing.

A high-quality and professional wide-brim hat will last for a very long time. More expensive options like those for $20 and above offer extensive protection and complete your entire golf ensemble.

Golf Sun Hat Materials


What are the different kinds of materials used to design golf sun hats?


Polyester is a reliable choice for sun protection. You can either buy a golf sun hat with 100% polyester or a polyester blend. It offers ventilation, coverage, and support. The molecular construct of polyester has powerful properties. It absorbs UV rays and prevents them from passing through the fabric.

So the heat and warmth of the sun do not touch your skin for as long as you have this hat on.

Having said that, polyester is not the best cool material. It offers ventilation but just enough to stop sun rays from getting in. In terms of keeping your head cool, polyester has its downsides. It’s not the best insulating fabric for golf sun hats.

That’s why it’s important to buy the best golf sun hats with polyester blends.


This brings us to cotton golf sun hats. Cotton offers low-to-mid sun protection. Generally, golf brands combine cotton with other fabrics to design effective golf sun hats. And that is how it should be.

Cotton offers breathability as no other fabric does. And it’s a lightweight fabric that doesn’t require much upkeep. In addition to cotton, adding other fabrics like polyester or spandex can improve functionality.


Spandex is a lightweight sun-blocking material. It’s not as tight as polyester or polypropylene. So it has a little bit of stretch which most professional golfers prefer. Make sure you find the right size of golf sun hats. You don’t want to run the risk of the hat flying off your head in windy weather.


This is a type of polymer plastic very similar to the molecular design of polyester. But with a few changes in pros and cons. For starters, polypropylene material is used for various purposes. It has good tolerance to high temperatures.

This makes the material comfortable and long-lasting to wear. You can buy golf sun hats with polypropylene blends. It restricts your exposure to harsh UV rays.

Golf Hats or Caps - Which Is Better?


There is a common debate between golf hats and golf caps. In terms of sun protection, golfers prefer golf hats, hands down. It protects your face including your cheeks, nose, and neck.

Golf caps, on the other hand, offer less coverage. They are most likely to cover your forehead and some part of your nose. But that is all. You can always wear extra sunscreen on the exposed areas. But for complete and effective sun protection, golf caps do not fair well.

Pros of Golf Hats:

They are more breathable.

They keep the sun away from the face and neck.

Long-lasting protection and ventilation.

Pros of Golf Caps:

They offer good visibility.

More lightweight, stretchy, and relaxed.

Cons of Golf Hats:

Not the best protection from glare.

If the brim is too wide, you have less control over adjustments.

Cons of Golf Caps:

Poor sun protection.

Little to no protective coverage.

Final Thoughts

Sun protection is an essential part of playing golf. Each round of golf takes about 4 hours to complete. So keeping your skin protected from harsh UV rays is mandatory.

Golf sun hats do an excellent job of keeping direct rays and the glare away from your face and neck. It improves visibility and gives you the confidence to take bolder shots. In extremely hot and sunny climates, golf may get challenging for beginners. But with the help of the best golf sun hats, it’s easier to stay focused and have better control.


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