Best Golf Drivers of All Time (2021 Issue) – Drive Straighter & Farther Down

You don’t have to be obsessed with golf to know that the best golf drivers of all time are one of the most important reasons why the game seems to be so popular. After all, these drivers handle the undertaking of getting the golf ball as far away from you and closer to the green as possible. It certainly is the most important golf club for all types of players!

It’s the only club that produces the longest distance. Or should I say your driver is the only golf club that maximizes your distance potential the most accurately. But then not every driver can be controlled by every golfer. On that note, it’s time to find out all about the different models of golf drivers that cater to all sorts of different requirements.

But they all have one thing in common – that they’re the best long drivers of all time. They’re also the most forgiving drivers of all time. So are you ready for the DRIVER TOUR!

Top 3 Golf Drivers That Make It to Every List!

Most Forgiving
TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver
TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver
  • Large clubface for faster ball speed
  • Ultra-low CG and enhanced aerodynamics correct mis-hits
  • Twist Face technology generates straighter drives
Best to Maximize Speed
TaylorMade M6 Driver
TaylorMade M6 Driver
  • Speed Injected technology for faster ball speed
  • Face curvature correct mis-hits
  • All-carbon sole with aerodynamics creates higher launch
Best for Money
TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver
TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver
  • Large clubhead with adjustable loft fine-tunes launch
  • Speed Pocket technology boosts distance
  • Highly forgiving ultra-lightweight titanium core

Shortlisting these top 3 choices (all by TaylorMade!) along with the many more reviewed below was a very time-consuming yet easygoing task. I say easygoing because crucial factors like price versus quality as well as other important characteristics like shaft material/flex, clubhead size, etc. helped to streamline the process.

Top 10 List of the Most Amazing Golf Drivers Ever!

1. TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver

TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver

The most forgiving driver indeed with its oversized clubhead, which is extremely easy to swing. TaylorMade SIM MAX is one that comes up all the time when you type the best driver for forgiveness. You’re bound to achieve greater carry distance because of the sufficient 9-degree loft (although there are higher loft options in case your swing speed is slow).

Just by the way, the driver features 2-degree loft adjustability. So you can very comfortably optimize the face angle and trajectory of this multi-material driver equipped with a clubhead where the center of gravity (known as CG) is deliberately positioned low for higher launch and reduced spin.

The revolutionary Speed Injected clubface of TaylorMade SIM MAX consists of a pretty huge sweet spot. And that’s what uncovers a whole lot of forgiveness for your every mis-hit.

On top of that, the clubface is hot and thin to maximize distance as well as produce tight shot dispersion. This combination certainly preserves accuracy while also allowing you to unleash your full power potential, no matter your swing speed.

Now here’s Rick Shiels (PGA Golf Professional) talking about TaylorMade SIM drivers in general…


  • Reshaped sole with aerodynamics corrects mis-hits
  • Strategically angled Inertia Generator increases clubhead speed
  • Twist Face technology promotes straighter shots
  • Ultra-low center of gravity also maximizes forgiveness
  • Loft adjustability (2-degree) to improve ball flight


  • Too forgiving head, thus fuzzy feedback

2. Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Fairway Wood

Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue Fairway Wood

You don’t really have to be an amazing ball striker to pick this one up. Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood feels just right and flies straight and long off the deck, thus gaining at least 220 to 250 yards the most easily. So it’s certainly a very useful driver for all those who struggle with distance.

You can get the 3-wood or 5-wood – the choice is all yours (although what’s highly recommend is choosing higher-lofted 5-wood). Either way, the golf ball simply just jumps off the clubface. You even get a solid contact sound on mis-hits, along with a nice and well-balanced feel and weight.

All thanks to Callaway’s combination of high MOI and ultra-low CG placement, this Rogue fairway wood is very, very easy to hit and also remarkably accurate. Then there’s the brand’s exclusive X-Face VFT and Jailbreak technologies that make your golf goals come true – higher ball speed and longer distance.

What’s even more praiseworthy is the strong, lightweight, and repositioned Triaxle Carbon Crown in the clubhead for increasing MOI, elevating launch, and reducing spin. You’re most likely to absolutely love every single thing about this golf club, especially the part where it goes straight and long.


  • Jailbreak bars increase energy transfer and distance
  • Speed Step technology with aerodynamics for speed
  • Ultra-low placement of CG elevates MOI
  • Light carbon crown saves weight for a higher launch


  • No hosel adjustability

3. TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver

TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black Driver

Recreational and beginner golfers speak very highly of the TaylorMade RBZ Black Driver. Firstly, it’s because the price point and performance are factors that are simply on point. Although there are no moveable weights and fancy carbon fiber, which is justified given the affordable cost.

Despite the absence of bells and whistles, TaylorMade RBZ Black is a great club, with an adjustable loft by the way. It is one of the brand’s latest golf clubs that helps you gain extra yards while also saving hundreds of dollars.

The large 460cc clubhead maximizes distance and playability. Another feature responsible for bringing forgiveness into your driving game is the perimeter weighting, which also improves launch and control. And since the manufacturer is TaylorMade and the RBZ is one of their latest, look forward to their phenomenal Speed Pocket to boost distance.

This is an undeniably ultra-sleek driver perfect for you if your golf  brain has developed only partially.


  • Lightweight titanium core is the most forgiving
  • Speed Pocket technology increases distance
  • Adjustable loft to customize trajectory and launch
  • Black satin finish improves alignment


  • Lack of moveable weights and latest TM technology

4. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Driver

PGX Offset Golf Driver

If you think you’ve used the most forgiving driver and, at the same time, you don’t own Pinemeadow PGX Offset, then you surely don’t know what REAL forgiveness is. This anti-slice driver paves the way for a squared clubface, which means your drives are not only bound to be longer but also straighter.

The huge sweet spot because of the large 460cc clubhead makes PGX very forgiving on off-center shots. So it’s completely alright if you don’t hit the sweet spot because of your poor swing mechanics (the perfect choice for beginners indeed!). And that’s great because beginners appreciate the clean, sleek profile that makes everything look very professional.

The brand Pinemeadow has done a pretty marvelous job with this super-affordable driver. Its critical component, hands down, is the offset design. So you won’t be slicing your shots anymore. On top of that, the lightweight structure generates greater speed. That’s how you get straighter, speed-infused drives like never before.

And Pinemeadow, just take all the extra points you didn’t even ask for because we also love the matte black finish along with the tiny green alignment aid for simplifying the address position.


  • Anti-slice offset design
  • Large 460cc club for speed and forgiveness
  • Clean, sleek look with accurate alignment indicator


  • The shaft is slightly shorter than standard length

5. Mazel Titanium Golf Driver

MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers

Mazel Titanium Golf Driver is indeed an incredibly popular choice among average golfers. Its golden design also earns favorable feedback from players. The golf driver, in general, makes you feel a lot more relaxed in case you happen to be struggling with your swing. Despite any swing flaws you may have, you can get that explosive feel when hitting the golf ball.

Needless to say, speed improves to a great extent, which means the ball flies farther the most effortlessly. Average golfers have also praised the brand’s revolutionary CNC Milled Cup Face. This reduces the thickness of the clubface and heightens the rebound structure to correct mis-hits while also increasing the average distance.

Furthermore, the driver features a deeper and lower placement of the center of gravity to make your tee shots go high and long. Even the large sweet spot with its aerodynamics maximizes distance with the help of being less punishing on off-center shots.

Ask any average or beginner golfer who has used Mazel Titanium Golf Driver and they’ll tell you just how lightweight and superbly forgiving it is to swing.


  • High-rebound cup face delivers faster ball speed
  • Lightweight yet strong titanium head also for speed
  • Sweet spot expands to sidestep mis-hits
  • Deep, low CG – less spin, higher launch


  • Not the most pleasant sound at impact
  • The quality feels slightly cheap

6. Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

However your golf swing, with Callaway Big Bertha B21, expect your ball flight to be right on center and straight. Hitting drives straight down the fairway is a goal you can quite effortlessly achieve with this driver. Golfers who often draw or slice are sure to finally appreciate aiming at the actual target instead of aiming toward the left.

Moreover, the smash factor genuinely stands out, even when the smash is at its lowest. And what’s equally commendable is the inclusion of the brand’s exclusive technologies that are Carbon Crown and Jailbreak. Both are well-engineered indeed for allowing your bad swings and off-center strikes to still manage to go long and straight.

Callaway’s revolutionary Flash Face is also a pretty remarkable addition as it helps in promoting faster ball speed all across the larger hitting surface. And in terms of appearance, the B21 driver is inviting and tall, no doubt, with a squared-up setup. And what stands out is the metallic deep blue and red accents to give the club a very distinctive look in your hands.


  • High-launch, draw-biased driver
  • Flash Face promotes faster ball speed
  • Lighter yet extremely strong face design


  • Very forgiving head, thus only marginal feedback
  • Offset design requires some getting used to

7. TaylorMade M6 Driver

TaylorMade M6 Driver

If you think you know what a speed-boosting driver feels like and have never used TaylorMade M6, think again. Because M6 is a whole lot faster with its Twist Face technology and all-carbon, aerodynamic sole. The former consists of a well-engineered face curvature that makes even off-center shots travel straighter with minimal sidespin.

And just like the TaylorMade RBZ reviewed earlier, even M6 is equipped with the brand’s special Inertia Generator for maximizing forgiveness. That way, you can launch the ball higher without any struggle.

In comparison to the previous model (M5 and even M4), TaylorMade M6 is slightly more forgiving. And that’s primarily because of the lower positioning of the center of gravity. The brand has deliberately dropped the rear clubhead section (Inertia Generator). So 46 grams of weight is hanging off the sole’s bottom, and that is what enables greater forgiveness.


  • Speed Injected driver for ball speed
  • Twist Face engineered to correct mis-hits
  • Carbon sole with aerodynamics increases distance
  • More flexible Hammerhead slot expands sweet spot


  • No adjustable weights or hosel adjustability

8. King Par TEC Plus Driver

King Par TEC Plus 460 cc Ti Matrix Driver Men's

Even though not manufactured by brands like Callaway, TaylorMade, Pinemeadow, etc., this TEC Plus 460cc Ti Matrix Driver is a part of this top 10 list simply because it hits dead straight. You’re dealing with at least 290 yards with this very budget-friendly club that also reduces the common slicing problem.

Many golfers who end up buying it do it in order to save some serious money. Little do they know at the time that this driver is most likely to become their go-to club for a very, very long time. King Par TEC Plus is proof that it’s not just expensive golf clubs that can fix the most common weaknesses in a golf swing.

The legally largest clubhead size (460cc) along with the lightweight graphite shaft generates extreme distances perfect for beginners. So your time playing or practicing becomes much, much easier. You also get the opportunity to produce a long and high ball flight more consistently. All thanks to the maximum COR and massive sweet spot.


  • High-MOI driver with lightweight graphite shaft
  • Large sweet spot, hence extremely forgiving on mis-hits
  • Soft, slip-resistant rubber grip


  • The finish is prone to wearing off quickly

9. TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX Driver

TaylorMade SiM 2 Max Driver Mens

The third selection on this list by TaylorMade is their SIM 2 MAX Driver. And once again, it seems like the best option for golfers who tend to struggle with achieving desired yardages off the tee. So it’s time to get lost yardages back as well as generate some more.

Just like its standard SIM 2 version, SIM 2 MAX is also outfitted with a Speed Injected Twist Face and Inertia Generator. The only difference is that the latter delivers much greater forgiveness, along with mid-launch and not low. Hands down, this surely is a higher launching and more forgiving version of SIM 2.

The extra forgiveness increases ball speed after all. Then there’s the higher launch and higher spin factors too that also boost carry distance. The differences may not be huge per se but they certainly grow over time. But then look forward to big differences in terms of how easier it now becomes for you to attack the golf ball with TaylorMade SIM 2 MAX.


  • Inertia Generator increases clubhead speed
  • Corrective clubface curvature for off-center shots
  • Speed Pocket technology maximizes distance on mis-hits
  • Split mass weighting enables pinpoint target/accuracy


  • Not as workable as TaylorMade SIM 2

10. Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

Hit every fairway right down the middle with Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver. It’s a high-launch, no-nonsense driver perfect for golfers who desire just one thing and one thing only – that is to drive far and straight.

All of Cleveland’s features here, this includes the turbocharged cup face, redesigned HI bore crown, ultra-lightweight hosel, and deep-weighted sole, share one thing in common. And that is to make sure your off-center shots and bad swings still generate the ball speed and distance required for more successful drives. A true value-driven golf driver indeed!

The clubface has a large hitting surface, which results in faster ball speed no matter where on the face the contact is made. Then there’s the re-worked crown for lowering the CG, so you can quite effortlessly achieve a higher launch. A lower CG also makes the driver a lot more forgiving.

And finally, the deep-weighted sole increases the MOI. In simple words, there’s less to no amount of unwanted twisting. Now doesn’t all of this seem like factors much-needed in case you happen to be a beginner?


  • Redistributed hosel weight for forgiveness
  • Larger impact surface boosts ball speed
  • HI bore crown with lower CG optimizes launch
  • Extra head mass increases MOI


  • Sound at impact is not solid enough

What Matters Most When It Comes to Golf Drivers

1. Shaft Material, Flex, and Length

The shaft, needless to say, is the most important aspect of not just golf drivers but all golf clubs. Let’s start with the right shaft material for you. So your options include graphite, steel, and titanium. The most common of the lot is graphite. Simply because it’s the most lightweight, thus the easiest to swing in comparison to titanium and steel.

So if your swing speed is in the making, it’s in your best interest to choose lightweight graphite and not heavier steel. However, graphite shafts have a premium price because of the premium quality.

What about titanium shafts? Well, these too are slightly stiff and so the most suitable for stronger players who can shoot great distances the most effortlessly but then struggle a little bit with achieving accuracy.

Moving on to shaft flex – Regular, Stiff, Extra Stiff, Ladies, and Senior. Once again, pick according to your swing speed. Low-speed swingers and high handicappers obviously opt for more flexible shafts, such as Senior, Ladies, or Regular. On the other hand, skilled and low-handicap golfers prefer using stiffer shafts as they can handle faster swing speeds.

And lastly, there’s shaft length. What is the standard driver shaft length by the way? It’s around 45 inches for men and 44 inches for women. But if your height is above or below average, it’s better to get properly fitted.

2. Forgiveness

What does it mean when it’s said that a certain driver is very forgiving? That just means you can hit as many off-center shots as you like, the driver corrects your every mis-hit to make sure it still travels straight and long. But then how does this happen? More often than not, it’s because of the larger sweet spot.

Other factors responsible for increasing forgiveness include a low center of gravity, perimeter weighting, massive sweet spot, aerodynamic sole shaping, etc.

But then who needs to use these kinds of forgiving drivers? Golfers with a bad swing i.e. beginners, seniors, and even many female golfers.

3. Loft

Why is a higher loft more suitable for golfers with a slower swing speed? Here’s the logic behind it – a higher loft (10.5 degrees to 12.5 degrees) makes it harder for the golf ball to curve. Therefore, making the driver a lot more forgiving, especially for those with a slower swing speed (below 90 mph). It also increases backspin, which adds lift for a longer travel distance.

But then if producing a fast swing speed is not a concern for you, you can pretty much achieve your driver goals with a standard or low lofted driver (8.5 degrees to 10.5 degrees).

And then there are those golfers who don’t prefer a fixed loft configuration. So for them, brands have designed drivers with an adjustable loft. For example, TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver with its 2-degree loft sleeve. This way, you’re free to optimize the loft based on your face angle and trajectory preferences.

4. Clubhead Size and Weight

A simple rule you have here – a larger clubhead size (460cc) means more power transferred into the ball for more ball speed, thus more distance. At the same time, a larger clubhead also paves the way for greater potential to hit the sweet spot. This means enhanced forgiveness, which is also a result of the large clubhead’s twist-resistant high MOI.

This type of modern clubhead design also features aerodynamics to minimize drag in order to promote a faster swing speed. A larger crown structure, in general, slices through air in such a way that you inevitably get a higher launch. And the outcome of that, once again, is more carry distance.

What about the clubhead weight? Even though the clubhead is larger, the weight is minimal. But if that’s a problem since you’re used to your driver feeling heavy, then why not choose a heavier shaft instead (that would be steel over graphite).

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the #1 Driver In Golf?

When you happen to find the most forgiving and longest driver, know that it automatically occupies the top spot as the #1 driver. Some great examples include TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver, TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver, and Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Driver. These are specifically engineered for producing long distances, even when you miss the sweet spot.

What Is the Best Driver for High Handicap?

No doubt, the best for high-handicap golfers is one that’s extremely forgiving. And what makes a golf driver the most forgiving – larger clubhead size, ultra-low center of gravity, perimeter weighting, enhanced aerodynamics, and things like that. In that case, TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver is what comes to mind.

What Is the Best Driver for Average Golfers?

Hands down, it’s the Mazel Titanium Golf Driver. And why? Because this driver promotes a faster swing speed, high-grade mis-hit correction, and steady performance. All of which seems like a good combination for a mid-range or average golfer.

With its large 460cc clubhead (strong punch), low center of gravity (high launch, thus extended carry distance), and CNC face milling (outstanding forgiveness), this Mazel driver fits the ‘upgrade’ requirement while also not drilling a hole in the wallet.

What Is the Most Forgiving Driver?

Every golf driver reviewed in this article is incredibly forgiving in its own way. Each one of them is designed to correct your bad swing or bad contact with the golf ball. So it’s all about forgiveness with TaylorMade SIM MAX Driver.

Then there’s PGX Offset Golf Driver and Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver as well. In the case of the former, it’s the offset structure itself that produces a higher launch and improves accuracy simply by moving the center of gravity slightly farther behind.

As for Cleveland, every feature works toward increasing forgiveness. Such as its turbocharged cup face, HI bore crown, deep weighting, counterbalanced shaft, and more.

What Is the Longest Hitting Driver of All Time?

Whenever the topic of driver distance comes up, one model that immediately comes to mind is the TaylorMade M6 Driver. And that’s because there are four unique features here that prioritize nothing but increased ball speed and distance. Speed Injected clubface, corrective face angle, aerodynamic carbon sole shaping, and flexible Hammerhead slot.

What Driver Does Tiger Woods Use?

The most recent one, in the year 2020, Tiger Woods reached for his TaylorMade SIM Driver. But that’s not the only TaylorMade driver he’s ever used. There’s also TaylorMade M5 that was a part of his golf bag in 2019.

And the list includes Nike Ignite 460cc (in 2005), Nike Forged Ti (in 2002), Titleist 975D (in 2001), and King Cobra in 1997.

The Summary

What has been laid out is a comprehensive guide for streamlining your process of choosing the best driver for you, along with the top 10 recommendations OF ALL TIME!

These golf clubs do everything all at once, meaning they provide the extra distance length you’ve been dreaming about for the longest time as well as improving accuracy.

Physical features are not at all disappointing when it comes to boosting crucial and sometimes much-needed factors like forgiveness on mis-hits, anti-slice performance, and stuff like that. Each driver has its own set of unique characteristics to up your skills and game.

And top choices include top brands like TaylorMade, Callaway, Cleveland, and a few more.

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