Best Golf Bag Organizers

8 Best Golf Bag Organizers In the Form of Rack and Wall-Mount Storage

If not big enough, all your golf equipment won’t fit inside. If not strong or durable enough, your precious gear might even get damaged in the process. At the same time, the best golf bag organizers should also be easy to put together. And maybe affordable as well in case you happen to be a budget-conscious buyer too.

Most importantly, the whole purpose here is to make sure all your golf stuff is in one place and well-organized. So you don’t have to run around your entire house looking for little things, such as golf balls, tees, gloves, etc. And the best part about these storage racks/organizers is that they have a systematically compact design.

Enough with that now, let’s get on with how to choose one of these, and then comes the very useful reviews section. But in case you’re in a hurry, here are some of my top recommendations…

Quick Summary

Best Extra-Large Organizer Rack
Milliard Golf Organizer Extra Large Storage Rack
Milliard Golf Organizer Extra Large Storage Rack
  • Extra-spacious main compartment for large golf bags
  • 3 open shelves for extra storage with 1 closed shelf
  • Soft foam edge in the top prevents damage to golf clubs
  • Rust-resistant carbon steel body with adjustable feet
Best Affordable Organizer Rack
Home-It Dual Golf Storage Organizer
Home-It Dual Golf Storage Organizer
  • Easy-to-assemble golf storage rack made of sturdy steel
  • Storage capacity is 2 golf bags, plus 4 storage shelves
  • Carefully smoothed edges and all-coated design
  • Lightweight, compact, and affordable
Best Wall-Mount Organizer Rack
StoreYourBoard Golf Club Organizer
StoreYourBoard Golf Club Organizer
  • Customizable mounting bar holds up to 4 golf bags
  • Made using heavy-duty metal to withstand heavy loads
  • Rubber-coated storage hooks hold each bag very gently
  • Space-saving, compact design for organized storage

How to Pick the Best Golf Organizer Bag

Storage Space/Capacity

This would be the organizer’s dimensions. In the case of racks, it’s certainly better if the space is larger to accommodate all types of golf bags. More often than not, these have a capacity to store 2 bags. Along with extra storage space in the form of shelves, drawers, trays, or baskets for golf balls, tees, shoes, clothing, and the like.

Material and Durability

These two factors often go hand in hand. Durable, tough stainless steel is longer-lasting for sure. Many brands use corrosion-resistant or powder-coated steel to maximize durability. Also, metal here provides more stability as well in comparison to wood.

Setup Required

By this, I mean easy assembly. Whether you have someone helping you out or not, straightforward installation is a must. So make sure that the manufacturer provides all the necessary hardware for a swift setup. And this includes an easy-to-understand instructions manual.

Important note: When installing wall-mount organizer racks, it’s necessary to have wall studs for that.

Adjustable Feet

When the feet of your gear-equipped organizer rack are adjustable, you drastically minimize the chances of the unit wobbling because of an uneven floor surface.

With adjustable feet, you don’t really need a flat surface for stability. And that means preventing the likelihood of the rack wiggling in any way and, as a result, all its contents falling and getting damaged.

Moving Wheels

When the organizer/storage rack for golf bags is outfitted with moving wheels, it becomes a lot easier to shift from one place to another as per your convenience. Just make sure that at least 2 wheels out of the 4 normally installed are lockable to keep the rack from moving when not required.

Compatibility with Your Golf Bags

So there are carry bags, stand bags, and cart bags. The lightest and most compact of the lot is a carry bag. These are also lightweight travel bags, which means they can easily fit into just about any organizer currently available.

Then comes the golf stand bag, which is heavier and has two legs. Cart bags are even heavier, bulkier, and also less portable than stand. So they demand extra storage space. Speaking of which, even Tour-sized golf bags occupy a lot of space.

So it’s extremely important to factor in the compatibility of your golf bags at the time of buying.

Top Choices of the Best Golf Bag Organizers

1. Home-It Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Storage Organizer

Home-It Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Storage Organizer
TypeStorage rack with 4 shelves
Size39 in. (width) x 36 in. (height) x 16 in. (depth)
CapacityFits 2 golf bags

The first on the list is a widely popular Dual Golf Storage Organizer by Home-It. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is check out the number of reviews (most of them positive) it’s got on Amazon. After all, this tool consists of enough space for holding 2 large golf cart bags, along with golf accessories as well.

The slightly larger 4 storage compartments make room for your golf shoes, clothing, and more. Just that you don’t have a dedicated pull-out drawer or other such space for golf balls. But then that issue can be solved as easily as simply using a box or bucket and then placing that on any one of the 4 LARGE storage shelves.

It is a large unit indeed yet doesn’t occupy too much space. However, large also means assembly can be a little taxing, but the job gets done in only 30 minutes. On the upside though, the use of sturdy steel means long-lasting durability. So you can move it around very easily to store your golf equipment wherever is the most convenient for you.

And ALL OF THIS without having to pay more unnecessarily. Quality is not all that bad either!


  • Heavy-duty, coated steel design with smoothed edges
  • Extra-large storage capacity holds 2 cart bags
  • 4 large shelves for other golf gear/accessories


  • No adjustable legs, thus a flat surface is a must
  • No pull-out drawer for the storage of golf balls

2. Suncast Vertical Utility Storage Cabinet

Suncast Vertical Utility Storage Cabinet
Type Storage cabinet with 3 shelves and bin
Size 32 in. (width) x 37 in. (height) x 16 in. (depth)
Color Taupe/Blue
Capacity Fits 2 golf bags

Spare your loved ones the trouble of looking for the things you were supposed to put away in a more find-able and organized manner. So go ahead and take into consideration this Utility Golf Storage Cabinet, which is perfect for basements and garages.

There are 3 shelves along with a 5-inch tall bin – all for the functional storage of your expensive golf equipment. And even though this Suncast organizer does not have an extra-large capacity like the one reviewed above, it’s still a very competitive model because of its adjustable feet. The Home-It Golf Storage Organizer doesn’t have that, unfortunately.

What the previously reviewed organizer rack also doesn’t have is a 5-inch bin for your golf balls, tees, etc. And with adjustable feet here, you also don’t have to worry about your garage or basement floor not being a flat surface. That means this storage cabinet, which can fit 2 only small-sized cart bags, is the least likely to get knocked over.


  • Sturdy, durable metal design with adjustable feet
  • Dedicated 5-inch bin for storing golf balls, tees, etc.
  • Angled bottom keeps the bags tilted backward, thus safe


  • Cheaply made assembly screws
  • Doesn’t accommodate large or medium golf bags

3. Milliard Golf Organizer Extra Large Size Storage Rack

Milliard Golf Organizer Extra Large Size Storage Rack
Type Storage cabinet with 3 open shelves and 1 closed shelf
Size 36 in. (width) x 37 in. (height) x 16 in. (depth)
Color Black
Capacity Fits 2 golf bags

Another very solid, useful extra-large storage rack that keeps your golf gear in one place the most compactly, safely, and comfortably. It can actually hold 2 standard golf bags. And the thing is equipped with 4 shelves in total for your golf shoes, balls, tees, clothing, and more.

The material used for construction is a little different this time – it’s rust-resistant carbon steel, which means storage for years to come. On top of that, literally, there’s foam edge for preventing your precious golf clubs from damages like scratches and nicks. And in the bottom, there’s a barrier installed so the golf bags don’t slip out.

And then the feet of the organizer rack are also plenty adjustable. That means it’s alright even if the floor surface isn’t flat or smooth. Come what may, your fancy, expensive golf equipment is bound to not fall off.


  • Rust-resistant, high-quality carbon steel design
  • Extra-spacious main compartment and shelves
  • Soft foam edges at the top for gear safety
  • Adjustable feet perfect for all types of surfaces


  • Due to the extra-large size, assembly is not easy

4. StoreYourBoard Golf Club Organizer

StoreYourBoard Golf Club Organizer
Type Wall-mounted storage rack
Color Black
Capacity Fits 4 golf bags (up to 300 pounds)

One of the best things that could happen to an avid, enthusiastic golfer – StoreYourBoard Golf Club Organizer. It goes up on the wall to hold as many as 4 golf bags, and that’s around 300 pounds of total weight. All thanks to the heavy-duty, solid steel. It brings a ton of durability and strength into the picture.

First of all, storing your golf clubs and other equipment this way means keeping them from harm’s way on the ground. And if you’re worried about racking the bags up on the basement or garage wall, let me point out that the rubber-coated hooks hold everything in place gently yet securely. No signs of wear and tear are to be spotted AT ALL.

The storage attachments are adjustable. This includes the wall mounting bar with its 45 mounting points. And you can adjust the gap between each of these attachments, which is the most useful when you have golf bags that are differently sized. If you ask me, that’s the most space-saving, compact way to keep your golf stuff organized.


  • High-quality, high-strength, heavy-duty steel
  • Independent mounting brackets enable easy installation
  • 4 heavy-duty storage attachments
  • Storage capacity can hold 4 golf bags (up to 300 pounds)


  • Bags tend to lean/tip away from the wall
  • Wall stud is necessary for installation

5. Koova Golf Bag Wall Mount Storage Rack

Koova Golf Bag Wall Mount Storage Rack
Type Wall-mounted storage rack
Size 12 in. (width) x 36 in. (height) x 15 in. (depth)
Color Black
Capacity Fits 1 golf bag (100+ pounds)

So you may like the concept of wall-mount storage but then, at the same time, you don’t want something large. Meaning, unlike the previous multi-bag storage rack, this wall-mount organizer is perfect for just one golf bag. So if you’ve got that wall stud in your basement or garage, then nothing should get in the way of installation.

The steel-made, adjustable claws fit all sizes of bags. You also get the necessary mounting hardware often used for stud walls. And the fact that the organizer rack is built using heavy-duty, powder-coated steel means a lot in terms of durability and strength.

All you have to do is place the bag between the claws and then attach the bungees by clipping them into place. And now your expensive golf clubs are safe and sound off the ground.


  • Space-saving wall-mount storage fits all golf bag sizes
  • Heavy-gauge metal with thick powder coating
  • Foldable, padded (crab-like) arms hold/secure the bag


  • No extra storage space for golf balls, shoes, etc.
  • Can’t install without wall studs

6. SafeRacks Golf Equipment Organizer Rack

SafeRacks Golf Equipment Organizer Rack
Type Storage cabinet with 3 shelves
Size 43 in. (width) x 40 in. (height) x 18 in. (depth)
Color Black
Capacity Fits 2 golf bags

Out of the 4 wheels, 2 are lockable but ALL have a 3-inch design and enable easy moving. So if that’s the kind of organizer rack you need to wheel around from one area of your house/basement/garage to another, then by all means please go ahead with this one.

The weight of the product itself screams stability, strength, and even durability. It’s 40 pounds, which is certainly more in comparison to some of the others I’ve reviewed so far.

This, no doubt, is a heavy-duty organizer designed with 2 extra-large Tour-sized golf cart bags. Plus, sufficiently-sized extra shelves for storing things like golf balls, tees, shoes, clothes, and the like. And an umbrella holder you know!

To be honest, the quality and price do nothing but complement each other in this case. And FYI, the assembly part of the experience isn’t so bad either (well below 30 minutes).


  • Heavy-duty, durable steel wire rack
  • Large, extra-wide capacity for large cart bags
  • 3 adjustable, sturdy shelves to store golf accessories
  • 4 smooth-rolling wheels included, 2 of which are lockable


  • Not sleek or stylish looking at all
  • The heavy weight might be a problem

7. Metal Two Bag Golf Organizer

Metal Two Bag Golf Organizer
Type Storage cabinet with 3 baskets
Size 38 in. (width) x 36 in. (height) x 16 in. (depth)
Color Black
Capacity Fits 2 golf bags

If there’s one thing that sets this apart from all the others, it certainly has got to be the corrosion-resistant metal construction. And if you’re concerned about the stability and size, you can safely eliminate those worries now. No doubt, this is a large organizer that can accommodate 2 large-sized golf cart bags. Along with other accessories too!

The 3 metal wire baskets make place for your golf balls, gloves, tees, and more. Plus, you also get 4 hooks for extra storage (i.e. your golf shirts, jackets, etc.).

Agreed that the product is a bit pricey and demands slightly more effort in terms of assembly but then the corrosion resistance and maybe even the adjustable footpegs that seem perfect for uneven surfaces make the disadvantages seem not so bothersome.


  • Extra-large golf bag storage compartments (2-bag capacity)
  • Corrosion-resistant, thus more durable metal wire design
  • 3 storage baskets, 4 hooks, and adjustable feet


  • Installation is not an easy or quick process

8. JEF WORLD OF GOLF Golf Bag Organizer

JEF WORLD OF GOLF Golf Bag Organizer
Type Storage cabinet with 2 drawers and 1 shelf
Size 25 in. (width) x 36 in. (height) x 15 in. (depth)
Color Black
Capacity Fits 2 golf bags

Good price for the quality. Love it for the price. Now, these are some of the things users have echoed with regards to this organizer for golf gear. And to be honest, my take on it is also pretty much the same.

Firstly, assembling the rack felt like a breeze. But then that’s partly because I’m comfortably mechanical, so it didn’t take me more than 20 minutes or so to completely assemble the unit. And once assembled, you’re bound to notice the high functionality. You can actually fit this into one of your garage or basement closets.

Moving on, the current organizer rack features something none of the others on this list do. And that’s a STRAP, which is put in place certainly to make storage more safe and secure.

What I also liked more here is that the organizer comes in 2 different sizes – Single and Double. And both are constructed using durable, high-strength metal for comfortable and harmless storage.


  • Lots of space to fit 2 standard-sized golf bags
  • Removable storage shelves and trays
  • Adjustable strap included to secure the bags
  • Smoothed edges and compact footprint


  • Assembly instructions are very poor

The Summary

So there’s no shortage of a product like a golf storage organizer. You have the traditional rack-type storage system with compartments and shelves on one side. On the other hand, those who don’t like the space-consuming form of rack storage instead choose wall-mount organizers. So I have reviewed both designs.

The ultimate goal is to find something that meets your specific demands, such as storage space, budget, golf bag size, etc. There are enough good options shortlisted in this post, so you don’t have to put yourself or your fellow housemates through the trouble of finding little golf gear like balls, tees, gloves, etc. Plus, now even your expensive golf clubs are stored in the garage properly.

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