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The Best Golf Magazines of 2022 In Print And/Or Digital Format

You don’t necessarily have to be old-fashioned to enjoy flicking through an interesting, informative magazine. Agreed that print magazines are becoming less and less prevalent these days. With more and more digital publications coming up every year. So what are the best golf magazines, including print and digital?

A good golf publication, no doubt, is a great tool for beginners. But you should know that some are better than the others. Meaning not every golf magazine out there is loaded with content tailored for beginners. There are those more structured for pros that are either a part of the golf news or wish to know more about the events transpiring across the golfing world.

But, on the whole, a renowned golf magazine publication, print or digital, offers drills, tips, and product recommendations to ultimately transform you into a better player. Much like what we do at Persimmon Country Club!

1. Links Magazine

Links Magazine

Allow us to start with one of the best bi-monthly American golf magazines whose mission is to craft the most practical and engaging content for the most passionate golfers. It’s just the type of print magazine for dedicated, serious golfers who still enjoy consuming valuable information through paper.

Even though US-based, Links magazine offers plenty of international golf information about the most recent and innovative developments in the field of golfing gear. Along with focusing on some of the best local and international golf courses.

With only 5 issues per year, the subscription fee is not steep at all. And at such an affordable price, you get access to the highest-rated golf courses, communities, equipment, and personalities.

2. GolfStyles

GolfStyles Magazine

The demographic for this print-only golf magazine is very limited. The content is primarily aimed at golfers living around Washington D.C. But they have made way for more regional editions that include New Jersey, Philadelphia, Ohio, and Atlanta.

The magazine gets into the details of golf courses and an overall golfing lifestyle. The Spring Edition of this magazine, which released this year at the end of March, featured topics like Joining the Modern Club. Then came the Summer Edition in May with the editorial focus being Must-Play Golf Courses. And the latest i.e. Fall Edition was about Fall Golfing Getaways.

3. Women’s Golf Journal

Women’s Golf Journal

WGJ, short for Women’s Golf Journal, is among the very few golf magazines with the target audience being just female golfers. Not very surprisingly, most of the golf publications in America and the UK feature content mostly aimed at male golfers. Women-specific golfing information is certainly not that common to spot.

But the good news is that, because of magazines like WGJ, the hopeless situation is now getting better. So if you’re a woman golfer looking for the most reliable and practical advice like Secretes to Hybrid Success, then you now know where to look. There’s also a lot of useful content about golf fitness, travel, fashion, and people.

It’s a quarterly magazine that brings to you some of the major female game-changers in the sport of golf.

4. Golf Digest or Golf World

Golf Digest

Does it matter that this particular golf magazine has been issuing publications since 1947? I think that matters a lot because the magazine continues to do so in the year 2020, even though now it’s only available in the digital format. So there is something special about it that has kept it in business for so many decades.

Popularly known as Golf Digest online, it brings you the world of golf on just one platform. And on this platform, golfers of all skills and levels, are bound to find engaging, instructional, and international content.

The digital-only format of the publication features a lot of information revolving around PGA Tours and even LPGA Tours. And the coverage of these types of international tours is comprehensive.

But you’ve not discovered the best part yet. Golf World or Golf Digest now is a WEEKLY publication. So you can expose yourself to fresh, updated player analysis, stats, interviews, and news every week. Isn’t that great for those who simply can’t get enough of golf, be it on the course or off it!

5. Golfweek


Now we’re not denying that Golfweek is a digital and print magazine that appeals more to wealthier players. The more upmarket target audience appreciates the proud, long history of this publication that has been around since 1975. And just so you know, the magazine has a very loyal following too, which keeps growing every year.

The articles created cover golfers of all skill-sets, including college, amateur, and professional players. And not just golfing tips, you also get a lot of high-quality coverage of the latest news and events.

A very popular weekly publication, Golfweek is bound to improve the understanding of the game for all of its subscribers. You’re sure to look forward to every issue with unabating enthusiasm if you like to stay up-to-date on the constantly shifting landscape that is the golfing industry.

6. Golf Tips

Golf Tips

Even though this print and online publication releases just 6-7 issues a year, it’s very popular. All thanks to the highly informational and useful content each issue is jam-packed with. Every type of reader, be it a beginner, senior, or experienced golfer, takes away something invaluable from each issue.

Golf Tips, indeed, is all about the latest golf tips, golf equipment guides, golf fitness advice, golf improvement drills, and golf course information. The subscription for the entire year is pretty affordable. So you don’t have to shell out big bucks only to gain access to this kind of in-depth expert advice from leading American golfers.

7. Golf Magazine

Golf Magazine

You can get your hands on this one on Kindle or the print version. In both forms, the information provided on golfing gear, techniques, travel, and lots more is incredibly insightful. The most beneficial for golfers learning the ropes of the game, Golf Magazine is one of the most popular publications, both in print and online.

It’s also among the very few authentic golf magazines that feature Tour coverage and in-depth interviews with professional and experienced players.

Golf Magazine also tells you all you might need to know about golf courses around the world. It explains why a new course should be added to your list based on how well it is ranked.

As a newbie, you’re sure to drool over the top gear reviews and golf club testing they include in their every issue. Speaking of which, Golf Magazine publishes 11-12 issues a year, and the subscription is also moderately affordable.

8. Golf Monthly

Golf Monthly

Now, how about a UK golf magazine publication that’s equipped with the most useful golfing techniques, tips, and drills for improving your game. And mind you, the guides and instructions are all put together by some of the best UK-based coaches. This whole community here puts forth their expert advice in an extremely easy to understand and execute manner.

Talking about the most recent golfing gear innovations is what Golf Monthly knows how to do in the most unique yet intelligible way. You get entry to most of the latest scoops with regards to gear.

And just like Golf Digest, Golf Monthy too is one of the oldest, most trusted on this list. After all, they have been a part of the golfing world since 1911. It’s available in both the digital and print versions. But the magazine does indeed cost a bit much, with as many as 13 issues a year. However, the digital format is slightly cheaper.

9. Kingdom Magazine

Kingdom Magazine

If you’ve not heard of Arnold Palmer, then allow us to shed some light on the matter. Arnold Palmer was a very successful American golfer still known for his aggressive approach and unorthodox swing. He won plenty of Tour Championships when he was in the prime of his life, which is during the 1950s and 1960s.

As for the Kingdom Magazine, it’s created in association with this PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award winner. So it goes without saying that the golf magazine is both unique and slightly expensive. You get 3 issues per year. And in each publication, the editorial content and overall aspect of luxury golfing are of the most reputable caliber.

The wealth of information this magazine contains is often created by industry-leading golfing journalists.

10. Today’s Golfer

Today’s Golfer

Here’s another very well-known and reliable UK-based source of the latest happenings in golf. Known as the most beneficial tool for beginner golfers, Today’s Golfer is all about how to elevate your golfing skills, how to choose the best gear based on your novice techniques, and also where to play in the world.

A publication like this is a priceless tool for golfers who wish to play better and even buy better gear. For example, one issue featured 101 expert tips from some of the best Tour players and coaches.

It’s a magazine available in both print and digital formats. Obviously, the latter is more affordable in comparison to the former. But the combined price for both versions seems like a sweet deal.

It’s a magazine definitely worth your attention because of its featured interviews with some of the industry-leading names in the sport of golf. What you might also find useful is the dedicated business section of the publication. This includes golf-related columns on property, betting, shares, people, and more.

The name of the magazine already tells you that it’s UK-based. And that it brings to you a plethora of content from the international arena of golf. Helpful golf insights like choosing the right golf club brand, latest major PGA Championship news, history of golf, etc. make the 6 issues per year worth the subscription fee.

12. National Club Golfer

National Club Golfer

We don’t hesitate to call this the Holy Grail of Golf. National Club Golfer is just the kind of magazine you need if your priority is to master the golf swing. The online publication provides you with all the information and guidance you need for improving each aspect of the game.

UK’s widely distributed magazine here features top recommendations for golf clothing, shoes, bags, etc. In fact, you also end up getting acquainted with expert golf betting tips.

The platform is loaded with both basic and advanced content for players of all skill-sets. Along with information about international rules, golf clubs to join, caddy etiquette, celebrity golfer interviews, and other international news.

It’s just the magazine you should be subscribing to if you want to keep your brain up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of golf across the planet. We would also like to label National Club Golfer as the absolute golfing bible.

13. SCORE Golf Magazine

SCORE Golf Magazine

The first Canadian-based magazine on the list, SCORE Golf is a very reputable and authentic publication. It’s got exclusive information about golfing in Canada, which includes the most recent news, equipment guides, instructional videos, course guides, and a lot more.

ScoreGolf Television is another one of the magazine’s widely popular media formats that publish exquisite content about what goes in the Canadian arena of golf.

14. Global Golf Post Magazine

Global Golf Post Magazine

It’s a weekly magazine that gets you into the minds of amateur and professional golfers. An insight into the world of serious golfers, Global Golf Post is dedicated to talking about all that’s latest in golf for both men and women.

The LPGA section of the weekly digital magazine consists of articles that mention successful female golfers like Lydia Ko, Annika Sorenstam, Meghan MacLaren, and more. So you won’t be disappointed with the quality and quantity of content even if you’re a woman golfer.

After all, the platform is established by a person who has spent decades working in golf media. As for the content creators and writes at Global Golf Post, they’re no less experienced. In fact, one of them is an award-winning journalist and one has earned awards from the USGA.

15. Bunkered

Bunkered Golf Magazine

Surely a catchy name for a golf magazine, Bunkered is a one-stop resource for all kinds of avid golfers out there. It features the most recent news, travel destinations, equipment videos and reviews, etc. that golfers often look for online.

There are video lessons, short game lessons, course directories, new golf gear releases, and a lot more that is deemed as invaluable golf content on the web. Even podcasts are available that feature well-known golfing personalities like Greg Norman and Robert MacIntyre.

Also a part of the platform are quizzes such as Can You Name Every Non-American Winner of the US Open? The list feels endless and every quiz is not only fun and entertaining but also teaches you a lot by refreshing your knowledge about this game and its players.

16. AusGolf

Known as Australia’s most informative golf website, AusGolf is a platform where you find everything golf. This includes golf courses, golf news, golf equipment, and a lot more that’s very rare to stumble upon on just one platform.

They even have a 2021 Golf Course Guide, which consists of top 100 rankings, driving range listings, more than 200 golf course photos, etc. Apart from that, the digital publication offers the latest news about pro-level golfers, for example Dustin Johnson, Stephanie Kyriacou, Adam Scott, and so many more.

Even when it comes to the latest releases in the category of golf equipment, AusGolf has got you covered with brands like Cleveland, Callaway, Srixon, etc. Other topics like golf fitness, golf real estate, and corporate golf are also extensively discussed.

17. Inside Golf

Inside Golf

So we’ve covered American, UK, and Canadian golf magazines, right? Let’s talk about Australia now since, after America, it’s Australia that produces the highest number of PGA Tour players. As many as 12 golfers are a part of the top 100 World Golf Rankings list. And 4 out of these make it to the top 25. Moreover, this number continues to increase.

Moving on to Inside Golf, it’s a widely read publication by all types of Australian golfers. Their newsletters and latest issues are all about golfing gear, instructions, reviews, news, and a lot more. And every issue covers topics like overseas and local travel, best golf deals, golf tips from PGA professionals, international and national tournament news, player profiles, etc.

And one last thing, the publication sold over 42k copies between April 2019 and March 2020 throughout Australia. If that’s not an impressive sale, then we don’t know what is!

18. Golf Punk

Golf Punk

For getting access to the latest scoop in the universe of golf, a reliable, authentic resource like Golf Punk seems like a good choice. Their posts are sprawled across different aspects of the game. On top of that, the top product recommendations include golf clubs, bags, shoes, and even gadgets.

This digital magazine is as dependable for polishing your knowledge about age-old golfing champions like Max Faulkner as it is for providing you with the latest 148th Open Championship. So it’s an indispensable resource for everything golf, which makes it the perfect go-to blog for golfers worldwide.

19. FORE Georgia

FORE Georgia

Georgia PGA, Georgians on Tour, and Women’s Golf - these are some of the most popular categories on this digital golf magazine. It also features a golf course directory for Georgian-based players, along with a list of professional golf instructors with their contact information.

Truly a very instructional platform, FORE Georgia is packed with a sea of information in the form of guides, golf news, course reviews, and even stay and play packages. Even if you don’t live in Georgia, you’re sure to benefit from their weekly newsletters.


It doesn’t matter what your golfing skills are, the practice of reading about top-rated golfing gear and the latest golf tips, news, and events is always beneficial. Not only will you be more well-informed as a golfer, but you’ll also be one step ahead of fellow golfers.

The print and digital publications I’ve listed in this post are packed with content that’s crafted with the sole purpose of boosting your knowledge, skills, techniques, and the quality of the equipment you own.

And with so many unreliable and money-oriented golf platforms springing up every year, you, as a golfing enthusiast, should know only the best, most useful resources.

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