Best Golf Clubs for Beginners

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners with A Slower Swing Speed

Buying a new set of golf clubs is already a very challenging task, let alone the best golf clubs for beginners. Purchasing your very first golf clubs is a huge step, no doubt. You have to keep in mind many factors; some are basic while others are more complex to understand. But the most important thing is that you should be comfortable with your golf clubs.

Let’s keep aside everything else, and just focus on the most important aspects for now. And this includes accuracy and forgiveness; the two factors that contribute to boosting distance on the golf course. For that matter, oversized clubheads are extremely forgiving, even on your off-center strikes.

And then there are lightweight graphite shafts that are the most suitable for the slower swing speeds of beginners. These are just the kind of golf clubs newbies require. And just the kind I’ve reviewed for you below!

1. Callaway STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Set (12-piece set)

Callaway STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Set (12-piece set)

Many golfers play their very first round with these Callaway STRATA clubs. And you know why? It’s because the massive sweet spot on the hybrids, irons, and drivers make the golf clubs much easier to hit. Even if you’ve never used a hybrid before, the 5-hybrid of this set is sure to become your go-to club on par 5s and par 4s for your second shots.

On top of that, the lightweight graphite shafts on the oversized, forgiving, aerodynamic clubhead-equipped 3 wood and the lightweight forged driver make the golf clubs fun to hit. And let’s not forget a beginner-friendly mallet putter that features alignment for providing incredible accuracy is also a part of this Callaway 12-piece set.

Key Features

  • Lightweight forged driver with a large sweet spot
  • Aerodynamic head of 3 wood enables long, high shots
  • 5 hybrid boosts confidence for a wide range of shots
  • Stainless steel irons offer control and forgiveness
  • Mallet-style putter with alignment for accuracy

2. Callaway STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Set (16-piece set)

Callaway STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Set (16-piece set)

This Callaway 16-piece set is also the perfect choice for a new golfer. Forgiveness, distance, and control are all present. It’s a complete golf club set with woods, hybrids, and irons that deliver coverage for all the common situations newbies find themselves in.

The 12-piece offers just one hybrid while this 16-piece set includes two; 4 and 5 hybrids. So you never have to use those tough-to-hit long irons. And this version is also equipped with high flight technology stainless steel irons. Along with a precision milled putter, which is crafted for improving distance control and accuracy, thus sinking more putts.

Key Features

  • Titanium driver with a large sweet spot
  • Irons and wedges feature high flight technology
  • Durable, lightweight golf stand bag with convenient pockets
  • Putter precise face milling for better distance control and accuracy
  • 5 and 4 hybrids are great long-iron alternatives

3. Callaway STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Set

Callaway STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Set

This is the 11-piece version of the men’s Callaway golf sets reviewed above. It’s a complete set for women golfers just getting to understand and execute the basics of the game on the course. And every golf club helps a great deal, no doubt.

Such as the woods, which include driver, 5 hybrid, and 5 fairway wood, that offer the much-needed combination of control, forgiveness, and distance. And the golf clubs are the easiest to hit as well. And they come with headcovers!

Key Features

  • Stainless steel irons built for control and forgiveness
  • Lightweight, durable golf stand bag with rain hood
  • Mallet putter features alignment to improve accuracy
  • Easy-to-hit, lightweight woods ideal for women beginners

4. Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set

Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set

You get a fancy-looking, lightweight carry bag designed with a self-activating stand, plenty of pockets, a well-built handle top, and adjustable, Air Flow shoulder straps. Along with a massive impact surface area on the clubface and extremely comfortable grips.

The golf club combination is also perfect in my opinion. It includes a large driver, deep, perimeter-weighted stainless steel irons, easy-to-launch sand wedge, and some more.

The irons, in particular, with their low CG, are structured for giving you, a beginner golfer, all the forgiveness you require for your recurrent off-center strikes. What more could you have asked for, right?

Key Features

  • Driver features Super Game Improvement technology
  • Low-CG irons for distance and accuracy
  • Sand wedge with wide sole/low weighting improves greenside control
  • Putter is heel/toe weighted to provide accuracy
  • Lightweight carry bag with self-activating stand

5. Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

You should just go ahead and purchase this beginner-friendly Pinemeadow PGX Golf Set simply because it offers a consistent feel throughout all its clubs. The shafts of the irons are stiff enough for correcting your chunked shots. As for your clean shots, they’re bound to feel great.

Moving on to the hybrids, these golf clubs are an absolute delight with their incredible sound and ideal weight. Even the 3 wood gets the job done fairly well off the fairway. And, no doubt, the 460cc driver is designed for nothing but distance and accuracy.

Key Features

  • All woods feature an easily visible white finish
  • Oversized irons with wide sole optimizes spin and launch
  • 460cc driver engineered to boost distance and accuracy
  • Lightweight graphite shafts on 3 wood and driver

6. Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set

No denying that this is a great starter set. All the golf clubs included in here hold up exceptionally well. They have the best feel with comfortable grips. And more importantly, the golf clubs are the easiest to hit. This includes the irons and woods that feature maximum forgiveness. So you shots travel straighter on the golf course.

Surprisingly, even the backpack-style, lightweight bag is great with its dual straps and rain hood. Needless to say, these golf clubs are sure to assist you a great deal on your journey to becoming a highly skilled golfer some day.

Key Features

  • Super-lightweight, well-made, dual-strap golf bag
  • Irons and woods are incredibly forgiving for straighter shots
  • Solid feel with comfortable grips

7. Confidence Golf Mens Power V3 Hybrid Club Set

Confidence Golf Mens Power V3 Hybrid Club Set

I highly recommend the Power V3 Hybrid Golf Club Set by Confidence. And I do so with complete confidence myself because the hybrid wood here compensates for your beginner-style clunky swings. The club feels very nice on the driving range. You’re most likely to hit the golf ball with solid contact and achieve great distance.

The beginner-friendly cavity-back irons with their steel shafts are also not difficult to hit. And the grips installed can put up with just about all kinds of weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Steel-shafted hybrid wood replaces longer irons
  • Cavity-back irons are the easiest to hit
  • 460cc driver maximizes forgiveness
  • Golf stand bag offers ample of storage and raincover

8. Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Mens All Graphite Club Set

Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Mens All Graphite Club Set

It’s an outstanding purchase from every perspective of a beginner golfer. The largest legally allowed sweet spot on the oversized driver means you can generate straighter, longer shots even if you’re unable to strike out the center. And the use of lightweight graphite shafts with regular flex contribute to producing such a desirable result.

Even the fairway wood has a massive sweet spot for forgiveness. Plus, its low-profile sole paves the way for you to hit off the grass without using a tee. Two hybrids are also included as longer-iron alternatives. And the irons have a cavity-back design for increasing consistency and forgiveness. Lighter clubs with a putter for a solid, reliable roll completes the set.

Key Features

  • Oversized driver with a huge sweet spot
  • Low-profile sole fairway wood with a graphite shaft
  • Two hybrids replace difficult-to-hit longer irons
  • Forgiving irons with low CG and high MOI for more consistency
  • 7-way top golf stand bag with a double carrying strap
  • Putter head produces a more solid and reliable roll

9. Nitro Golf Blaster 15 Piece Complete Set

Nitro Golf Blaster 15 Piece Complete Set

Why should beginners use this 15-piece set by Nitro Golf? Because its driver has an oversized head combined with a high kick point and low torque. That means it’s the easiest to hit without forfeiting accuracy and distance. Then comes the low-profile fairway woods for consistency.

As for the hybrids, they feature a well-balanced head for all the accuracy and control a beginner golfer expects. The next on the list is the unique Nitro irons that activate easy control and playability. Thanks to their wide soles. A wide sole is a must; its proof that the clubs are more forgiving, such as these most popular beginners irons.

And lastly, the putter has a scoring line and perimeter weighting for the most solid feel and alignment.

Key Features

  • Uniflex graphite/steel shafts for extra strength and durability
  • PGA-certified quality golf clubs
  • Oversized driver clubhead boosts accuracy and distance
  • Hybrid makes difficult shots easy to hit

10. Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set

Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set

It’s the most ideal game improvement golf club set for anyone looking to boost forgiveness, accuracy, and distance. The set is specifically crafted for helping golfers improve their game, no matter their golfing skills.

You’re very likely to out-drive most beginners that do not own this Aspire X1 collection. And out-drive them by at least 30 to 50 yards easily. The sweet putter also helps a great deal when it comes to lining your shots.

The driver, in particular, is the most useful with its lightweight design, large clubface, and easy-to-handle playability. Even senior golfers just starting off have nothing but positive feedback to offer.

Key Features

  • Lightweight graphite shaft on woods
  • 460cc titanium driver with a large clubface
  • Putter helps to line the shots
  • Golf bag included offers plenty of storage

Different Types of Golf Clubs That Are Relevant for Beginners

Firstly, as a beginner, you’re probably wondering why you need so many different types of golf clubs, right? That’s because a golf course is huge, which means you have to deal with all kinds of terrain during a single round of golf. So for every situation, there’s a particular golf club. It’s really as simple as that.

Now let’s get on with the topic at hand!

1. Woods/Drivers  (For Long Distance Shots)

The driver, also known as 1-wood, is the best for hitting the golf ball off a raised or elevated tee. This particular golf club, more often than not, features the lowest loft as it carries the ball the farthest. But only if well-struck!

Moving on to woods, which are not made of wood anymore but metal like steel or titanium. Metal, no doubt, is lighter and more durable than wood. So these metal woods are often outfitted with a very large i.e. very forgiving clubhead ideal for beginners. And also a lower loft for producing more distance.

When the numbers on the woods get higher, these golf clubs fall in the category of fairway woods. And you use them for hitting the golf ball from the fairway. In comparison to drivers, fairway woods are smaller. Simply because their task is to expertly lift the ball off the green grass.

2. Irons  (For Mid-Range Shots)

When your distance from the green is below 200 yards, know that it’s time to grab your golf irons. These clubs, usually, are sold in sets. A good example would be these best distance-boosting irons for women.

Moving on, the higher the number of iron, the higher its loft. And the higher the loft of the iron, the easier it is to hit. Meaning lower numbered irons are the most difficult to hit. That explains why even professionals stay away from 1-irons.

Long irons include the 5-iron, 4-iron, and 3-iron. They are built with the longest shaft for achieving longer distances. However, long irons are the toughest of the lot to hit. That said, as a beginner, keep away from long irons. Choose a hybrid instead.

The middle irons consist of 8-iron, 7-iron, and 6-iron. These come in handy when you’re around 130 to 180 yards from the green. And then there are short irons; 9-iron and pitching wedge. And as the name suggests, short irons are for striking shorter, higher shots to reach the green.

Typically speaking, a set of irons contains 3 to 9 irons and the pitching wedge. Only in some cases, the gap wedge is also included so as to cover the distance between the sand wedge and pitching wedge.

3. Hybrids  (For Replacing Long Irons)

A combination of the clubhead of woods and clubface of irons, hybrids are the most useful for beginners. Merely because these particular golf clubs have a lower CG pushed farther back to generate more forgiveness. That means a hybrid is more forgiving in comparison to irons and woods. And the loft angle, in this case, is between 16 and 26 degrees.

Hybrids are most commonly used as a replacement for difficult-to-hit long irons. Many golfers also use their hybrids for filling the space between mid-short irons and fairway woods.

If you want to maintain a consistent gapping between your golf clubs, then please note that the lowest hybrid should be at least 10-15 yards shorter in comparison to the highest fairway wood. Too much or too little gapping leads to poor swing action and/or faulty shots.

4. Wedges  (For Sand Bunkers)

The highest lofted golf clubs, wedges are created for lifting the ball off the ground and into the air quickly. So they’re the most suitable for chip shots, lob shots, and pitch shots.

Now, there are four different types of wedges, each with its own unique purpose.

  • Pitching Wedge - It features a loft between 46 and 51 degrees. You use a pitching wedge when your golf ball is about 120 yards away from the green.
  • Sand Wedge - Golfers employ the sand wedge (54-56 degrees loft) for getting out of tall grass or sand bunkers. Or when your distance from the green is 100 yards.
  • Gap Wedge - It fills the loft gap between the sand wedge and pitching wedge.
  • Lob Wedge - A lob wedge has the highest loft, 60 degrees or more. And it comes in handy during flop or lob shots. That is when you absolutely need to get your golf ball airborne swiftly with a minimal rollout. Flop shots go high and, at the same time, land softly and quickly.

So it’s only logical to assume that beginners don’t use a lob wedge as much as intermediate and advanced golfers. But some beginners still use it for short greenside chips and short shots within 80 yards.

5. Putters  (For Close-Up Shots)

There’s just no denying that the putter is the most crucial golf club in your arsenal. It’s the most commonly used for achieving greater strokes in your single round in comparison to all other clubs combined. The sole purpose of a putter is to roll the golf ball toward the hole.

There are putters of diverse shaft lengths. So what is the standard shaft length? It’s between 32 and 35 inches. But you can always choose a long putter and then choke down its length by a few inches to make the most of the added weight on the grip end.

Then there are different types of putter heads as well. Blade putters is the classic style but with little forgiveness and smaller sweet spot. On the contrary, mallet putters have a more forgiving structure with high MOI. And that paves the way for the golf ball to travel the expected distance even when you miss the sweet spot. Now isn’t that favorable for beginners!

How to Choose the Best Beginner Golf Clubs

You simply have to take into account certain factors when choosing golf clubs as a beginner. Otherwise, you’re more likely to end up with a set that’s doing more harm than good.

Avoid Buying Professional or Expensive Golf Clubs

Simply because beginners practice quite a lot. And that means your chances of experimenting with your swing, shots, and clubs are very high. So, while doing this, you obviously don’t want to run the risk of damaging expensive golf clubs.

If you think professional-grade clubs are automatically going to improve or upgrade your golfing skills, you’re wrong. In fact, it’s counterproductive because professional and even most of the expensive golf clubs are outfitted with advanced features you’re more likely not even acquainted with.

In short, beginner golf club sets are affordable. And they enable you to hit long with more confidence.


Due to the lack of proficient golfing skills, the majority of beginner golfers produce off-center shots. That means they fail to get the golf ball to come in contact with the center of the clubface. This means you need clubs with a massive sweet spot. So your shots can travel straighter even on mis-hits.

Clubhead Weight

When your golf clubs are lighter, you get the opportunity to increase your swing speed. So choose a set equipped with a lightweight driver that moves fast through the ball for achieving the intended distance in order to lower your golf scores.

The thing about longer drives is that they reduce the distance of your second shots, which increases your likelihood of birdie prospects. So it’s mostly the driver that’s designed with the latest and most advanced technologies to minimize and redistribute the clubhead weight.

Clubhead Size

As a rule of thumb, beginners should go for large clubheads. As these give you a larger sweet spot, which implies more forgiveness on common off-center hits.

460cc drivers are the best in terms of the most ideal clubhead size for players just getting into the game of golf.

The perfect clubhead size for beginners also presents itself in the form of deeper cavity-back irons that position the weight along the perimeter. Then there are wide soles and high clubhead offset.

Cast Irons

Why buy cast irons? Simply because these particular golf clubs are extremely forgiving since most of the weight is evenly distributed along the perimeter. In comparison to forged irons, which feature a front CG and tighter sweet spot, cast irons are more well-equipped to correct your frequent off-center hits.

Shaft Flex

When the flex is too little or too much, the clubface fails to return to the square position during impact. In that context, it’s highly advisable to choose a shaft flex based on your particular swing speed. Calculate your swing speed first, and then decide what shaft flex works best for you.

Generally, golfers with a swing speed of over 100 mph, opt for Extra Stiff or Stiff shaft. But since you’re a beginner, your swing speed is more likely to be between 85 and 100 mph. And that means Regular shafts are the most suitable for you. However, if your swing speed is below 85 mph, then an extra flexible shaft like Senior or Ladies seems more fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Golf Clubs Should A Beginner Set Include?

You’re allowed 14 golf clubs, but you might not need even half of them as a beginner. No wonder most beginner golf club sets contain 9 to 12 clubs at the most. However, the most important ones include the hybrid, pitching wedge, putter, and 7-iron.

Are There Beginner Golf Sets for Women?

It goes without saying that women golfers should buy ladies-specific golf clubs. These are shorter with smaller diameter grips. Because women, in general, have a smaller and shorter physique than men.

To compensate for the comparatively slower swing speed of most women golfers, ladies golf club sets have lightweight graphite shafts with more flex. So they can maximize their distance potential. And these are already beginner-friendly.

Should I Buy Individual Golf Clubs Or A Golf Club Set?

If you’re a beginner, buying a full set is more advisable. And that’s because most beginners haven’t developed golfing skills yet. So, at such times, a basic golf club set with standard setups is your safest bet. Until you figure out if you’re better off using long irons over hybrids. Or if you would rather use a 5-wood or lob wedge.

And, needless to say, a complete golf club set is also a more affordable choice, thus ideal for beginners.

How Long Do Beginner Golf Clubs Last?

There’s no one definitive answer to this particular question. But, generally speaking, the best golf clubs last for around 3 years until new technologies are invented.

The answer also depends on how frequently you play golf. If you’re an avid golfer, then it’s only natural for your wedges and irons to start to show signs of wear and tear in their grooves. The outcome of which is a drop in your performance levels.

Are Beginner Golf Clubs Easier to Hit?

They are designed with lightweight graphite shafts, and not stainless steel. And graphite, no doubt, paves the way for boosting your swing speed. Therefore, beginner golf clubs are unquestionably easier to hit. They give you the upper hand in the form of extra yardage.

What graphite shafts also do is reduce vibrations on common off-center shots.

What Is the Average Cost of Beginner Golf Clubs?

It’s based on how many golf clubs you want your set to include. And then the cost also depends on whether you’re buying used or new clubs. Since beginners usually start small, it’s best not to spend more $300-$500 for a handful of low irons and wedges.


So I have reviewed beginner-friendly golf clubs that more or less share similar qualities. The most important ones being precision irons for maximizing forgiveness and boosting distance. These are all starter golf club sets that are tried and tested on the golf course.

You play your part by choosing golf clubs based on your skills, budget, and personal preferences. And that is why I have created an entire comprehensive buying guide for you. So you can tell the differences between the many types of golf clubs and their shaft flex, length, clubhead size, and lots more.

So it’s time to lower your golf scores and frustration on the turf!

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