Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Any sufferer of sweaty hands must pay closer attention to the type of golf grip they have on their clubs. After all, there’s a need to feel confident in your grip, and that won’t happen if you know your hands will slide all over the place.

Thankfully, golf grip manufacturers understand this is a problem. That’s why they have sought to manufacture grips that counteract this particular issue.

So, rest assured we have you covered as these grips will show.

Winn Dri-Tac Standard Size Golf Grips - Set of 9, Dark Gray
  • Standard size grip
  • .60 round
  • High tack level
  • Soft rubber grip

This range of Winn Dri-Tac grips come with a higher level of tack than the average grip. That means your hands will not slide around the grip throughout any part of the swing, and that provides you with more confidence with letting go in your shot.

The point about Winn is they have perfected the art of combining performance along with comfort because these grips sit nicely in the hand no matter your normal hand position.

This line comes with thicker padding than most. The tread on the grip is exceptional, and it has been specifically designed with this problem of sweaty hands in mind.

The Pros and Cons

This grip is phenomenal. It does provide you with a greater sense of being in control of your shot as there is no sense of your hands moving throughout the swing.

The standard size does provide enough space for your hands to be comfortable on the grip. There is no concept of needing to squeeze your hands together which then affects wrist movement.

Also, the level of tack on these grips makes you feel your hands are going nowhere. Any twisting movement is a thing of the past, no matter how wet your hands may appear. 

Suddenly, it allows you to relax your shoulders and produce a better swing, knowing the club face is no longer opening up and destroying your shot.

The only negative is the tack does wear down quite quickly on these grips. It means you must look at replacing them on a semi-regular basis. They certainly do not last as long as other grips, but the difference they make when fresh is astonishing.

On the plus side, Winn grips are not the most expensive on the market. It does make them a financially viable option for any golfer with sweaty hands.


Winn grips have made a name for themselves over the years, and this model is up there with the best they produce. There is little doubt you will notice a significant difference in your grip throughout your swing thanks to these grips.

If you suffer from sweaty hands and hope to spend relatively little, then these grips should fit the bill perfectly. They only lose half a point thanks to their replacement rate.

2. Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound

Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound (MCC) Black Golf Grips
  • Ribbed grip shape
  • 53g in weight
  • Highly durable
  • Super tacky

Golf Pride has a habit of producing high-quality grips and the New Decade Multi Compound is no exception.

This grip is highly durable, at least compared to other padded grips on the market, while the tack level is astonishing. The ribbed grip shape also provides you with something to really get your hands on, no matter the weather conditions or how sweaty your hands are at that moment.

The Pros and Cons

The main negative with these grips is they do cost more than the average grip. In saying that, they do last longer than other grips that class themselves as being super tacky. Basically, you won’t spend too much more money than you would replacing other grips on a more regular basis.

For the positives, then it’s easy to see where this grip can make a difference to your game. The level of tack is one of the best out there on the market, but you do pay extra for this.

Their durability is second to none. You can play a huge number of rounds before even thinking about changing them for fresher grips. 

This durability is partly due to their firmness. These grips are not as soft as others with high tack on the market, but that is something that works for them rather than against them. 

The rubber on these grips will last a considerable length of time. This also increases the length of time the tack will work for you. 


These grips will blow your mind. Not only do they provide you with some real comfort, but the tack is on a whole other level. 

Golf Pride does manufacture expensive grips, but the length of time they work and help you with your game makes them worth the investment.

They lose a point due to their cost. However, the high quality of the grip means it gains some of that point back.

3. Golf Pride MCC Plus 4

Set of 13 NEW Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grips, Blue, Standard
  • .60 round
  • Available in a set
  • Smaller lower hand diameter
  • Super durable and tacky

This complete set of Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grips will completely transform your game. Relatively inexpensive compared to other grips on offer from Golf Pride, they offer a high level of tack while also incorporating the durability that Golf Pride is kind of known for.

This set is different from others in their range.

They have brought in a smaller diameter for the lower hand, and this is really intended to increase the level of comfort in your grip. This does make a surprising difference, and yet the level of tack remains the same all over the grip, so nothing to worry about.

The Pros and Cons

This set has so many positives.

As like other grips produced by Golf Pride, they will last a crazy length of time before needing replaced. It does make them the perfect option for a busy golfer as the tack and tread won’t diminish after relatively few rounds. 

Another huge bonus is buying them in a bundle. This particular version comes with 13 grips, but you won’t have to replace each one at the same time, so prepare yourself to store them away for future use.

Perhaps the only negative is they can still come in at a higher price than other bundles. In saying that, they do last longer, so it won’t always work out as costing you more when you look at the larger picture.


These grips deliver on their promises, and that’s to offer you better grip even in the poorest of conditions. Any golfer suffering from sweaty hands will gain a renewed sense of confidence in their shot thanks to these grips. On the downside, they do cost more than others on the market.

They lost a point thanks to their cost. They do last longer, but some players might not want to hand over as much cash at the outset.

4. Winn Pro X Putter Grip

Winn Pro X Putter Grips, 1.60-Inch, Black/Silver
  • 98g in weight
  • Designed for the putter
  • Ultra soft
  • High tack level

Another option available from Winn is their Pro X putter grip, and it comes in different options. You can choose from the 1.18, 1.32 and 1.60. In this instance, we look at the 1.60 size.

Regarding this particular putter, the grip is ultra soft compared to most. It brings with it a high level of tack while at 98g, it does make this a heavy grip, at least from a weight perspective.

It also comes with what they refer to as the ‘pistol profile’ and this is going to reduce a lot of wrist movement. That’s why it’s viewed as being a putter grip only since it directly influences the style of shot you can then play.

The Pros and Cons

These grips do come with a common problem found in Winn grips, and that’s the speed at which they need replacing. The tack does wear down quickly, and if you play a lot of golf, then this could become an issue.

But on the plus side, you have a grip that performs at the highest level.

The grip is super padded and very comfortable. It means your hands can rest easily on the grip, and the elimination of too much wrist movement is also a wonderful addition.

This grip provides greater control over your shot as your hands will go nowhere. The pistol shape does make things smoother for you, so you have less jarring on your stroke, and that will help your putting action.


Overall, this is a wonderful putter grip, and it’s worth investing that little bit more for this grip compared to cheaper alternatives on the market.

There’s little doubt it will offer more confidence in your stroke as your hands will feel more secure than ever before. The grip you achieve is astonishing, but keep checking for it wearing out.

It loses half a point as not everyone will appreciate a grip that is as thick as this. It eliminates part of the market as a result.

5. Champkey MCS All-Weather Grips

Champkey MCS Hybrid Golf Grips 13 Pack | All Weather Control and High Feedback Golf Club Grips | Come with 15 Tapes
  • Contains 2 rubber wrap materials
  • Includes cotton fibers to remove moisture
  • Stunning level of grip in any weather condition
  • Quite firm
  • Budget grip

The thing that stands out about the Champkey MCS All-Weather grip is the fact the company manages to produce a high-quality grip for a low price. If you want a budget option that still performs, then this could be the answer.

The technology contained within the grip is something you would only usually expect from a more expensive brand. It contains two different rubber wrap materials combined with cotton-thread technology.

With the cotton thread, it takes moisture away from the grip itself, so it doesn’t sit there and lessens your grip. Clearly, if suffering from sweaty hands, then this is something that can make a huge difference.

The Pros and Cons

The positives of using these grips is the way in which they do manage to remove moisture at all times. It doesn’t matter how bad conditions are, or how sweaty your hands get, as this grip can cope with it all.

They also feel comfortable in your hands. The padding is not as soft as other options, but firmness can work for you. 

The key thing with this grip is clearly the way it deals with rain or sweat. The tread is almost identical to the more expensive options from Golf Pride, but you don’t have to pay the same high price for a grip that is pretty much the same.

The only negative is the grip not being as durable as others. However, this is a budget set, so replacing them will not break the bank. The level of tack while new is going to mean you still get a lot out of these grips even if it’s not for a prolonged period of time.

It does mean the rubber is likely to split. This is due to them being at the budget end of the market since it means they tend to use poorer quality materials.


These grips will work for any regular golfer looking for a budget set of all-weather grips. They do not cost a lot, and they do perform to a reasonable standard.

The only problem is the quality of the materials used. However, you automatically expect this to happen when spending less, so that comes as no surprise, and it should not put you off giving them a go.

They do lose a point for their durability. If they were only manufactured from slightly better rubber it would have helped.

6. Lamkin UTX

Lamkin UTx Cord Solid Gray Standard - 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle
  • 52g grip weight
  • Standard size grip
  • All-weather tack
  • Highly comfortable

These Lamkin UTX grips come as either singles or in a bundle. This all-weather grip may not come across as the most pleasant to look at, but there’s little doubt they perform in any type of weather condition.

These grips come with a high level of comfort, and they also incorporate a certain degree of shock absorption, and that’s a nice touch to add to it all. 

A number of golfers believe they can even use these grips without the need for a glove, such is the level of tack and comfort. 

The Pros and Cons

The most positive thing about these grips is the way their tackiness stays even in the most extreme conditions. It does mean it’s the perfect grip for either rain or hot conditions when sweat on your hands does become an issue.

Another positive is the comfort level. This grip is outstanding with the way you can wrap your hands around it. 

The grip comes with ample space for your hands without the grip feeling forced, so that has a positive impact on your shot.

The level of tack is right up there with the best. Your hands will not move or turn throughout the shot, so you can commit yourself to your swing with confidence.

To be honest, it’s tough to find anything negative to say about these grips.


Considering they do not cost the earth for a bundle, these grips by Lamkin represent real value for money. 

They offer comfort, grip, and will last a considerable length of time before needing replaced. For the average golfer, who is looking at including an all-weather grip, then this option deserves its 5 out of 5.

Why Buy These Special Grips?

So, why invest in these special grips for your clubs? 

Well, it’s all about grip and the position of your hands throughout your swing. Correct positioning, and a secure grip, leads to a better shot. Poor grip will restrict your swing to a certain extent, and your game suffers as a result.

Sweaty hands lead to moisture on the grip. As your hands move during the swing, it leads to less control over the club. The possibility of pulling or slicing your shot will increase, and it’s all thanks to the club turning during the swing.

You need your club to remain solid in your hands. There’s little point lining up a shot if your swing changes those angles, and when it’s all due to too much moisture on your hands, then at least there’s an easy fix.

Advantages and Disadvantages?

These grips come with mainly advantages along with only one disadvantage that won’t even apply to every golfer.

Addressing the disadvantage first. 

Some golfers feel the additional tack and tread on these grips reduces the ability to really feel the shot. They believe it means they cannot play the same subtle shots they normally would, and it’s all thanks to the fact your hands will not move when using these grips.

Aside from that, it’s difficult to think of any disadvantages of putting any of the grips listed above on your clubs.

But what about the advantages?

First, it reduces the chances of having a weak grip. A weak grip tends to lead to over-rotation of the club resulting in a poorer shot that also has less control. 

The club face becomes too open with a weak grip, and it increases the loft culminating in extra height to your shot. That’s not something you always want as it may reduce the distance with you coming up short.

Also, with more confidence in the strength of your grip, it may also eliminate other issues with your swing. Even if that’s not the case, it does give you the opportunity to work on other areas, knowing the grip aspect is no longer a problem.

When you feel secure in your grip, you don’t squeeze your hands too tight. Doing this leads to you failing to use your wrists correctly, so your shot will either come up short, or there’s a good chance you will pull or slice it.

Basically, the advantage of using a golf grip specifically designed to counteract sweaty hands is to provide you with the ability to focus on your swing without stressing about what’s going on throughout the swing action.

What to Look For

You have a huge number of grips out there on the market, so what do you look for if sweaty hands is something that’s hampering your game?

You have two areas to focus on. The level of tack on the grip, and also the tread on the grip.

It’s important to only use grips with the highest tack possible. This doesn’t mean your hands stick to the club like glue, but it does mean your hands will not slide around quite so easily. 

The other key area is the tread. That’s the notches that appear on the grip as that’s what will help make your grip way more secure than it would have otherwise been. 

One thing we recommend is to look for a grip that’s classed as being an all-weather grip. It basically means the grip is suitable for horrible weather conditions. 

These grips come with the higher tack and better tread we speak of. With grips designed for a round in heavy rain, it does mean sweaty hands are no longer a problem.

But we do also believe price point isn’t always a bad thing.

We have included several options above that do not represent the higher end of the market for prices. The Champkey MCS is cheap, but it does perform at a surprisingly high level. The same applies to the Lamkin UTX.

Do not focus on price and believe it represents a poor grip simply because it is inexpensive. That is not the case for most grips.

Instead, focus on the quality of the tack and tread. Look at the quality of the rubber and how it copes with the pressure before splitting.

In doing so, you will find the perfect all-weather grip in your price range.


Out of the different grips listed above, we feel the Lamkin UTX is the best out there. It gets the balance between price and performance just right, and that means it’s affordable for most golfers.

Also, it’s worth mentioning the Champkey MCS as well for anybody looking at the bottom end of the price range. They may not last as long, but they still represent a quality grip. If you prefer a more expensive brand, then Golf Pride is worth a look.

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