Best Golf Hat for Hot Weather

A golf hat is not always for poor or wet weather. Instead, so many players will still use one even when the sun is in the sky and temperatures keep on climbing.

So, that opens up another question to answer.

What is the best golf hat for hot weather? 

Well apart from answering this important question, we will also look at what makes for a good golf hat under these circumstances, and also those key areas to think of when going to make that all-important purchase.

Nike Golf - Dri-FIT Swoosh Perforated Cap , 429467, White, No Size
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Comes with hook and loop closure
  • Dri-FIT technology to make the hat more breathable
  • Contrast underbill means less glare

First up, we have this Nike Authentic Dri-FIT cap, and it’s the ball cap style. This hat is actually made from 100% polyester, which is the best material for this type of hat, but it’s not just the material that makes this hat ideal for hot weather.

Instead, the hook and loop closure makes it easy to adjust. This increases your level of comfort as it means the cap won’t be pressing down on your head making it sweat even more.

However, it’s the technology in the cap where this model excels. 

It comes with their Dri-FIT technology, and this is then classed as not only a form of moisture management, but also making the hat more breathable. Basically, it stops the sweat from running down while the perforations on the hat help keep your head feeling cool.

Finally, the inclusion of a contrasted underbill is a nice touch. It does reduce problems with glare, and considering you are on a course with the sun blasting down, this makes a difference.

The Pros and Cons

This hat has a number of clear positives. First, the perforations are a welcome feature as those tiny holes make a huge difference to air circulating around your head.

Then, by managing moisture in the hat, it does stop it from becoming even more annoying than it needs to. When you combine this with those holes, then this turns into a very comfortable hat to wear.

But then there’s the protection from glare. Such a simple thing as the contrast has led to a pretty impressive impact. It does provide adequate protection from those rays, so you should never feel caught out when on the course.

Also, it’s worth noting you can easily wash this hat by throwing it in the machine and letting it do its thing. 

So, does it come with any negatives? 

Well, this hat may cost too much for some, and that’s about the only negative. Apart from that, it does a good job.


What can we say about this hat? It does a fantastic job of keeping your hat cool while it also keeps the sun out of your eyes.

Being a Nike hat, you do expect a certain standard of hat, and this one will not let you down. 

However, it loses half a point as it is kind of expensive for some, but on the other hand it will last for years without any sort of problem.

2. Callaway 2019 Authentic Performance Pro

Callaway Golf 2019 Tour Authentic Performance Pro Hat, Black
  • 30+ UV protection
  • Easy to adjust
  • Moisture wicking sweatband
  • Performance fabric

The Callaway 2019 Authentic Performance Pro cap certainly looks the part, but the good news is it also delivers when it comes to keeping your head cool.

Offering UV protection, it also incorporates a moisture wicking sweatband to the front of the cap. This alone will stop so much sweat from coming down and disturbing you, so that is a major benefit of getting this cap. 

This particular version comes with adjustable velcro, so getting it to fit perfectly is easy. Also, it does make the hat extremely secure.

Overall, it’s a nice looking hat that does come with enough technology to make a difference to how you feel in hot weather.

The Pros and Cons

Callaway always manages to produce quality products, and this hat is no different. 

The hat comes with their performance fabric, and this aims to provide you with comfort and allowing air to move around, reducing the heat you feel under the hat. This works exceptionally well while the back panel is then perforated to aid with that cool feeling.

The moisture wicking sweatband is something you kind of expect in a hat that you want to use in hot weather. It’s not too prominent to the point of annoying you, but it does perform admirably when it comes to dealing with sweat.

It’s difficult to identify any significant problems with this hat from Callaway. It does what is a simple job exceptionally well. 


You know in advance what to expect when it comes to buying something manufactured by Callaway, and this hat throws up no surprises. It’s easy to adjust, keeps the rays out of your eyes with the brim, and the perforated rear panel adds an extra bit of comfort.

Once again, this hat by Callaway loses half a point as it could perhaps do with a few more perforations to help keep you that bit cooler.

3. TaylorMade 2019 Radar Hat

TaylorMade 2019 Tour Radar Hat, Black
  • High performance fabric
  • Moisture wicking sweatband
  • Dark under bill for reduced glare
  • Available in a variety of colors

The TaylorMade 2019 Radar hat looks the part, and the good news is it also works well even in hot weather.

The high performance fabric is really designed to both repel moisture and prevent odor. Adjusting the hat is also easy with a rear back strap that is quickly tucked in.

To help prevent sweat becoming a problem, you have the moisture wicking sweatband. This works just as you would expect in that it simply blocks that sweat from making its way down and annoying you at different times. 

By also adding in a darker under bill, the aim is to reduce the odds of glare becoming an issue. This in itself is a real advantage to any player. It quickly stops the sun blasting in and causing a problem.

The Pros and Cons

This hat does come with a number of positives while it’s not immune from a negative as well.

First, the bad side, and in this instance it’s not as good at keeping your head cool compared to other hats. That’s due to it having fewer perforations, so the air is unable to circulate as easily as it does with other hats.

But onto the good things.

The sweatband does exactly what you would expect from it, so no complaints with that. Also, the fabric is pretty good at its role as there does appear to be no real issue with odor building up even in warm conditions.

The quality of the hat does shine through, and it’s clear that TaylorMade has put a lot of effort into creating something that will last for a considerable length of time. It’s also easy to keep it clean, so if that’s important then you will have no issues.


TaylorMade is another brand that always produces quality golf products, and this hat is no different. It does lose a mark because it’s not as cool as others, but as a form of protection from the rays, then it does perform pretty well on that score.

It loses a point due to the way it’s not as cool as other hats. Aside from that, it does look the part out on the course.

4. Nike Golf Sun Bucket Hat

Nike Golf UV Sun Bucket Golf Hat 832687 (Small/Medium, Black)
  • 88% polyester and 12% spandex
  • Comes with an elastic closure
  • Contains their Dri-FIT technology
  • Wide brim for added protection from the sun
  • Wide brim for added protection from the sun

This Nike Golf Sun bucket hat is actually designed to offer you complete all-round protection from the sun's rays while the perforations on the crown help with breathability.

Nike has also made sure to include their Dri-FIT technology within this bucket hat. The aim is to make sure it helps keep your head dry by preventing moisture from sitting on the hat for any prolonged period of time. 

The brim on this hat is an inch wider at the rear compared to the front. This does help in providing additional protection to the neck, and it’s a great idea that does work exceptionally well.

One other cool thing about this bucket hat. It provides you with a high UV protection rating of 40+, and that’s impressive. Overall, the hat does a fantastic job of keeping your head cool as well as protecting you from the sun, so what more could you want?

The Pros and Cons

For us, the only negative is if you are not a fan of the bucket hat style. But then, you would avoid buying this in the first place, so it’s not a big problem. Oh, and it is a bit pricey for some. 

Now, let’s look at the technology and positives linked to this hat. 

There’s no doubt the technology contained within it does make this hat nice and cool to wear. The perforations make a difference, but they have been careful in not adding as many as some other brands.

Also, the way they have thought about protecting the neck with a slightly wider brim makes a huge difference. That one inch more width does help, and it shows a real attention to detail from Nike in that respect.

The UV protection is another bonus. A lot of these hats don’t even think about UV protection, and it’s more important than most realize. 

In general, we love this bucket hat simply because it does offer protection, it shields you from the rays, and Nike has done enough in the creation of the hat to make it as comfortable as possible.


This hat may come across as too expensive for some, but you do get something that is well-made and will last for years. If you like the bucket hat idea, then this version is one of the best out there on the market.

The hat gets full marks as it performs well, and that difference in brim length between front and back is a great added feature. That alone shows Nike is thinking of everything.

5. Rising Phoenix Fedora Golf Hat

Rising Phoenix Industries Palm Leaf Straw Trilby Wide Brim Fedora Golf Sun Hat for Men or Women, UV UPF Protection
  • Elastic closure
  • Made from palm leaf straw for a cooling effect
  • Fabric sweatband inside
  • UV 50 sun protection included

This straw fedora hat from Rising Phoenix may not match up with what everyone is looking for, but if this style of cool hat is something you like, then this is a version that we think you will love.

It’s manufactured from palm leaf straw, and while that may make the hat feel a bit flimsy, it does help keep your head cool thanks to its construction. Also, your head may still sweat in the hot weather, but that’s why they have included a fabric sweatband on the inside to help.

But this company has sought to do even more with this hat and its ability to keep you cool. They have included metal grommets to help with the ventilation. This may sound different to the norm, but it’s something that works and does produce results.

A quick mention about the UV protection with this hat. Here, it’s rated at 50+, and that is seriously high for a hat. It does mean there’s no need to stress about the sun and how much protection you will get when out on the course.

The Pros and Cons

Let’s get the potential negative out of the way first.

This style of hat is not for everyone. It does come across as a bit flimsy and floppy when wearing it, and that can take some time to get used to when taking your shot.

Basically, that’s about the only negative.

Now onto the positives. 

The hat offers fantastic ventilation as well as protection from the sun. It will perform admirably well when it comes to keeping you cool, and it’s also very lightweight to wear.

As a result, this hat should not feel too uncomfortable for you to wear, and that is another positive considering the length of time you will have it on going around the course.

Also, don’t stress about them using a form of straw, it does come with a soft fabric lining that means it’s not going to irritate or annoy your scalp. Basically, this hat is going to perform better than you may have expected, and that is a fantastic thing in our book.


If you forget about the style of hat, and focus on the positives, then this fedora is something you may wish to consider. It does work well in hot weather while offering some of the best protection when it comes to golf hats out there on the market.

However, as the style is not something everyone will love, and it’s perhaps too floppy for some, then it loses a point on that basis.

What To Look For with a Golf Hat in These Circumstances

Buying a hat for hot weather, and probably for sun protection as well, does involve you thinking about a number of key points. Remember, this isn’t about keeping rain off your face, so don’t think your existing hat for poor weather will suffice. It won’t.

Think of the Type of Hat

The first thing is to think about the type of hat you want. Clearly, you can choose from bucket hats, to visors, to the baseball cap, and they all have their own role to play.

In saying that, each one does have its own pros and cons.

Take the ball cap as an example. It comes complete with a stiff brim or peak, and it covers almost all the scalp. 

At first, you probably expect this hat to be too warm, and this can happen. The key is in searching for a ball cap that comes with vent technology.

This vent technology is really designed to keep the head cool while you still get the benefits from wearing a ball cap and its ability to keep the sun out of your eyes. 

Then you have the bucket hat to consider. This style does provide you with full protection, and thanks to its design it does mean there’s no chance of the sun sneaking in at any angle. Instead, this protects you from 360 degrees.

Also, the bucket hat is surprisingly cool. The only thing to watch out for is the material and to ascertain if it has the ability to make your head sweat.

Finally, there’s the visor type and this will only block the sun from your eyes while it doesn’t then cover your head. Basically, it works like the ball cap but without it covering the scalp.

The visor type may sound as if it’s the one that will keep your head the coolest, but think of it this way. It may protect your eyes from the sun, but it doesn’t give shade or protection to your actual scalp. You find yourself having to deal with a hot head with the sun beating down.

Oh, you can also check out wide-brim hats. You often associate them with more senior golfers, but they do work well at keeping you cool and offering some protection from the sun. In saying that, it’s often harder to find them for sale, but keep searching as they do exist on the market.

However, each hat does have its benefits. Each style can prove beneficial to any golfer who is out there in hot weather.

Look at the Material

The material is absolutely key with a golf hat for hot weather. It’s essential that the material is breathable, but don't get confused about breathable and something that is absorbent.

Take polyester as an example. It’s fantastic from a breathability perspective, but not so good at absorbing sweat. A polyester based hat will wick away sweat and stop it from annoying you, but do try to find a hat that comes with some kind of mesh backing.

One surprise is cotton. People associate cotton with being cool, but avoid a pure cotton hat as that will not work well. If you do go down the cotton route, make sure it has some kind of ventilation or it will become too hot in next to no time.

In short, some form of polyester, or even a polyester and cotton blend, will result in the best hat for hot weather.

Remember the Fit

The way in which the hat fits is also important in this instance. A hat that is the wrong size increases its level of uncomfortability, and that’s never a good thing. 

Also, a hat that’s too tight won’t work well in hot weather. Your head will sweat and the level of sweat is too much for the hat to actually do anything.

Of course, you can adjust both ball caps and visors. Bucket hats generally do not come with that ability.

The Sun Protection

It’s also worth discussing the level of sun protection that comes with the hat. With hot weather comes an increased need for protection from those sun rays.

Clearly, a wider brim is the best option as they will cast more shade over your face. In saying that, most people feel they do not provide the most stylish of look. If that’s important, then perhaps aim for a bucket hat for all-round protection.

What to Avoid

So, what should you avoid when choosing a golf hat for hot weather? Well, we covered a few important points above.

Pay close attention to the material. You can find hats made of leather or even wool. Obviously, leave them at home or in the golf store.

Also, check to see if the design of the hat offers some ability to wick away sweat. If there is no mention of this, then you do run the real risk of that sweat annoying you. 

Finally, it’s impossible to stop your head sweating. A hat that is not washable makes no sense in this context. You want to know everything can be simply washed and made fresh once again.


The best hat in our list is the Nike Golf Sun Bucket Hat. It not only performs exceptionally well at keeping your head cool, but it gives all-round protection from the rays.

Also, worth a mention is the Callaway Authentic Performance Pro. This is ideal if you prefer the ball cap version, and it won’t let you down when on the course.

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