Best Golf Chippers

Best Golf Chippers for Tough Spots Around the Green

Now there’s a lot of truth in the fact that the best golf chippers are not designed for everyone. But what’s also undeniable is that they’re extremely useful when struggling with short game performance. But with top-rated equipment like this, you’re effortlessly bound to avoid some of the most common mistake of golfers chunking their wedges.

So in this post, I introduce you to the best of the best chippers in golf. And also walk you through the selection process, which consists of crucial buying considerations, along with the most frequently asked questions.

So let’s find out how to stay away from the possibility of wreaking havoc around the greens!

Best Golf Chippers

Golf Chipper

The clubhead and length of a golf chipper are the same as those of the putter. But the difference is that the loft of the chipper clubface is between 30 degrees and 37 degrees, just like 7-irons and 8-irons.

But it’s the similar putter-like length that makes it possible to swing using the putting stroke. After all, the ultimate goal of a golf club like this is to deliver more control and feel during putting. All thanks to the special lie angle.

Along with that, you can also place the chipper flat on the turf at address. Thus, it’s much easier to hit in comparison to those high-loft wedges and irons. With high-lofted golf clubs, your chances of producing off-center shots are indeed the highest.

And in the case of off-the-toe, thin, or fat shots, as a result of mishits, poor contact is established. Plus, strokes keep increasing across your scoreboard.

Important Fact to Note:

The majority of USGA-accepted golf chippers, which are often classified as irons, are between 33 inches and 48 inches. And they also feature standard wedge or putter shafts. As for the grips on them, it’s either a standard grip or a putter grip (that depends on what you prefer).

Who Should Use A Golf Chipper?

Golf chippers are the most suitable for mid-handicap and high-handicap golfers. Because the majority of them struggle with hitting short irons and wedges. So, at such times, a chipper is so much easier to hit around the greens.

With a more forgiving golf club, getting out of sticky or difficult situations becomes a lot easier. At the same time, it’s a highly versatile club to have in your golf bag since you can use it from 30 yards to 40 yards in the case of too much green to cover.

Landing the golf ball on the outskirts of the green or the front of it and then allowing it to release closer to the hole become very much possible. This is the traditional bump and run technique in the game of golf.

In simple words, if you produce lofty chips without being able to control the distance and/or struggle with contact with your wedges, then using a chipper is in your best interest.

Important Buying Considerations for Golf Chippers

1. Loft

The loft, in most cases, is always revolving around 35 degrees. That’s generally the loft of 7-irons or 8-irons.

Striking the golf ball using your putting stroke with a high loft leads to the ball only hopping up slightly. This means a higher loft, 35 degrees or more, increases height. Therefore, making it more difficult to control where on the green your golf ball lands. On the other hand, a lower loft compromises speed much in the same manner.

Hence, choose a moderate loft that is around 35 degrees or so.

2. Shaft Length

The length of a golf chipper shaft should be the same as that of the putter. And that is 35 inches, give or take. Otherwise, you won’t be able to set up the golf ball comfortably the way you do for a putt.

The matter of fact is that plenty of chippers are outfitted with a special clubhead that has a lot in common with putters.

3. Clubface

Standard wedges are built with stainless steel grooves. So that’s one option. While the other option consists of chippers that feature putter-like face inserts. The former, no doubt, offer a more solid, responsive feel. Face inserts, on the other hand, provide a muted, very soft sensation.

So you just pick one that suits the way you play or any other personal preferences.

4. Material

It goes without saying that durability appears hand in hand with the materials used for construction. A material that can tolerate wear and tear and even a little bit of mishandling seems worthwhile, right. So that would be steel. Plus, its affordability makes even more sense.

What about graphite though? I mean aren’t golf clubs for beginners and high handicappers made with a graphite material shaft? Yes, of course. Even so, choose steel since it’s both more durable and affordable. On top of that, steel gives you higher chances of producing a deliberately more consistent putting stroke.

5. Weight

Does the weight of your putter/chipper feel well-balanced? Well, this brings into the picture how the weight is positioned in the first place. Typically, the CG has to be placed lower to allow the clubhead to strike the golf ball better. Therefore, minimizing the potential of off-center shots.

But then there are some golfers who prefer weighting that’s more centered. And this indeed is a harmless choice as long as you can comfortably control that kind of construction.

Then, needless to say, comes the weight of the shaft. Graphite is lightweight while steel is heavier. Therefore, the former is highly recommended for beginners and high handicappers as they’re the easiest to swing. And steel shafts are the most fitting for those with a faster swing speed.

6. Offset

Offset means shaft positioning is further away from the part that makes direct contact with the golf ball. So a chipping iron with a decent offset is capable of rotating the clubface naturally for generating optimal forward spin. The offset here also more easily paves the way for striking the golf ball through the upward motion.

7. Appearance

We would be lying if we said that physical appearances don’t matter. Because if they didn’t, then more than half of the products in the world would become obsolete.

In that light, buy a chipper that looks classy while also feeling comfortable. If it doesn’t look good, then chances are that performance is also a bit inferior.

One more thing since we’re talking about appearances, alignment aid should also be a part of the visuals. For example, there are advanced top lines in the Intech EZ Roll Chipper, which improve alignment and accuracy.

8. Grip

Chippers, more often than not, are equipped with a putter grip. This means that if the one provided with the golf club itself is not big enough for you, then feel free to use your oversized putter grip.

9. Comfort

Your goal is to produce consistent results and also get an optimal feel. Yes? Then make it a point to take factors such as shaft length into some serious consideration, which should be 35 inches as discussed earlier.

Comfort is also made possible through the grip material. Rubber works best at such times since it gives you a firm feel and prevents slips and mis-hits. Moreover, rubber has shock-absorbent properties, so it minimizes vibrations for handing out greater control over the club without sidelining comfort.

10. Hand Orientation

Is your playing style left-handed or right-handed? Thus, purchase a golf chipper, or any other club as a matter of fact, based on your hand orientation.

Or you could simply just buy a two-way chipper, like the PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper.

11. Legal Compliance

If tournament play is a part of the experience for you, then it’s important, or rather necessary, to select a golf chipper that comes with a single clubface and cylindrical-shaped grip.

Keep in mind that double-faced chippers are created for recreational golf only, which means they’re not in adherence with tournament regulations.

Also, please note that it makes absolutely no sense training with a two-faced chipper when you can’t use it for tournament play.

12. Price

There’s no denying that golf chippers are indeed gimmick clubs. Even though they have the ability to lower golf scores, not much attention is paid to them. After all, have you ever heard of any Titleist or TaylorMade golf chipper? That means don’t spend a fortune on them; as little money as possible is the right way to go here.

Reviews of 9 the Best Golf Chippers

1. Wilson Men’s Harmonized Golf Chipper (Top Choice)

Wilson Men’s Harmonized Golf Chipper
Shaft Material Steel
Loft 32 degrees
Length 35 inches
Hand Orientation Right

Wilson Harmonized can be a very useful 14th golf club to have in your arsenal. It’s just what you might need for tough spots around the greens.  And don’t expect this golf chipper to be heavy as the others. There’s no large clubhead here. Instead, this one feels just right, so you can easily execute your putter swing to chip.

The chipper length is the same as a putter. So there’s no choking down or closing the club at the time of chipping, unlike when you use golf irons and hybrids.

I mentioned earlier that the clubhead isn’t heavy, which is 100-percent true – just ask any male golfer who’s used it and he’ll tell you the right thing. Rather its revolutionary head shaping allows you to produce the putter swing required for chipping the most easily. Naturally, it moves through all kinds of surfaces effortlessly.

So if you’ve been struggling with your chip shots using wedges, then do consider switching to the Wilson Harmonized Chipper. It gives you a squared impact on your golf ball, which eliminates the additional missed aligned stroke. It’s also a highly recommended choice for amateur golfers finding ways to lower their handicap level.

One last thing golfers of all skills would like to know – the chipper comes with an alignment aid that welcomes more accuracy in terms of lining up your putts.


  • Revolutionary clubhead shape
  • Larger, vertical seam grip offers an exceptional feel
  • Alignment aid accurately lines up putts


  • Not so easy to control around the greens

2. Autopilot Square Strike Wedge (Best for Beginners)

Autopilot Square Strike Wedge
Shaft Material Steel
Shaft Flex Wedge
Loft 45 degrees
Length 35.5 inches
Hand Orientation Left, Right

Once you start using the Square Strike Pitching & Chipping Wedge as its maker Autopilot intended, expect your performance around the green to drastically improve. Although getting used to it might take a while. Just avoiding hinging your wrist at the time of your backswing and you’re all set.

In simple words, produce the putt-like swing and aim at the target. Even if you’re a mid-handicap or high-handicap golfer, this wedge has proven to be a lot more effective in comparison to chipping with, for instance, your 7-iron.

With the Square Strike Wedge, just forget about hitting thin and fat shots, which is an assured way of lowering your golf scores. Instead, you get low shots with greater roll in comparison to the pitching wedge.

The clubhead here is weighted yet well-balanced. It glides through that turf very smoothly while also reducing overactive wrists and hands. So you can play a wide range of shots, no matter the lie. The heavier head has the capacity to slide through the thickest grass. Now that’s something you don’t get with pitching wedges, irrespective of the make or model.

But the chipper has a putter-like length (35.5 inches) and lie angle (68 degrees). And that’s a good thing, obviously, since it amounts to easy swing and control.

Another hugely contributing factor here is the anti-rotational weighting. You don’t feel the need to open the clubface or your stance anymore. Just a straightforward straight-back straight-through putting approach and you get all the accuracy and control you desire.

Plus, the Square Strike Wedge is Tournament-ready. Meaning it conforms to the standards of both R&A and USGA.


  • Beveled leading edge and extra-wide sole prevent digging
  • Solid feel boosts confidence
  • Putter-like length for an easier swing motion
  • Heavier clubhead smoothly glides through turf


  • Not a very versatile club
  • Only suitable for beginners

3. Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper (Best for Senior Golfers)

Pinemeadow Golf Excel EGI Chipper
Shaft Material Steel
Shaft Flex Regular
Loft 37 degrees
Length 35 inches
Hand Orientation Right

The thing is that senior golfers often find it very difficult to dial in shots using a wedge. But the good news is that there does exist a golf club that’s much easier in terms of playability for chip shots that are near to the green. Much easier than even some of these best gap wedges for close shots.

And the fact that producing a putter-like swing, which is pretty easy and that’s great if you’re a beginner and/or senior golfer, makes the whole thing even more pleasing. You can use Pinemeadow Excel EGI like a putter within 10 to 15 yards from the green. And then expect only favorable results.

This Pinemeadow chipper is indeed easy to use with its 37-degree loft that makes way for a broad range of shots around the green. The minimal face rotation, in particular, seems like the most favorable aspect because ideally you’re supposed to keep the face square to the target at impact.

Moving on to the heavy clubhead and wide sole. It’s pretty simple – the sole of the chipper is wide because wide-sole golf clubs, in general, lower the CG to maximize forgiveness on mis-hits. No doubt, off-center shots are a territory the most visited by seniors and beginners. As for the heavy head, it slides/glides through the thickest grass very smoothly.

Hands down, it’s the easiest to use golf chipper you wish you’d bought earlier!


  • Easy to use chipper for a variety of shots
  • Perfectly balanced to ensure minimal clubface rotation
  • Heavy clubhead can make its way through thick grass
  • Wide sole also means no digging into the turf


  • Plastic components are not all that durable

4. MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge

MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge
Shaft Material Steel
Shaft Flex Regular
Loft 45 degrees
Length 35 inchess
Hand Orientation Left, Right

Now, how about finally fixing your weak chipping performance! Enter MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge. It ranks as one of the best for high handicappers who don’t have the luxury of time or money to practice more often on the golf course. This means it’s an inexpensive option too.

Even your first time with this club, despite any practice, is sure to lead to a drastic improvement. Expect 3 out of 4, which is certainly much better than 1 out of 4 or 1 out of 6 for your short chipping game.

Obviously, the putter-type length (35 inches) and lie angle (68 degrees) are factors that make swinging and controlling the golf club much, much easier. And so does the anti-rotational weighting of this particular wedge.

And if you’re a high-handicap or beginner golfer, then how about I tell you that this features an extra-wide sole too. You know what that means in the case of a golf wedge? It translates into extra forgiveness, thus your off-center strikes will not be severely or even moderately punished anymore.

Along the same vein, the leading edge is beveled to prevent digging into the turf. Goodbye chunked chip and pitch shots. And goodbye wasted strokes.

Precision CNC milling in the clubface of this wedge or any other type of golf club always brings greater accuracy and consistency into play. On top of that, Mazel here is also outfitted with a high-quality, easy-to-hold grip that keeps unwanted vibrations away to hand over a consistent, stable feel. Perfect for most golfers out there!


  • Chipper wedge designed to eliminate thin/fat chips
  • Heavy head with low CG minimizes friction through sand or turf
  • Putter-like length for easy swing
  • High-performance, shock-absorbent, anti-slip rubber grip


  • Slightly heavy for golfers with a slower swing speed

5. Orlimar Golf Escape Chipper

Orlimar Golf Escape Chipper
Shaft Material Steel
Shaft Flex Uniflex
Loft 37 degrees
Length 35 inches
Hand Orientation Right

Find your short-game cure with this cavity-back Orlimar Golf Escape Chipper. This particular golf club comes from a brand responsible for providing golfers with the revolutionary, iconic TriMetal driver. So it’s only a relief to know that Orlimar values factors like quality and performance.

Moving on to the Orlimar chipper, it features a cavity-back design plus a hollowed body. So it’s not unreasonable to expect anything else other than pinpoint accuracy and well-balanced weight distribution. Thus, perfect for short chips around the green.

How about struggling with chunks and shanks in your short game? If that’s the case, then look forward to this golf club also boosting your confidence levels when it comes to getting the golf ball off the green. So no more bad shots.

The design also features a glass bead clubface for framing the ball to initiate better alignment. And just so you know, the gooseneck hosel is shank-proof.

Many golfers often complain about putters, in general, having the weight around the middle. Right behind the golf ball that is. And when that happens, each time you don’t strike the ball perfectly, it’s bound to go offline.

Fortunately, with Orlimar here, you don’t have to worry about those mis-hits you often produce. Simply because there’s perimeter weighting. And that automatically provides additional forgiveness on off-center shots while also generating a higher ball flight.

Even learning the distances gets better over time with this Orlimar chipper. In comparison to chipping with a golf iron, it is indeed much easier to use.

And here’s the deal – your putting swing works when using a chipper, right? So it’s pretty much like you’re holding a putter in case you happen to use your oversized putter grip with this chipper. Plus, no more thin shots.


  • Cavity-back, hollow-bodied chipper for dead-on accuracy
  • Putter-like length, thus easy to swing
  • Better alignment with glass bead clubface and top line


  • Surprisingly, none so far

6. Intech EZ Roll Chipper

Intech EZ Roll Chipper
Shaft Material Steel
Shaft Flex Wedge
Loft 60 degrees
Length 35 inches
Hand Orientation Left, Right

This may most likely turn out to be your most favorite golf club in the bag. Because struggling with chipping and wedges is no fun indeed, right? So it’s only natural to find effective ways for shaving some strokes off your game.

The back-weighted construction, in particular, is the best part as it delivers better around-the-green performance. Ask any pro-level golfer, and he/she will tell you that getting your shot to go upward and then downward by flags is how you end up with good golf scores.

In that light, the advanced back-weighted integration of Intech EZ Roll paves the way for just that while also maneuvering your shots around those greens. Therefore, improving stroke-saving opportunities for you. The back-weighting technology gets the golf ball airborne the most easily. And this weight adjustment maintains good swing balance too.

Another noteworthy characteristic responsible for success is the cutting-edge alignment. It consists of advanced top lines that center on nothing else but precision and accuracy.

And just how exceptional the overall design is you can see even through the wide sole, which is specifically structured to appear like a hybrid. That means no digging into the turf and plenty of forgiveness on off-center shots. Also, the putter-like shaft works the best for those struggling with lie shots.

What about the grip though? It’s a non-tapered chipping grip for both firm hand positioning and easy adjustments during the swing.

Moving on to the last and final deciding factor – the budget-friendly price tag here that makes everything seem even more appealing. Especially if you’re a beginner or recreational golfer!


  • Back-weighted chipper for a higher loft on the golf ball
  • Advanced top lines improve alignment plus accuracy
  • Putter length for easy swing
  • Glare-free satin finish and shank-proof gooseneck hosel


  • Takes some getting used to

7. Odyssey X-ACT Tank Chippers Putter

Shaft Material Steel
Loft 37 degrees
Length 35.5 inches
Hand Orientation Right

First of all, the Odyssey X-ACT Tank features a Super Stroke chipper grip. This is a non-tapered, oversized grip put in place to stabilize your hands and wrists through impact. Plus, it’s longer, which means your hand positioning can be however you like and you would still get the right feel on your every shot.

But what does a ‘heavy tank’ structure do anyway? It consists of a heavier clubhead weight, which encourages a much smoother swing for more consistent contact. And obviously, the grip is heavier as well for counterbalancing the feel at impact.

The clubhead is generously rounded with a 37-degree loft, like your 8-iron but with a putter-like shaft length. Needless to say, the hybrid structure that is the wide X-ACT sole is the highlight of the show. Because it increases forgiveness, which means the tightest of lies won’t be as punishing.

Moreover, the clubface features the brand’s exclusive White Hot insert. So, without a question, the feel has a decent quality to it. It may not be as rewarding as a metal clubface but it seems good enough for golfers who play with firmer golf balls.

Furthermore, the aggressive hosel offset prevents shots you’re embarrassed to even talk about. To be honest, Odyssey X-ACT Tank has a lot in common with Odyssey Marxman X-ACT but the former’s design is certainly more enhanced with its counterbalanced grip.

Also, it’s easier in comparison to putting around the green. And what’s also inevitable is a boost in your level of confidence around those same greens.


  • Hybrid-like sole for better turf interaction
  • Heavier head promotes a smoother golf swing
  • Single-layered polymer insert offers a soft feel
  • Oversized grip stabilizes your hands and wrists through impact


  • Not a satisfying feel and sound with softer golf balls

8. Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray Chipper

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray Chipper
Shaft Material Steel
Shaft Flex Wedge
Loft 32 degrees
Length 35 inches
Hand Orientation Right

Struggling with chipping opens the door to eliminating fancy golf clubs. Rather you should be using one like this Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray Chipper. It’s also a pretty affordable option, which is another great advantage.

With a golf club like this in your bag, worries concerning short shots around the green can be wiped out of memory. You can even line up the putter very easily. Plus, it’s extremely forgiving too. But let’s not jump to conclusions, which is something I especially don’t want to do here.

Let’s back it up a bit. Ray Cook Silver Ray, first of all, is a face-balanced putter. And you know what a face-balanced construction does? Reduces rotation, so you can hole a larger amount of putts.

Now golfers, more often than not, fixate quite a lot on the clubhead shaping when buying the best putter for themselves. And to be honest, that only makes sense. Just keep in mind that when the toe/clubface is pointing upward, it’s face-balanced. And when that’s slightly drooping, it’s toe-hang.

Moving on to the precision milling of this particular golf club. Milled putters like these are generally well-received for the high amount of balance, straightness, and uniformity they bring into your short game performance. This should explain why milled putters have a higher price tag too.

So those of you who struggle with their chipping performance can and should rely on Silver Ray. The grip may be small (you can always use your real putter grip) and maybe the club isn’t so fancy-looking either. BUT it gets the job well done, that’s for sure!


  • Face-balanced type sinks more putts
  • CNC-milled clubface improves feel and feedback
  • Very forgiving and easy to line up
  • Sight alignment aid for accuracy


  • Grip is a bit small

9. PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper

PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper
Shaft Material Steel
Shaft Flex Regular
Loft 36 degrees
Length 35 inches
Hand Orientation Right

We’re all put down for being two-faced, aren’t we? The same applies to golf chippers you know. And that’s precisely why they’re non-conforming. Double striking faces in a single golf club are specifically made for personal training or practice sessions only.

Use the left-hand or right-hand orientation with the PowerBilt TPS Two-Way Chipper, it doesn’t matter. No matter your hand orientation, the golf club gets you onto the green in the most effortless manner. And that is what it’s for – boosting your confidence levels just when you need it the most in order to get better at your short game.

Many golfers have found it much easier with this chipper to gain some extra loft as well as roll on shots that are just off the green. So there’s no reason to believe that you won’t too.

It has a steel shaft for adding more versatility to your game. The shaft can bend into multiple shapes for paving the way for offset without a hosel or just be straight as well. The ultimate goal here is to allow you to produce deliberately consistent putting strokes.

Then there’s the 36-degree loft angle. Putter loft is indeed a very crucial aspect as too little loft cannot produce enough spin and too much loft makes the golf ball hop at impact and then skid more prior to rolling out.

And finally, there’s the PowerBilt custom velvet grip that seems to be the icing on the cake.


  • Two-way chipper for both left and right hand orientation
  • Slim profile ideal for use around obstacles
  • PowerBilt custom steel shaft and velvet grip


  • Non-conforming due to two striking surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions

Are golf chippers legal?

The USGA classifies chippers as irons, which means they are in fact legal. But only as long as the chipper doesn’t have the putter grip. Nor is it legal if it’s a two-way chipper.

What degree wedge is best for chipping?

No doubt, the best wedge for chipping is a pitching wedge. The idea is that the wedge should have a loft angle between 44 degrees and 54 degrees. It’s what works like a charm each time when it comes to achieving the right amount of roll and spin on shots.

What is the difference between chipper and wedge?

Wedges are lofted between 46 degrees and 64 degrees. So you can use them for bunker shots, pitches around the green, etc. Or from the fairway in the fortunate case of finding yourself about 100 yards, more or less, from the green. However, using wedges for really tight or difficult shots that are around 20 feet away, now that’s a huge challenge.

In such situations, using a wedge means blading/chunking it with a full, half, or short swing. Thus, producing big numbers despite being so close to that pin. So the solution? Enter golf chippers! These have a loft between 30 degrees and 37 degrees.

Even though the chipper length is the same as that of a putter, achieving consistency with a chipper is relatively easier.  Thanks to the putter-like design but with a higher loft, which makes it more forgiving and easier to hit. Also, with chippers, you use your putting stroke and not a half or full swing.

The drawback to golf chippers, however, is that they are only suitable from the outskirts or fringe area. So that’s a problem if you’re strict about carrying just 14 golf clubs in your set.

What loft is a chipper?

Usually, chippers are equipped with a loft angle of around 37 degrees, just like your 7-irons and 8-irons. But then there are golf chippers with a loft of almost 48 degrees as well. In that case, keep in mind that a higher loft means your golf ball flies higher with a better chance of stopping short on the green.

How does a chipper work?

It’s a wedge-shaped golf club that features an angled clubface and short shaft. It works simply by sending the golf ball upward through the putting stroke. And if you execute the stroke and use the chipper properly, it can actually lower your golf scores by getting the ball onto that green and closer to that pin all in just a single shot.

Is using a golf chipper cheating?

If what you want to know is whether using a chipper is legal or not, rest assured it is legal as long as the hitting surface is one and there’s no putter grip. Legally though, a golf chipper is a complete waste because the loft is the same as your 7-iron or 8-iron.

But then you have to include golf clubs that work for you, right? And the putter-like length with the short iron-like loft might just do you good in terms of lowering your golf scores.

Can you put a putter grip on a chipper?

Golf chippers are, in fact, irons and not putters. Therefore, chippers should be USGA-conforming with irons and woods. Therefore, they must not be outfitted with a putter grip or be two-faced (meaning have double striking surfaces).

Do chippers work from the rough?

Golf chippers are specifically designed for the fringed section of the green. Nevertheless, it depends on what your situation of the lie is.

Can a chipper be used to get out of sand traps?

Is the golf ball sitting up with no lip on the sand trap? If yes, then it makes absolute sense to use a chipper to get out of the sand trap. Otherwise, the chipper’s lower loft angle makes it difficult for getting that ball out of the sand bunker.


When not confident about using your wedges, a golf club like the chipper can be of immense help. It’s very much like a putter, which means you get a generous amount of control and accuracy. At the same time, you can generate a greater loft for getting out of any rough or fringe that’s circling the green.

Hopefully, our extensive guide and even answers to the most frequently asked questions about golf chippers should clear the confusion and do away with the most common myths revolving around this particular golf club.

In the end, just remember that you’re choosing a golf chipper because it feels solid and forgiving while also being easier to hit.

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