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The Best Golf Shafts for Irons You Need to Increase Speed (Reviews 2021)

You will find golf shafts everywhere. But what you will not find are the best golf shafts for irons. Out of hundreds of options, what you need is the correct shaft size and fit. A golf shaft is what influences every aspect of your golf game. So the only way to improve your score is to buy the right shaft.

If you don’t know where to begin, allow this article to guide you. I have researched and compared every golf shaft for irons to its last detail. So I know what works for golfers of all skill levels.

Now is the time to evaluate your personal options for the best golf shafts for irons. How it influences your swing speed? And which material is best to increase clubhead speed?

If you want to know more about these intricate features, then read what follows next. You’ll find everything you need to know about golf shafts for irons. And then some!

Top Golf Shafts for Irons – Table Comparison and Reviews

Fujikura Vista Pro Shaft#8RegularGraphite
New Aldila NVS Graphite Driver Shaft#7StiffGraphite
Project X PXV Stiff Driver Shaft#6StiffGraphite
UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft Set#5RegularGraphite
Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft#4StiffSteel
Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue 45 Senior Shaft#3SeniorGraphite
AeroTech SteelFiber i110 Iron Shafts#2RegularGraphite+Steel
Project X HZRDUS T800 Blue 65 Driver Shaft#1 - Top PickRegularGraphite

8. Fujikura Vista Pro Shaft - Best beginner-friendly golf shafts for irons

Fujikura Vista Pro 60 Shaft For Taylormade M1/ M2/ R15 Drivers Regular

The Fujikura Vista Pro Shaft offers low spin, high launches, and better drives. It is a shaft made for speed and stability. And it delivers on that promise without a fuss. This Pro Shaft is a perfect match for all kinds of golf players.

But it’s most specifically made for professional players. It’s generous, stable, and responsive. An ideal match for professional tours. The best top-performing feature of this shaft is the head. It gives you more control and a large sweet spot.

So you can hit better off-center shots. And the high carbon fiber construction ensures consistency. Even though this has a regular flex, the tip is quite strong and sturdy. It ensures a smooth impact without twists and spins. So if you’re looking for better forgiveness, go for this classy shaft pick.


  • Technologically-advanced and responsive.
  • Widely used for professional league tours.
  • Improves launch angle and slow speed.


  • It demands a bit of a learning curve.

7. New Aldila NVS Graphite Driver Shaft - Best high-quality golf shafts for irons

New Aldila NVS 65 Graphite Driver Shaft Stiff Flex .335

The New Aldila NVS Graphite Shaft is made from high-end materials. It’s a popular graphite shaft for irons. With an eye-catching design and ergonomic functions. Made from premium materials, it’s a budget-friendly choice for golfers.

Boasting of better launches and consistency, this shaft is a suitable choice. It’s responsive, flexible, and custom-made. If you’re looking for enhanced and upgrade power, go for this once.

The aerospace materials it’s made up of make quite an impression. You can easily switch between your old driver shaft to this one. Because of its consistent flex, it’s super reliable to incorporate into your play.

It’s also one of the most precise shafts for irons. The upgrades made from its predecessor really enhance the overall feel and stability of the shaft. Making it one of the best bargains for golfers looking for a superior but cost-effective shaft for irons.


  • Smooth and uniform performance.
  • Prevents dispersion and dead zones.
  • Less twisting and spinning upon impact.


  • Not the most long-lasting shaft.

6. Project X PXV Stiff Driver Shaft - Best indoor golf shafts for irons

Project X PXV Stiff Driver Shaft + TaylorMade R1 Tip

The aesthetics and performance of the Project X PXV are worth noting. It is one of the lightest golf shafts for irons. In fact, it’s one of the shafts to fall back for a stiffer and practical flex.

This one-piece beast feels light and comfortable. It offers a mid-weight feel at impact. And with minimal spin and twisting, it’s a super-reliable choice for golfers of all skill levels. If you place this driver shaft side-by-side to a similar one. You’ll notice that this looks and feels much superior.

It deserves a fair shot for its stable and ergonomic design. The tip is secure and makes a huge difference in golf swings. It’s perfect for light and heavy use. It exceeds expectations. And it’s made to measure. The design attributes are accurate will be a great addition to any driver.


  • It’s the exact length as expected.
  • Much stronger and efficient than regular shafts.
  • Best for improving swing speeds.


  • Some may find it too lightweight.

5. UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft Set - Best durable golf shafts for irons

	 UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft Set (Choose Flex and Quantity) .370 Parallel tip (7 Shaft Set, Regular (F3))

The UST Recoil ZT9 Iron Shaft is an advanced and reliable choice. It’s one of the top best golf shafts for irons. It’s modern, upgrade, and convenient to use. Ideal for seniors, beginners, and women.

This golf shaft offers many benefits. It features a flighted set which is, so far, very advanced and stable. It caters to elevated launch angles for a proper downswing and impact. The tapered tips improve the way you take a shot. While also offering a tighter dispersion rate for senior players.

The Recoil promises less spin and twists during and after impact. So the grip feels steady and responsive. The shaft is evenly-weighed so it takes the pressure off of the club and your hands.

The alignment feels balanced, light, and firm. So for a golfer to reap all the benefits from a steel-graphite shaft is more than possible - it’s practical and foolproof. 


  • It increases clubhead speed effectively.
  • More resistance to twisting and spinning.
  • Higher torque and smooth stability.


  • None so far.

4. Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft - Best steel golf shafts for irons

dynamic gold True Temper Shaft - .355 Taper Tip - Choose Flex and Length (7 Iron - 38", Stiff - S300-130g)

If you’re looking for something that has better tolerance on the greens. Then go for the Dynamic Gold True Temper Shaft. It’s unique and efficient to play with. It’s a steel shaft for low launches and faster ball flights.

It has everything you need in a golf shaft. It generates better power for longer distances and higher speeds. It ensures that your unique golf skills are in sync with your swing and drive. And it tolerates so much more than other shafts.

By tolerating, I mean matching the weight and frequency of the shaft with your golf skills. It combines swing speed, reduced spin, and longer drives. Complementing the performance of quick tempo golfers and slower speeds.

Don’t let the low-profile of the golf shaft fool you. It’s well-construction, sturdy, and durable to use. The feel of the shaft is responsive and secure. So you have nothing to worry about even if you’re a mid-level player.


  • Sturdy and ergonomic material.
  • Accurate and consistent speed and drive.
  • It’s easy to use and maintain.


  • No regular flex available.

3. Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue 45 Senior Shaft - Best senior golf shafts for irons

Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue 45 Senior Shaft + Ping G / G30 / G400 Tip + Grip

The Grafalloy Prolaunch has a dynamic and engineered design. The patented technology that makes it so is “Dynamic Torsional Stability.” This means it’s well-equipped at handling slow swing speeds. It offers control and consistent play for senior players.

If you’re a senior player with too many slices and hooks. Then you need this best golf shaft for irons to help maintain a steady score. It has a responsive design with optimized launch angles.

It supervises slow swing speeds to maximize distance. While also reducing ball spin that causes more dispersion. The weight is well-regulated to reduce stress upon impact. So senior golfer players can generate more speed in their shots.

The shaft has a high ball flight and low-to-mid launch. It tracks stability and consistency. Promoting better and faster speed that goes the distance you desire. Overall, this is the best performance woods golf shaft for irons. It’s super ergonomic, controlled, and performance-driven.


  • The outer coating is strong.
  • Best for multi-layer golf balls.
  • Steady and fast swing speeds.


  • None so far.

2. AeroTech SteelFiber i110 Iron Shafts - Best lightweight golf shafts for irons

AeroTech SteelFiber i110 Iron Shafts - 0.355 - Tour Shop Fresno

The AeroTech SteelFiber i110 is the perfect beginner-friendly choice. It’s great for somebody just starting out. It accommodates slower swing speeds. And it has a flexible and versatile fit for most golfers.

This graphite plus steel shaft is a unique option. It has stable and active characteristics that make it a sophisticated choice. The kind of golf shaft that improves your game progressively.

The SteelFiber stands for a steel and graphite blend. So the shaft incorporates the stability of steel and the stamina of graphite. The end result is better spin, light dispersion, and consistent launches.

It has a smooth and stable feel. The inner and outer cores are well-administered to improve performance. And it’s a premium choice for someone looking for a lightweight but ergonomic fit.

The golf shaft is not too hard or stiff to hold. If you have arthritic hands, it can make a huge impact on your play. And in a good way, no doubt. By the looks of it, it’s basic but modern. A blend of characteristics that make it suitable for versatile players.


  • Ideal for golfers of all skill levels.
  • Sturdy and efficient construction.
  • Good weight distribution and dispersion.


  • Take some getting used to if you’re used to heavier shafts.

1. Project X HZRDUS T800 Blue 65 Driver Shaft - Top Choice

Project X HZRDUS T800 Blue 65 Driver Shaft + Adapter & Grip (Regular+ 5.5) (Callaway Epic, Rogue (All Models))

The Project X HZRDS Driver Shaft is an intermediate-level option. It has a strong and powerful mid-weight driver shaft for golfers. The kind that gives you more focus and stability on the greens.

If you’re looking for mid-launch and spin capabilities, then this golf shaft for irons is for you. It targets golfers who play smoothly and generously. Cultivating an active, consistent feel from the shaft than some of its counterparts.

I was really excited to find this shaft. From a performance standpoint, it’s mid-weight and ergonomic. It produces better spin and launch than anything I’ve ever seen. And it’s for golfers who fail to generate plenty of power. But still want to maximize their distance.

Finally, it’s a great option for new players who appreciate a good flex. But also appreciate having the customization options available. Project Z HZRDUS gives a more controlled spin. And generates better and lower launches for steady players. If this is something you’re interested in, this low-spin, low-launch driver shaft is perfect for you.


  • It generates plenty of power and drives control.
  • Thick midsection for agility and speed.
  • Best use for intermediate golfers.


  • Not the best choice for slow swinging speeds.

Best Golf Shafts for Irons - Buying Guide


Before you get on with buying the best golf shafts for irons. It’s important to know what a shaft’s integral components. What does a shaft’s flex mean? How to choose the best shaft for you? And how to measure the right shaft for irons?

Because buying and use a golf shaft is the most important aspect of golf. You need to understand its specifics just as well. What follows next should help you.

Buying the Right Shaft Flex for Irons


Flex in golf means the correct bending ability of the shaft. This happens when the club comes in contact with the ball. It directly influences swing speed and distance. So responsiveness and forgiveness are ideal facts of consideration when looking for the right shaft flex.

It also refers to the force generated by the shaft during a swing. The force that is generated during the swing varies from player to player. It can be fast, slow, balanced, smooth, or headstrong.

If you buy a flexible shaft, it’s more likely to “flex” or bend during a swing. So golfers with a slow and smooth swing speed require a more flexible shaft. This improves a golf ball’s trajectory, distance, and speed.

Another important aspect of a golf shaft is the clubhead movement. A golf shaft is responsible for the proper release of the clubhead. It prevents twisting and spinning during and after impact.

So based on your swing speed, you can make a huge difference in your golf game with the proper shaft flex. They vary from extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior, and ladies.

Finding the Right Shaft for You


If you’re looking for fast swing speeds, a softer flex shaft is perfect for you. This is especially necessary when you do not resort to jerky swings. A softer flex shaft also complements right-going drives.

If you’re looking for better transitioning on the downswing. Especially to stabilize and control your jerky shots, you need a slighter stiffer shaft. Consequently, a stiff flex shaft will cater to left-going drives.

Characteristics of A Golf Shaft


#1 Material

The goal is to find a stable and responsive golf shaft for irons. Golf shafts generally fall within a fixed material range. And that includes steel, graphite, and/or carbon fiber shafts. If you find shafts made of different materials, they will never be as ergonomic as these.

#2 Flex

Since I’ve already discussed the specifics of shaft flex. The only thing you should know is that the measure of a shaft depends upon every individual manufacturer. They fall within separate categories so the measurements are never always the same.

However, you can measure the specific golf shaft requirements that you want. And check the manufacturer’s size chart. Ranging from stiff, senior, regular, or extra stiff.

#3 Kick Point

The kick point refers to the length of the shaft. You will different kick points in different golf shafts. If you’re looking for low spin and low launch, go for a shaft with kick points closest to the grip. On the flip side, for high launches, look for shafts with kick points closest to the clubhead.

From the point of view of length, the average length of a shaft is 45 to 48 inches. This is the proper measurement for men and women. However, for better control and stability for irons, the shorter the length of the shaft, the better.

#4 Weight

The weight of the shaft for irons is supposed to be balanced. Too heavy shafts can cause wrist pain and soreness. And it can also impact your golf drive. Steel shafts are heavier than graphite shafts. That is why senior players often rely on graphite shafts for smooth and pain-free performance.

Graphite shafts also offer flexibility due to their lightweight. They improve swing performance. And help stabilize and reduce vibration during impact.

Look for lightweight shafts to add distance, improve trajectory, and quicken swing speeds.

How to Measure Golf Shaft for Irons?


There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to measuring golf shafts. They’re easier to measure than you think. According to professional USGA standards, most standard golf clubs measure 48 inches or less.

You will either need a measuring tape or a specific golf club measuring ruler. The latter is by far the most accurate as it measures the club according to golf’s standards.

Here’s how you can measure golf club shafts by yourself.

#1 With a measuring tape

Hold the shaft in the ideal gripping position. Make sure the center of the sole of the club is touching the ground.

Keep the measuring tape right behind the club and that too should be touching the ground. The club’s heel and the sole should be properly aligned.

Pen down the number that shows when the ruler touches the edge of the grip cap.

#2 With a golf measuring apparatus

Most golf measuring apparatus are calibration devices that are super simple to use. You can calibrate it using a smartphone or a flat surface.

Ensure that the clubhead is aligned with the apparatus’s clubhead positioning. The grip should go on the apparatus’s grip support. And so on. Mark the readings after you’ve attached the soleplate at a 60-degree angle.

How Does A Bad Shaft Affect Golf Performance?


There are plenty of things that can happen to you when you use the wrong shaft flex. Whether the shaft is too stiff or too flexible, you will benefit most by knowing this.

But between a shaft that is too stiff and one that’s too flexible. You should always experiment with shafts that are too flexible. Especially for irons as it complements more natural swing tendencies.

When the shaft is too stiff

The loft flies extremely low. Leading up to an even shorter trajectory and distance. And your launch angle is almost always inaccurate.

The impact feels harsh and is not the perfect off-center shot. Even with a large sweet spot, the vibration felt at impact is less sturdy and noisier. This could lead to wrist ache, stiffness, and other golf-related injuries.

The ball will disperse away from the target - i.e. sideways. The ball is supposed to bend forwards toward the target and now fade away from it. But if the shaft is too stiff, this will not happen.

When the shaft is too flexible

The loft will be higher than expected and what is considered standard. Even if your stance is proper, it will always lead up to an inaccurate shot.

The golf ball is more likely to slice or hook. This will misdirect the ball and cause more twists and rotations.

You will hardly feel any vibration or solid sound at impact. The grip will feel more wobbly and bent at impact. This will reduce the energy transmission that you feel up to your hands.


What is the ideal golfer’s choice? It’s the Project X HZRDUS T800 Blue 65 Driver Shaft. Although this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Because this is one of the top-selling and impressive golf shafts on the market.

It’s in every winner’s bag because of its ergonomic design. It helps you gain distance and improve clubhead speeds at impact. It boasts of a few modifications that complement any mid-level player.

Just like our top pick, the remaining choices offer something to every golfer. They’re easy to switch to. They’re long-lasting, dynamically-constructed, and responsive. If you’re looking to stabilize your performance and improve your score. Nothing is better than switching up your golf shaft for better customization and performance.


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