Best Golf Balls for Seniors

12 Best Golf Balls for Seniors to Improve Distance

You don’t use the same golf club throughout your round of golf, correct? Different conditions on the turf demand the use of different clubs. Such as woods and drivers for long-distance shots, irons for mid-range shots, wedges for sand bunkers, putters for close-up shots, etc. But the one golfing gear that remains the same across the course is the golf ball.

Golf balls that are the most suitable for your golfing skills only understate your weaknesses and accentuate your strengths. For straighter ball flights and distance, low-spin balls are perfect. But if the success of your round depends on the short game, then you require soft golf balls for better greenside control.

As for senior golfers, they demand a combo of both feel and distance. In that case, finding golf balls to fit that bill becomes slightly tricky. But then you have the best golf balls for seniors already laid out before you in this article.

With age, your swing speed may have deteriorated, thus decreasing the distance your golf ball travels. But how about using just the ball you need for compensating for the lack of speed? While also making you look like a pro and more confident on the golf course!

1. Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls (Best For Senior Golfers)

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

The most amazing part of Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls is their ultra-low compression core that increases accuracy and ball speed for senior golfers. These softer balls feature Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics. In simple words, the golf balls are well-optimized for boosting lift and reducing drag. So even with a slower swing speed, you can achieve a longer distance with longer carry.

The softer cover that Callaway, a brand popular among professional golfers, has designed consists of low compression. This means even your short game can benefit from better greenside control and an enhanced feel.

No doubt, Callaway Supersoft is all about straight, long distance with incredible softness. It’s highly recommended for golfers with a swing speed below 100 mph. The ball is sure to add at least 20 yards off the tee. Plus, the matte green color is ideal for summer months.

Key Features

  • Softer Trigonometry cover for low compression
  • Low Drag HEX Aerodynamics promote lift and reduce drag
  • Ultra-low compression core boosts accuracy and ball speed
  • Ideal for golfers with a slower clubhead speed

2. Callaway Golf Superhot Prior Generation Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Superhot Prior Generation Golf Balls

If you’re a senior golfer with moderate swing speed, then look no further than Callaway Superhot Prior Generation. These golf balls are exceptional for every aspect of your game; from the tee all the way to the green.

The driving distance, in particular, is simply extraordinary. The ball might act slightly dull off your putter, but even this part seems like an added advantage for moderate-skilled senior golfers on fast greens.

These Callaway golf balls are also equipped with HEX aerodynamics for long distances from tee to green. As for your short game, you get increased control and spin with the soft cover and 3-piece construction.

It’s the ideal ball for golfers looking to gain super-long distances. You get to produce easy distance, which is superb for senior golfers. The ball jumps right off the clubface. And the unique surface texture is yet another factor of Callaway Superhot Prior Generation that works in your favor.

Key Features

  • Super-long distance golf ball
  • Proven aerodynamics for optimal lift and low drag
  • Soft cover delivers excellent greenside control and spin
  • Hard to lose and easy to find in the grass

3. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls

Allow me to tell you how the Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls are different from the previous two. And also why they’re the perfect choice for senior golfers or anyone with slower swing speed.

Firstly, the golf balls feature a graphene-infused dual soft fast core that consists of a larger inner core. Such a construction, no doubt, increases compression energy and, at the same time, decreases driver spin. So you can achieve a higher launch for more distance with low spin.

Secondly, this dual-core structure gives you distance off your longer golf clubs as well. Along with more control off the irons, which also ought to be engineered for slow-swinging seniors like these most forgiving irons, then boosting distance is not a concern anymore.

Moving on, the ultra-soft feel of the golf balls is the combination of a low-compression core and a soft Tour urethane cover. These balls are extremely forgiving in that they compress more easily even on mis-hits that are frequently produced by golfers with slow swing speed, such as seniors and beginners. So incredible distance is marked throughout the clubface.

No doubt, this is the most likely out of all the Callaway golf balls I’ve reviewed thus far to become your favorite.

Key Features

  • Unparalleled ultra-soft feel with Tour urethane cover
  • Low-compression core for increased accuracy and ball speed
  • Easier compression enables exceptional off-center forgiveness
  • Dual-core construction promotes distance off all golf clubs

4. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (Best for Slow Swing Speeds)

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

After Callaway comes Titleist, yet another popular brand among professional golfers across the globe. So it’s no surprise that they cater to the needs of all golfing skill levels. For seniors and beginners i.e. slow-swingers, they have designed Pro V1.

The benefits include extraordinary distance with a consistent ball flight. A penetrating trajectory is definitely in the cards for you, no matter your swing speed. For your long game, you get a very low spin, apart from the penetrating trajectory of course. And for your short game, you get drop-and-stop control.

On top of that, the incredibly soft feel is to be held accountable for the appearance of these Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls in most such review articles. After all, the balls do indeed go long and are extremely durable.

Key Features

  • Urethane cover offers a very soft feel
  • Drop-and-stop control for short game
  • Penetrating trajectory and very low spin for long game
  • Durability is exceptional

5. Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls

You can be a senior golfer in great shape and still not be able to hit your golf balls as long as you used to at one point. If you can relate, then how about giving the DT TruSoft Golf Balls by Titleist a try for gaining more distance. It’s an ideal choice for all older golfers that have lost distance.

The golf balls here have the softest compression, which goes a long way when it comes to boosting accuracy and ball speed even with slow swing speed. Producing longer distances with low spin is also a possibility and quite an effortless one at that. As for your short game, expect improved performance in the form of exceptional stopping power.

Consistency and quality are to be trusted in the case of Titleist, no matter the golf balls they manufacture. But, in this case, it’s the Trutouch core that speaks volumes. This is a larger low compression for delivering low spin and a genuinely soft feel. The former, in particular, is the most useful for those longer distances.

Key Features

  • Softest compression ideal for senior golfers
  • DT TruSoft technology enables consistent performance
  • Advanced aerodynamics promote short game playability
  • Improved greenside feel and trusted quality

6. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls (Best for Low Compression)

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

The Tour Soft creation by none other than Titleist once again is the most popular low-compression option. The golf balls have the largest core ever that produces high ball speed and responsive feel for commendable distance.

Then comes the new ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover that features the brand’s phenomenal technology to generate the best control for your short game; advanced control with an industry-leading soft feel.

The spherically-tiled dimple structure is also an eye-catching feature because this advanced dimple design gives you consistent flight and penetrating trajectory.

Golfers with slower swing speeds who prefer using lightweight graphite shafted golf clubs ideal for seniors are sure to benefit from these three exceptional features by Titleist. So if you fall in that category, then you’re bound to get very impressed with the amazing greenside feel, true roll, straight flight, and great distance these golf balls are known to create.

Key Features

  • Largest core for high ball speed and responsive feel
  • The ultra-thin cover generates control for short game
  • Spherically-tiled dimples improve flight consistency and trajectory
  • Industry-leading soft feel with minimal side spin

7. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls (Best for Budget)

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

To be honest, high-quality affordable golf balls are not easy to come by. So when such a very rare possibility presents itself, then you have to seize it. Particularly if you’re buying on a budget already! That said, make way for Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls that are perfect for seniors unable to hit hard anymore.

The softness of these golf balls is better for older players who are more concerned with accuracy and less concerned with distance. The balls certainly pick up 15-20 yards on your drives and at least 10 yards on your irons.

Longer. Softer. Better. That brand claims this about their Soft Feel Golf Balls. And let me assure you that this isn’t a false claim. After all, the innovative, soft cover core with the improved dimple pattern enhances performance from the tee to the green.

Srixon has designed the E.G.G. (Energetic Gradient Growth) core, which has a softer center and firmer outside for launching high off the tee for extra distance, that too with low spin. So, as a senior golfer, you’re sure to appreciate the fast delivery and affordable price of these Srixon golf balls.

Key Features

  • Soft and thin cover for more control
  • Speed dimples promote more accurate, straighter distance
  • E.G.G. core launches high, adds distance with minimal spin

8. Srixon Z Star XV 5 Golf Balls

Srixon Z Star XV 5 Golf Balls

Much like the previous Srixon creation, these Srixon golf balls also feature an E.G.G. core. This innovative Energetic Gradient Growth core technology generates great launch conditions for maximizing distance off the tee. Now isn’t this something that seniors, beginners, and golfers with slow swing speeds struggle with!

Another similarity is the inclusion of speed dimples. The more aerodynamic dimple pattern improves flight performance to give you extra distance as well as complete shot control.

What’s new here is the exceptional Third Generations Spin Skin coating. This is more elastic and softer for greater consistency in terms of spin on greenside and all types of approach shots.

So if you don’t possess those fast swinging abilities anymore nor do you see yourself smashing the golf balls, then turn to Z Star XV 5. These Srixon golf balls are bound to allow you to out-drive your fellow senior golfers.

Key Features

  • E.G.G. core improves launch conditions
  • More aerodynamic speed dimples boost distance
  • More elastic, softer Spin Skin coating for spin consistency
  • Exceptional feel with audible feedback

9. Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls

Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls

For golf balls that are highly visible, you cannot go wrong with Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls. As a senior golfer, it’s only common to struggle with locating your golf ball in the rough and on the fairway. In that case, the metallic, reflective undercoating easily attracts light for greater tracking-the-golf-ball success.

As for the design, these golf balls are built with a compression core and larger dimples that, no doubt, drive more distance. Then comes the Surlyn coating with its exceptional durability. So you get solid greenside control and longevity.

The thing about Chromax golf balls is that they’re perfect for golfers of all skill levels and ages. But there’s no denying that seniors benefit more because of the high-visibility, metallic visuals that are easy to spot, no matter the light conditions.

Key Features

  • Larger dimples and blended core boost control and distance
  • Durable Surly coating offers excellent greenside control
  • High-visibility due to the metallic finish; thus ideal for seniors
  • The colors conform to R&A and USGA tournament rules

10. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

Unquestionably and undeniably, these TaylorMade golf balls offer excellent compression for senior-style swing speeds. The Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls by this giant golf equipment manufacturing company are terrific in that they compensate for your high handicap as a golfer above 70 years old. So they’re wonderfully effective in the case of less talented or older golfers.

Moving on, the iothane cover is not only soft but also durable. Then there’s the impact propulsion core that activates longer carry. Even the increased spin and great feel around the green are noteworthy assets.

You might even appreciate the exclusive dimple design as it promotes a straighter ball flight. So it’s safe for me to declare that even at the age of 70+, you can improve your accuracy and distance. You only have to get the right golf balls to do so, such as this TaylorMade innovation.

Key Features

  • Perfect compression for slow swing speeds
  • Soft, durable iothane cover
  • Impact propulsion core produces long carry distance
  • Patented dimple structure creates straighter flights

11. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

It would certainly be a shame if TaylorMade Distance Plus was not about boosting distance for senior golfers. In that context, expecting nothing but more velocity that gets these golf balls way farther than your current speed. All thanks to the combination of low-drag aerodynamics, thin cover, and REACT Speed Core.

REACT Speed Core delivers high speed. Low-drag aerodynamics and thin cover boost distance. It’s a 2-piece construction golf ball that enhances your short game performance with its soft greenside feel.

The golf balls are designed for maximizing distance, no doubt. Plus, they’re extremely easy to play. The smoother surface and smaller dimples allow you to hit your irons as straight as ever. And you’re also likely to achieve a distance over 160, with minimal spin. Gaining extra yards is inevitable, that’s for sure.

Key Features

  • Low-drag, aerodynamic composition increases distance
  • Aero dimple pattern for straighter flights
  • REACT core creates high speed and low spin

12. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

These golf balls definitely have a Smart low-compression core ideal for seniors, beginners, and even women golfers. The golf balls are both affordable and durable. They generate a decent amount of distance with a very responsive bite and backspin.

Slow swingers are always generating a lousy distance. More often than not, it’s because these golfers are using high-compression, hard golf balls. So it’s time to switch to Smart Core with its soft response and exceptional feel.

The golf ball reduces spin in order to boost accuracy and distance on your long shots. You get firm feedback off the tee as well. On top f that, literally, there’s the ionomer cover that’s known for its durability and long-lasting playability across a wide range of turf conditions.

Key Features

  • Smart Core reacts to your swing speed
  • Low-compression, durable golf balls
  • Soft greenside response and exceptional feel
  • Long-lasting playability ionomer cover

How to Find the Best Golf Balls for Senior Golfers

Best Golf Balls for Senior

This section is created to walk you through all the important features that matter when it comes to choosing a golf ball the most suitable for your swing speed, golfing skills, and playing style.


It goes without saying that your swing speed is bound to drop as you grow older. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t senior golfers that still hit long. However, this is only an exception. The majority of senior players have a slower swing speed. And that means generating enough distance becomes a problem.

For that, there are modern golf balls with different compression levels to boost distance. So you have to say goodbye to the golf balls you’ve been using for a long time. It’s important to remember that as your golf game and swing change, your golf balls should change too.

Speaking of different compression levels...


This is nothing but the resistance calculation of the golf ball when hit. Compression levels range from 0 to 200. The highest compression means the least constriction of the ball. And the lowest i.e. zero compression golf ball repels 5mm or further. Standard golf balls of today have a compression level between 50 and 100.

With lower compression, golf balls tend to feel softer, thus able to generate more distance. On the contrary, higher compression presents additional control, hence more suitable for experienced golfers or those with a higher swing speed for compressing the ball.

Feel and Spin

For producing more distance, the feel of the golf ball also plays a major role. Chip shots and putts are very important in the game of golf, no matter your age. This explains why most golfers refer to greenside shots as their scoring game.

There’s no sense in generating long distances if you cannot control them around the green, right? They may fly very far and even roll out long but with zero backspin on the green. This is where a soft feel matters a lot as it pairs up well with the increased distance.

Soft golf balls enable your putts to roll off the face nicely. In fact, they even pave the way for your short irons to create enough spin for holding the green instead of bounding over the surface into the bunker.


This includes the visibility of the golf ball and the markings on it. Senior golfers, if not all then at least some of them have poor eyesight. Either way, isn’t it a better idea to purchase bright green or yellow colored golf balls that are easy to locate in the rough? You can also choose balls with a metallic, reflective coating that attracts light for better, quicker tracking.

As for alignment aids on the golf ball, these have to be visible clearly when standing over the putt. Built-in alignment aids instead of a manually drawn line are certainly better. Along the same lines, keep away from distracting logos as well that might cause visual confusion.


The most part of golf balls offers commanding durability. But there are a few manufacturers that focus more on designing the softest golf ball ever. So, in the process of doing so, they tend to give less importance to long-lasting playability. Meaning in order to create the softest core, these brands forget that you prefer using the golf ball for many rounds as well.

For example, golf balls that feature an iothane cover are sure to last for a very, very long time. If the golf ball is durable enough for lasting, at the least, the entire round of golf, then you know it’s a solid purchase. And if longer, then even better!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Senior and Regular Golf Balls?

There are Tour-level golf balls that are often used by advanced, experienced, or professional golfers with high swing speed. These, more often than not, are high-compression, hard-feel golf balls with the ability to hold up fairly firmly and withstand the high-impact speed generated by better players.

When a high-compressional golf ball combines with high swing speed, the outcome almost always is a compelling distance and a huge rebound effect. On the other hand, slower swing speeds demand lower-compression, softer golf balls for producing a similar rebound effect.

Also, senior golf balls, generally, are equipped with the more durable and reduced spin Surlyn cover instead of urethane. And because of Surlyn cover’s slightly firmer feel, these golf balls are also outfitted with an incredibly soft core for reducing the compression level.

So if you’re a senior golfer who lands the golf ball closer to the green and rolls it up, then you’re more likely to appreciate the reduced spin and extra distance of the Surlyn design.

Another major difference between regular and senior golf balls is that the latter is brightly colored. So it’s easier for older players to stand over the golf ball as well as find the ball in the rough quickly.

What Is the Best Golf Ball Construction for Senior Golfers?

If boosting distance is a priority for you as a senior golfer, then you should go for 2-piece or 3-piece golf balls built with the durable Surlyn cover. The former offers pure yardage with the most amount of roll-out. As for the latter, it’s a better choice for golfers with a handicap of single-digit.

What Is Golf Ball Compression?

It’s the level of the flattening out of the golf ball under a particular weight. The higher the deformed effect, the lower the compression. And also the softer the golf ball feels.

Low-compression golf balls are perfect for slower swing speeds. Because only a slow swing speed is more likely to deform the ball and generate a larger impact surface area using the golf club.

As a slow swinger i.e. senior golfer, you get the upper hand with low compression when it comes to the rebounding of the ball after it’s deformed. Plus, with more surface contact, more backspin is produced for greater control.

What Is Golf Ball Spin?

Every golf ball spins when hit, right? And if it doesn’t, then you simply cannot control it. As for the level of spin, the materials used for construction and dimple patterns play a major role. Excessive spin keeps the golf ball from traveling straight or long. And insufficient spin tends to compromise greenside control.

Senior golfers, unlike Tour players, don’t need too much backspin because of their slower swing speed. So a little bit of spin is optimal for maximizing distance. Even so, the golf ball should create enough backspin for allowing you to control your greenside chips.

And lastly, senior golfers, in order to boost distance, need to make sure their golf ball remains in the fairway. With that in mind, lower-spin balls are ideal as they generate less sidespin as well, thus producing straighter shots that stay in more fairways. Unlike high-spin golf balls that are responsible for both higher backspin and sidespin.

What Is the Best Golf Ball for Seniors with A Moderate Swing Speed?

What if your swing speed is not as slow as your fellow golfers? I mean not all seniors have the same swing speed. Some, although very few, still swing with a moderate-to-high speed. If this is the case, then golf balls that deliver exceptional distance with minimal spin are perfect for you.

These types of balls compensate for any potential loss of distance due to age while also offering a solid feel the most suitable for a swing speed that’s moderate-to-high.

The Bottom Line

Golf balls manufactured today are a combination of the traditional characteristics and advanced technology. The latter, in particular, is the reason why there are senior-specific golf balls. Or golf balls that bode very well with slower swing speeds. Therefore, paving the way for easier play and effortless improvement.

But it goes without saying that golf balls don’t have the same hardness, feel, trajectory, and spin. Keeping that in mind, the part of choosing the right kind of golf balls becomes a little confusing. And that’s precisely why there are such comprehensive articles that include both reviews and a guide section to make the process easier for you.

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