Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speed

Best Golf Balls For Slow Swing Speed

A significant population of the golfing community will have a swing speed that is considered slow. Everyone wants to swing fast and hit the golf ball miles, but that is sadly an unrealistic goal for many golfers. If you are struggling to hit your driver over 210 yards, you will likely have a slower than average golf swing.

What you can do though, is maximize the swing speed that you do have by choosing the correct equipment. Most golfers will jump to a new driver or set of irons to give them more distance, but choosing the right golf ball can have just as much impact.

In this article we will take a look at the best golf balls available for maximizing performance with a slow swing speed. We will also answer some frequently asked questions to help you make a more informed decision when choosing your next golf ball.

2021 Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls , Red

Distance: 95 | Feel: 95 | Control: 90 | Durability: 95

Best overall golf ball for slow swing speed

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls have been one of the most popular among recreational golfers for several years now and the last 2021 version is the best edition yet. If you are reading this article it is likely your swing speed is a little slower, so you will want a golf ball that can offer longer distances, whilst retaining good feel and decent greenside control. The Callaway Supersoft features all of these qualities, plus it has a soft compression core specifically targeted at golfers with slower to average swing speeds.

New to the 2021 Callaway Supersoft is a Hybrid Paraloid Impact Modifier cover that has been designed by Dow Chemicals. This innovative multi-material cover is designed to combine the preferred combination of low spin off the tee with a soft feel and short game control. HEX aerodynamics remain from previous models, promoting a higher ball flight with drag reduction for greater carry distances. Given the technology and performance, these golf balls also represent great value.


  • Performs excellently from tee to green
  • Great price for the quality of ball
  • Five different bright colour options to suit any preference
  • A bold sidestamp alignment aid is a helpful bonus feature
  • Performance around the greens will be hard to beat by any other low compression balls


  • HEX dimples present a noticeable visual difference for golfers not used to playing a Callaway Supersoft
BRIDGESTONE 2021 e6 Golf Balls (One Dozen), White

Distance: 95 | Feel: 90 | Control: 80 | Durability: 95

Best for distance performance

The Bridgestone e6 has been one of the most popular golf balls on the market for recreational golfers over the past few years. It has built a reputation for offering long distance and a soft feel at good value for money. The newest model of the e6 continues in the same vein, except the core has been made larger and softer to make it even easier to compress for below average swing speeds. 

High ball speeds and low spin are the priority, with the e6 clearly designed to produce a long and straight ball flight. SOT seamless soft cover technology is designed to help feel on shorter shots. For a distance-focused budget golf ball, the e6 offers a decent overall feel. However, the low spin profile remains throughout, so the sacrifice is that you will not be able to stop the ball on the green quite as quick as other options on this list. Golfers that want a slightly lower compression the e6 Lady is also a great option. Don’t be deterred by the ‘Lady’ name, these balls are designed for any golfer with a slower swing speed.


  • Long distances on all shots
  • Decent feel on both longer and shorter shots
  • Great value
  • Low spin profile also helps keep shots straighter


  • Less short game control than other similar options

3. Wilson Staff Duo Professional

Wilson Staff DUO Golf Ball, Professional, White

Distance: 90 | Feel: 90 | Control: 90 | Durability: 90

Best for low handicappers with a slower swing speed

The first of two Staff Duo golf balls appearing on this list, which is perhaps unsurprising given Wilson is one of the market leaders when it comes to low compression golf balls. Not all lower compression golf balls are targeted towards high handicappers searching for more distance. There are low handicap golfers that have slightly slower golf swings that can benefit from these golf balls too and this is where the Duo Professional is perfect.

A three-piece design with a urethane cover makes the Duo Professional unique on our list of best golf balls for slow swing speeds. It makes our list thanks to its softer than standard 60 compression rating. A medium hardness ionomer mantle layer ensures long game spin is kept low for better distance, whilst the cast urethane cover offers the greenside feel and control lower handicappers will want. The Duo Professional has tee to green performance, plus it is also priced extremely competitively when compared with similar performing golf balls on the market.


  • Urethane three-piece design will be ideal for lower handicappers
  • Superb value for a high performance golf ball
  • Ideal for any golfer that wants Tour-style golf ball performance with a slower swing
  • Also available in matte yellow, green and orange


  • Higher handicappers and beginners may not see the benefits and could be better choosing the Duo Soft+ or similar

4. Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Soft Feel 12, White

Distance: 95 | Feel: 95 | Control: 85 | Durability: 90

Best for value for money

Srixon are known for their excellent value golf balls targeted towards the average club golfer, with both the Soft Feel and AD333 are popular choices. Golfers that have swing on the slower side should definitely be opting for the Soft Feel. The lower compression and softer feel will be perfect, plus a 339 Speed Dimple Pattern is perfect for promoting a higher launch angle and improving distances.

A new FastLayer low compression core features gradual firming from the extra-soft core to a firmer outermost edge. The Srixon Soft Feel is one of the softest of all the balls on this list for full shots and will particularly suit those that prefer a pillowy feel off their clubface. A thinner ionomer cover is designed so that a softer feel remains on shorter shots around the green too as well as some extra control. Admittedly, there are golf balls in this article that offer better spin a bit more on pitches and chips. However, for most mid handicappers the Srixon Soft Feel offers superb all-around performance and it is available for a great price.


  • Solid results off the tee and around the greens
  • One of the longest golf balls in the category
  • Extremely soft feel (also see cons)
  • Value for money is almost unmatched
  • Srixon Soft Feel is also available in three Brite matte colors


  • Some golfers may find the strike on longer shots almost too soft
  • Other soft feel golf balls have slightly better durability

5. TaylorMade Soft Response

TaylorMade Soft Response Golf Ball, White, Dozen , Large

Distance: 95 | Feel: 90 | Control: 80 | Durability: 95

Best TaylorMade golf ball for slow swing speeds

TaylorMade’s recent offering into the low compression golf ball market is the Soft Response. It is slightly abnormal in that it is a three-piece ball. A ZnO Flex core with an exceptionally low 35 compression is ideal for slower swing speeds, promoting effortless ball speed with a softer feel.

An additional SpeedMantle middle layer is designed for keeping a low spin profile and improving energy transfer for greater distances. The dimples are a shallower u-shape to decrease drag and increase lift, promoting an extended flight time. I cannot say the third layer makes it outperform some of the other distance orientated balls on our list, but it is definitely still one of the longest. A softer ionomer cover offers reasonable short game feel, but retains good durability against scuffing. The Soft Response is also available in matte red and high visibility yellow.


  • One of the longest distance low compression balls available
  • Reasonably priced against similar performing balls
  • Nice feel even on shorter shots and putts
  • Matte red and uv resistant yellow offer improved visibility options


  • Players that prefer slightly more control around the greens may prefer the TaylorMade Tour Response model

6. Pinnacle Soft

Distance: 90 | Feel: 90 | Control: 75 | Durability: 95

Best lower budget option

Pinnacle balls were first created by Acushnet as a budget option to their other golf ball brand, Titleist. Nowadays Pinnacle’s name might not quite carry the same weight as Titleist, but they are still producing great golf balls for the recreational golfer at a low cost price. For golfers with a slower swing that want a golf ball they are not afraid of losing, the Pinnacle Soft would be a brilliant choice.

A low compression and high energy core is designed to maximize distances with a soft feel on all full shots. The softer ionomer cover ensures reasonable feel on short shots and when putting. The 332 icosahedral dimple pattern is designed for improved aerodynamics and a consistent higher ball flight. The compromise with the Pinnacle Soft is less spin on approach shots and chips, but this should not deter any higher handicappers.


  • Good performance given the low price
  • Long distances and a soft feel
  • Perfect for a high handicapper or beginner on a tighter budget
  • Great durability


  • Lower handicap golfers may prefer an option with more short game spin

7. Titleist Tour Soft

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls, White, (One Dozen)

Distance: 90 | Feel: 95 | Control: 90 | Durability: 90

Best short game performance for slow swing speeds

Golfers with slower swing speeds often find themselves sacrificing short game control in search of length from the tee. The Titleist Tour Soft combines the best of both elements, offering longer distances with improved spin on shorter shots around the green. In terms of tee to green performance for a ball aimed at recreational golfers, the Tour Speed is one of the best around.

The Tour Soft features Titleist’s largest ever core which is designed for faster ball speeds and a consistent penetrating ball flight. A new type of ionomer named 4CE is ultra-thinly grafted, producing a cover that both keeps long game spin low and produces advanced short game feel. The sidestamp is specially designed to help alignment for putting as an added bonus too.


  • Excellent all-around performance
  • Improved distance compared to previous Tour Soft models
  • Offers slower swinging golfers greenside control
  • Sidestamp alignment aid is a nice touch that will help some golfers with their putting aim


  • Price point is slightly higher than other models on this list, which may deter some

8. Wilson Staff Duo Soft+

Wilson Staff DUO Golf Ball, Soft +, White

Distance: 90 | Feel: 95 | Control: 80 | Durability: 90

Best for the slowest swing speeds

Wilson Staff’s Duo range makes its second appearance on this list of best golf balls for slow swing speeds, which highlights the success Wilson has had with lower compression golf balls for many years. Wilson claims that the Duo Soft+ is the softest and longest two-piece golf ball in the world. Each golf ball's distance will be subjective to your specific golf swing, however you will find it very challenging to find a softer feeling golf ball on full shots.

The incredibly soft feel has been achieved thanks to new VelocitiCor technology. An incredibly low 35 compression rating ensures that even the slowest golf swings will be able to find extra distance. Off the tee the Duo Soft+ has a low spin and high launching profile perfect for golfers looking for a few more yards. The sacrifice from the ultra low compression is less spin around the greens, but this should not be a top priority for most golfers with the slowest swings. Wilson also markets a women’s version of the Duo Soft+ with an aqua Wilson Staff logo, but it uses the exact same technology and has the same performance.


  • Great value for money
  • Super low compression perfect for slow swings
  • Ideal for golfers that like a really soft feel on their shots (also see cons)
  • Good distance and reasonable overall performance


  • Low handicappers will be better choosing the Duo Professional
  • Super soft feel may cause a lack of distance control on longer putts

What is considered slow swing speed?

An article from TrackMan showed that the average male amateur golfer has a driver swing speed of 93.4mph.

Therefore, if you sit below this figure of 93.4mph then you are generally considered to have a slow swing speed. A total of 45% of all golfers tested in the TrackMan article sat between 91 and 100mph. This shows that there will be a lot of golfers hanging closely around the 93.4mph mark.

Is lower compression better for slower swing speeds?

You may well have noticed all the best golf balls for slow swing speeds on our list have one thing in common. They all have a low compression. 

Compression, in simple terms, is how much the ball will compress (squash) when struck by the golf club. A golf ball's ability to be squashed under less force means that even a slower swing speed can activate more of the core’s performance. 

Therefore, by choosing a lower compression golf ball, golfer’s with a slow swing speed will find a ball that feels softer on full shots, has improved ball speed, launches higher and will spin less. The result is improved distance.

Are all low compression golf balls two-piece and surlyn?

When looking for a low compression golf ball to suit a slower swing, you will find that a two-piece construction with a surlyn (ionomer) layer is by far the most common.

It is both easier and cheaper for manufacturers to produce these balls. Plus, they will be most suitable to mid and high handicappers, which is where you will find most slow swing speed golfers. A larger core makes it easier to create a low compression, whilst a surlyn cover helps to produce lower spin rates and is more durable.

There are some three-piece designs, such as the TaylorMade Soft Response in this review. The difference in performance will depend on the specific material used in construction. Although it is unlikely many golfers with a slow swing will notice any significant benefits.

Some golfers with a slower swing speed will still want the improved greenside feel and control of a urethane cover. This will be especially helpful for golfers that have a low handicap and are skilled around the green, without having the same swing speed of most lower handicappers. If this sounds like you, then I recommend taking a look at the Wilson Duo Professional or TaylorMade Tour Response.

Most slow swinging golfers will find surlyn covers more suited to their game though. Thanks to modern technology surlyn balls are not as firm feeling as they once were. They still typically spin less on short shots, but super-thin surlyn and new innovative materials are producing softer feeling options that still retain their distance improving benefits.

Are cheaper golf balls poor quality?

The majority of the time, this is simply not the case. Provided you are buying from a reputable seller and getting a trusted brand, price normally has no bearing on quality with golf balls.

Plenty of amateur club golfers fall into the trap of buying premium Tour golf balls with the assumption they must be the best. These multi-layered urethane balls might be superior in performance when used by skillful and powerful Tour golfers or low handicappers, but if you have a slow swing speed they could actually hinder your performance.

A two-piece surlyn golf ball with low compression is far more likely to be suitable to your game. You will find your distance will improve and longer shots will feel softer even on mishits. It just so happens, these balls are also cheaper to produce. 


You might spend all your time thinking about how better golf clubs could improve your score, but finding the right golf ball is also just as important. Too many recreational golfers either pick a Titleist Pro V1, because it is the most popular or Tour. Or the cheapest they can find online, in case they hit it straight into the nearest lake. But, if you are a golfer that wants your equipment to suit your game, then that should include choosing the right golf ball.

Golfers that have a slower swing speed should be looking to find a golf ball that can maximize what speed they do have for improved distances. Typically, this will be golf balls that have the lowest compressions thanks to a softer core.

In this review we selected the Callaway Supersoft as the best overall golf ball for slow swing speeds. It has the complete performance that will suit the vast majority of golfers. However, all the golf balls on this list are excellent options.

More skillful golfers that, for whatever reason (age/disability/technique), do not have the fastest swing might prefer to use a ball that still offers more short game control. Both the Titleist Tour Soft or Wilson Staff Duo Professional will perform well in this area.

Alternatively, if you want something that prioritizes distance in all areas the Bridgestone e6 or TaylorMade Soft Response should have the added length you are looking for.

Low compression golf balls are only getting more popular, because of their appeal to so many recreational golfers. This means there are plenty of great options available to choose from if you have a slower swing speed. Shop around and try using a few different models to see what feels right for you.

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