Best Golf Pencil Bags

9 Best Golf Pencil Bags in 2022

Pencil golf bags, also sometimes referred to as Sunday or carry bags, are perfect for walking the golf course in the summer months. They are lighter and smaller than other golf bags, designed to be packed with only the essentials for an easy carrying experience.

You are going to sacrifice some storage space for your accessories and waterproofs, but if you prefer walking instead of using a golf cart this is unlikely to be a priority for you. There is still space for a full set of clubs in many pencil bag designs and you will find traveling far more convenient.

We are going to review the best golf pencil bags on the market, plus give you some helpful buying advice before you decide on your perfect golf pencil bag.

Titleist - Premium Carry Bag - Black/Red/White

Weight: 100 | Durability: 100 | Storage: 85 | Design: 100

Best overall pencil bag

Perfect for a quick nine holes or whenever you want to pack light, the Titleist Premium carry bag is unbelievably light and easy to carry. Weighing in at just 2.2lbs and with a nicely padded double strap design, you will be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable bag for walking the golf course.

There are a total of four pockets, including an external water bottle pocket and full length apparel pocket. Storage is still at a premium, but you can at least pack all the necessary accessories and even a jumper or waterproof jacket in case of a change in weather.

The three-way top cuff offers a small amount of club separation and it also comes with a unique ‘mini leg’ design to help keep the bag off the floor. If you want to save a little cash, you can opt for the non-premium design. This excludes the external water bottle pocket and mini legs.

Titleist Premium Carry Bag


  • One of the lightest pencil bags on the market
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Mini legs do a good job at keep the bag dry when playing in the morning dew
  • Simple premium look you expect from Titleist


  • Some pencil bags do offer a little more storage

2. Callaway Double Strap Pencil Bag

Callaway Golf Carry Bag Double Strap 2020

Weight: 100 | Durability: 100 | Storage: 85 | Design: 95

Best for a simple and effective design

The Callaway Double Strap pencil bag is very similar in design and quality to the Titleist Premium carry bag in the previous review. Weighing only 0.3lbs more, it is still ultra-lightweight and perfect for a quick early morning or late evening round with a half set.

A comfort-tech double strap design sits nicely on your shoulders for a good carrying experience, whilst a three-way top has full length club dividers to help give your clubs reasonable organization. There are three pockets, including one full sized apparel pocket for some light spare golfwear.

Where the Callaway Pencil Bag differs from the Titleist in the previous review is that it lacks the mini legs to keep the bag off the ground. Callaway have counteracted this by adding a water-resistant base belly coating to keep the inside of the bag dry in damp conditions.

Callaway Double Strap Pencil Bag


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Simple and attractive design
  • Full length club dividers are a nice bonus
  • Water-resistant belly coating help keeps dew from getting to your clubs


  • Extra colorway options would be nice
  • Slightly outperformed by the Titleist Premium carry bag at a similar price

3. Jones Original Carry Bag

Jones Original Carry Golf Bag, Black and White

Weight: 90 | Durability: 100 | Storage: 85 | Design: 100

Best for an iconic design

The Jones Original is an iconic golf bag design that is likely to bring back memories for many golfers of the 1970s. If you are looking for the lightest or best value pencil bag on the market, honestly, there are better options on our list. If it is style you want, the Jones Original might be the coolest retro-looking carry bag there is. 

Beyond the appearance the Original Jones carry bag does have some nice features too. It weighs a light 3.15lbs and comes with a padded single strap and Twisted Handle design for comfortable carrying. There is a two-zippered ball pouch and full length apparel pocket for storage. Plus, a combination of nylon and Jones vinyl help to keep water out and your golf clubs dry.

Jones Original Carry Bag


  • Classic retro styling is brilliant and will appeal to lots of golfers
  • High quality nylon and Jones vinyl is durable and helps give some water protection
  • Comfortable single strap


  • A little more expensive than most other carry bags
  • Not the lightest carry bag available on our list

4. Sun Mountain Metro Sunday Bag

Sun Mountain 2021 Metro Sunday Golf Stand Bag (Black)

Weight: 85 | Durability: 100 | Storage: 95 | Design: 90

Best premium pencil bag

Sun Mountain is a brand renowned for their premium high quality golf bags and their Metro Sunday bag is another excellent offering. It does come at a higher cost than any of our other choices, but it is also a slightly different style of pencil bag to the rest of our list. It holds its structure in a way that resembles a stand bag, without the actual stand. Combined with a 9inch four-way top, this pencil bag is great at preventing golf clubs from getting snagged. Perfect for golfers that still want to carry a full set.

The Metro Sunday bag is a little heavier at 3.45lbs, but it does have five pockets, a glove holder and plenty of space for all your accessories. The bag is made from durable vinyl and has a strong plastic base. It does a good job of keeping water out and even comes with a rain hood, which is rare for a pencil bag. A single strap has been contoured with a wider top for improved carrying comfort.


  • Good amount of storage space for a pencil bag
  • Wider four-way top and structured frame perform well with all 14 clubs and on a cart
  • One of the best performing pencil bags in wetter weather
  • Comes with a removable spin pocket face for you to add your own logo


  • Expensive for a pencil bag
  • Heavier weight will deter golfers that want the easiest carrying experience

5. CaddyDaddy Ranger Sunday Bag

CaddyDaddy Golf Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag, Black/Blue

Weight: 85 | Durability: 100 | Storage: 80 | Design: 80

Best for golfers that travel

What we like best about the CaddyCaddy Ranger pencil bag is that it doubles as an excellent travel bag for golfers that want to take a half set of clubs away on vacation with them. The Ranger has a rigid body made from durable fabric, padded top and molded base to offer great protection to your golf clubs in transit. There are three lockable zippered pockets for safe storage too.

The Ranger weighs 3.5lbs and has room for up to nine clubs. It is not the lightest on our list, but it is still a comfortable carrying weight and has a padded single shoulder strap. Probably not for competitive golf, but it is still excellent for the driving range or nine holes. As an added bonus CaddyDaddy golf bags also come with a one year warranty, which even covers damage to the bag by airlines.

CaddyDaddy Ranger Sunday Bag


  • Durable and secure build that will protect your golf clubs during travel
  • Good value for money
  • One year warranty should assure you of the product quality
  • Still pretty light given the extra padding on the bag


  • Padded top cover is not removable, so it can be a little awkward on the course

6. PING Moonlite Carry Bag

Mizuno BR-D2 Carry Bag, Heathered Grey

Weight: 100 | Durability: 100 | Storage: 85 | Design: 100

Best for strap versatility

PING Moonlite is an excellent all-round pencil bag and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the smaller details. An innovative design allows the straps to stay in an upward position to save you bending down too far and the dual straps can easily convert into a single strap too. Weighing only 2.5lbs it is also one of the lighter pencil bags in our review.

There is no stand on the PING Moonlite, but it does have a water-resistant belly to keep water off your club grips. A four-way top helps separate your golf clubs and there is plenty of room for a full set. The addition of a zippered water bottle pocket and a stretchable mesh rangefinder pocket are nice bonus features. Plus, a large side pocket also gives you plenty of room for storing extra clothing or accessories.

PING Moonlite Carry Bag


  • Innovative strap design is a great idea and gives players more flexibility (also see cons)
  • Rangefinder pocket is a nice touch with so many golfers now having one in their bag
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Design and color options all look great


  • A few reviewers mentioned issues with the straps collapsing
  • Slightly more expensive than similar performing pencil bags

7. TOURBON Canvas Carry Bag

TOURBON Lightweight Golf Bag Practical Golf Travel Club Carrier Case with Golf Accessory Pouch - Green

Weight: 100 | Durability: 95 | Storage: 70 | Design: 95

Best for golfers that only carry a half set

Tourbon specializes in classic retro style golf bags and their pencil bag is perfect for the minimalist golfer. You are not going to be able to use a full set of golf clubs or take lots of accessories, but weighing only 1.9lbs it is the lightest pencil bag in our review and perfect for a quick nine holes.

The design uses canvas, brown leather and brown trimmings and is available in four different colors. A padded lining helps to protect your golf clubs, whilst an adjustable strap keeps them secure. There is a zipped pocket for golf balls and a couple of basic accessories, plus a tee holder with space for five tees. At the bottom of the bag there is heavy padding for protecting the golf clubs and some metal studs to help with durability.

TOURBON Canvas Carry Bag


  • One of the lightest pencil bags you will find
  • Ideal for golfers only carrying a few clubs for nine holes or practicing
  • Cool and retro style design
  • Adjustable strap works well in place of dividers


  • Very limited storage space
  • Not usable when grass is damp

8. TaylorMade Quiver Pencil Stand Bag

TaylorMade Unisex's TM20 Quiver Bag Gray Lite White Stand Bag, Grey, One Size

Weight: 90 | Durability: 100 | Storage: 85 | Design: 95

Best value pencil bag

Similar to the Mizuno BR-2D earlier in our review, the TaylorMade Quiver pencil bag utilizes a small retractable leg design to raise it off the ground. This keeps the bag from getting muddy or wet from the turf and an extended handle helps to make it easier to quickly pick up.

The Quiver has reasonable storage for a pencil bag, which includes a split side pocket with one longer pocket for apparel and a smaller one for some of your accessories. A three-way top and the base are designed to be suitable for cart accessibility, which will be a bonus to golfers that sometimes get tired of always walking. The double straps feature a slider system and are self-adjusting to create stability whilst carrying.


  • Cheaper than the similar Mizuno BR-2D making it excellent value
  • Small legs are perfect when the ground is wet
  • Lightweight despite addition of legs
  • Enough storage for all the essentials and a coat or jumper if needed


  • Straps could be a little more comfortable

9. JEF World of Golf JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

JEF WORLD OF GOLF JR1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag with Stand & Handle, Black

Weight: 100 | Durability: 85 | Storage: 70 | Design: 80

Best pencil bag with a full length stand

JEF World of Golf Pitch and Putt pencil bag is an excellent choice for golfers that only want to carry up to 6 clubs and do not need many extras in their golf bag. The clue is in the name, this bag is designed for pitch and putt or par 3 courses and weighing only 2lbs it is incredibly lightweight.

The highlight of this golf bag is that it comes with a full pop-out stand, as you would normally expect from a stand bag. This makes getting your clubs out much easier and you do not have to worry about bending down to pick the bag up every time. An adjustable shoulder sling or handle can be used to carry this bag. Storage comes in the shape of a small zipper pocket with room for some golf balls and a few small golf accessories, plus a corded bottle holder and loop for a golf glove. 


  • Incredibly lightweight and ideal for par 3 course of practicing
  • Great value for money
  • Full length stand will be ideal if you not enjoy bending down for a traditional pencil bag


  • Limited storage space with only one small pocket
  • Shoulder sling design takes some getting used to and is not the most comfortable
PING Moonlite Carry Bag

What is a pencil bag?

Pencil bags are incredibly lightweight and designed to be carried around the golf course. They often have unstructured bodies and are not well suited to being used on golf carts.

They are smaller and lighter than a stand bag, but the downside is less storage space and they do not normally have long retractable legs for easy club retrieval. Many pencil bags are still able to hold a full set of 14 clubs, but the cuff diameter is smaller and there are fewer dividers to organize your clubs in the bag.

Golfers prioritizing convenience when playing a quick nine holes or going to the driving range will find a pencil bag much more manageable than a bulkier alternative. You might not be able to store all your waterproofs and gadgets, but a pencil bag is perfect for the minimalist golfer wanting the easiest carrying experience.

Considerations when looking for the best pencil bag


The compact nature of a pencil bag means that you are never going to have loads of storage space, but some bags do offer more than others. Consider how many pockets you ideally want for golf balls, a rangefinder and any other accessories.

You should also look for helpful features such as a full length apparel pocket, lined valuables pocket, water bottle pouch, umbrella holder, Velcro glove holder and any other bonus extras.


The most important factor to consider in a pencil bag is the weight, because you will be carrying it every time you play. Ultra-lightweight designs ensure the best carrying experience. This will help to put less pressure on your back and exert less energy.


Pencil bags come in both single and double strap styles. Some golfers prefer an easy grab-and-go single strap design and others find the weight being distributed over both shoulders easier to carry. It is really just personal preference, but it is worth trying both styles out.

You will want to check how much padding there is on the strap(s) and if there is any adjustability. Extra padding will help the bag sit comfortably on your shoulders and having adjustability allows you to reposition it for the best fit and so the clubs do not slide out.


Some pencil bags come with a stand to prop the belly off the floor. This is an optional design feature that is particularly helpful when you do not want the bag getting wet on the floor. The downside is that a stand can add a little extra weight.


Pencil bags are more likely to pick up wear and tear, especially when they are constantly being put down on the floor every time they are used. You should check if the bag uses high quality and durable materials to give your bag the longest lifespan.

Can you use a pencil bag all year and in any weather?

Pencil bags are traditionally used by most golfers during the summer months. The dry weather means you can pack lighter by leaving the waterproofs at home and you are much more likely to enjoy walking the golf course.

If you are a golfer that almost exclusively walks, unless buggies are mandatory, then you could use a pencil bag all year round. It is worth considering options with a stand and water-resistant material to keep all your stuff from getting wet. A rain hood and umbrella holder are both useful additions too.

Just remember that you will not have quite so much room for packing extras. You might need to keep your waterproofs on if they do not fit in your bag.


After taking a look at all the best golf pencil bags the Titleist Premium carry bag came out on top. It was the lightest golf bag that was also capable of still carrying up to a full set of clubs, it looks brilliant, is super comfortable to carry and the mini legs are an excellent halfway compromise instead of fully retractable legs. 

That being said, pencil bags vary widely in their styles and there should hopefully be an excellent option on our list to suit any golfer. Whether you are looking for a second back-up bag in the summer, a beginner with only a half set or any player in between.

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