Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

10 Best Glow in the Dark Golf Balls That You Can Watch Flying & Landing

Exploding your driving distance using the longest driver does take time, effort, and patience. But the game of golf is not just about acing your long game or short game. Golf is also about having fun. After all, you are exposed to vast, open spaces along with flora and sometimes even fauna. So why not step back for a bit and just enjoy your round of golf.

Speaking of having fun, have you ever played golf when it’s dark? If not, you should try it someday soon because the game in the dark is fun and challenging on a whole new level. But then night golfing means making some changes to your equipment. And one very important piece of gear – best glow in the dark golf balls. There are plenty of these!

Quick Rundown of the Top 3 Choices

Best Super-Bright LED Golf Balls
Thiodoon Glow Golf Balls
Thiodoon Glow Golf Balls
  • Very bright LED light, thus easiest to find
  • Constantly on for 8 long minutes
  • Total lighting time is between 40 and 50 hours
  • Made of synthetic resin (impact resistance) and rubber (elasticity)
Best Glow Golf Balls for Distance
GlowGear GlowV1 Night Golf Balls
GlowGear GlowV1 Night Golf Balls
  • Ultra-bright glow charges in only 60 seconds
  • LED flashlight included for quick UV charging
  • Urethane cover for soft feel and wear-resistance
  • Low compression core increases distance potential
Best Waterproof, Durable LED Golf Balls
BattlePulse LED Light Glow Golf Balls
BattlePulse LED Light Glow Golf Balls
  • 3-layered, waterproof design, thus very durable
  • Resin incorporated for enhancing sturdiness
  • DuPont surlyn cover gives off a soft feel
  • Battery life of 50 hours and mesh storage bag included

Top 10 List – Golf Balls That Glow in the Dark!

1. Thiodoon Glow Golf Balls

THIODOON Glow Golf Balls Led Golf Balls

Finishing some rounds of golf in the dark is more common than you think. In that case, LED golf balls like these are certainly super fun at such times. Just don’t expect the performance of this golf ball to be like the top distance-boosting contenders such as Titleist Velocity, Vice Pro Plus, Callaway Supersoft, and more. And that’s only justified.

Who really cares that these golf balls travel 25-percent shorter in terms of distance. And that they also don’t produce the most favorable sound at impact. What really matters is that they light up in the dark. I mean that’s precisely why you’re buying them in the first place, right? When you strike them, they glow instantly and remain lit for 8 whole minutes.

The glow, no doubt, is super bright. And the ball will light up like this as many as 300 times. So the battery life is evidently pretty long (40 hours!). Just watch them fly all the way, along with seeing them land as well as roll on the turf.


  • Very bright, constantly on glow
  • Stays lit for 8 minutes – long enough for you to locate
  • Long battery life of 40 hours per golf ball


  • Distance loss is to be expected, obviously
  • Sound at impact is too loud and stiff

2. GlowGear GlowV1 Night Golf Balls

GlowV1 Night Golf Balls - Best Hitting Ultra Bright Glow Golf Ball

The brand GlowGear claims that its GlowV1 Night Golf Balls are superior to the LED version. So is that true? Well, the golf balls before this (#1 option above) are the perfect example of how LED golf balls not only drive shorter but also produce the most unfavorable hard sound when hit. Compared to that, these glow golf balls are certainly better.

They have a Tour-quality compression core with a soft urethane cover. This means much the same energy transfer, thus distance as your regular golf balls that you use in the day. On top of that, GlowV1 also feels and sounds soft each time you drive it nice and LONG.

What about the glow-in-the-dark function? No doubt, it’s ultra-bright. Only 60 seconds for the golf ball to get UV-charged completely. And the high glow stays lit for 7-10 minutes. These night golf balls can be charged using the LED flashlight that’s included. But you do have to purchase 3 AAA batteries separately for the flashlight.


  • Ultra-bright glow, thus easier to spot
  • Urethane cover adds greater wear-resistance
  • Tour-quality compression core maximizes distance
  • LED flashlight included for quick UV charging


  • Glow intensity dims very quickly

3. GoBright LED Light Up Golf Balls

GoBright LED Light Up Golf Balls

Another highly recommended option is designed by GoBright. These are ultra-bright blue, red, and white LED golf balls. Just so you know, they’re the motion-activated type. The LED light remains on for the entire length of 8 minutes post-impact.

Since the light source is LED, you need no charging and no batteries. Incredibly fun and easy to use indeed during non-traditional playing hours. The flight soaring through the horizon is certainly very bright. Even locating these LED golf balls in the rough is not as time-consuming is it would normally be if you happen to use a regular ball.

Needless to say, the LED kind sounds and feels pretty hard on golf clubs. But then you know what you’re purchasing it for, so you can get a more pronounced visibility in the dark, right? At the same time, the distance achieved is also going to be shorter in comparison to your normal golf balls. But other factors like spin and flight are quite impressive.


  • Motion-activated LED golf balls
  • The colors are ultra-bright blue, red, and white
  • Light stays on for 8 minutes, thus easy to spot/retrieve


  • Distance loss and poor sound and feel

4. Nighthawk Light Activated LED Light Up Golf Balls

4 Nighthawk Light Activated LED Light Up Golf Balls Glow in The Dark

Just because you want golf balls that glow in the dark doesn’t mean you have to use balls that hit like a rock. There’s a HUGE difference between the latter and these Light Activated LED Golf Balls by Nighthawk. They perform pretty much like regular golf balls, which means you can look forward to your drives flying as long as your potential takes them.

Most importantly, the golf balls remain lighted up and the light is certainly super bright to spot during dawn, dusk, or night.

As for the LED battery life, you get 40 whole hours of that. So just use your smartphone’s flashlight to turn on the light (easy activation indeed) and enjoy your game in the dark.

And one last thing, each golf ball here can be adjusted to the color of your choice (7 bright, fun colors). It changes colors too!


  • 1-7 LED colors light up easily and stay on
  • More than enough 40-hour battery life
  • Easy, quick activation with flashlight or phone light


  • Not the most responsive in terms of feel and sound

5. ILYSPORT LED Light Up Golf Balls

LED Light up Golf Balls, Glow in The Dark Night Golf Balls

Certainly not made for fast swing speeds, but then highly recommended for half swings. But what’s important here is that these LED golf balls work when it comes to golfing out at night. Being able to track the ball while it’s flying through the air so you can witness the flight and also where your shots land and roll is a very rewarding experience indeed.

The glow, needless to say, is super bright. And the colors included are pink, green, white, blue, red, and orange. The perfect colors for night-time golfing. With the light remaining on for 8 whole minutes post-impact, you can take your time getting to the golf ball and recovering it. As for the battery life, 40 hours is a loooong time (800 strikes).

And the fact that no charger or battery is needed for re-fuelling makes the experience even more enjoyable. All you have to do is just hit the ball with your golf club and it automatically lights up to produce colorful shots across the sky.


  • Super-bright LED glow, thus easy to see
  • Long glow time (8 minutes) and battery life (40 hours)
  • Comes in 6 different, dynamic colors


  • Too weak for fast swing speeds

6. VinBee Luminous Night Golf Balls

VinBee 12 Pack Luminous Night Golf Balls Glow in The Dark

For the brightest golf balls, nothing works better than LED (that’s for sure!). However, the problem with LED golf balls is that they don’t feel or sound good. At the same time, you cannot expect them to go long, which means the driving distance is noticeably poor. But then there are glow or luminous golf balls like these that offer the best of both worlds.

Night golf balls by VinBee here are visible during twilight settings plus they feel pretty much like regular golf balls as well (thanks to low compression and urethane cover). Even a low handicapper appreciates the true-flying distance produced by these. On top of that, there’s the soft feel along with the visibility at the time of low or no sunlight.

For charging, simply just place the ball under an LED flashlight, which unfortunately is not included in this case. But you know what’s the most important – the fact that these luminous night golf balls have double fluorescent layers. And that means a brighter as well as longer glow.


  • Double fluorescent layers for double the glow
  • Low compression for a softer feel and longer distance
  • More durability with a urethane cover


  • Flashlight for recharging is not included
  • The bright glow fades quickly

7. R&L Glow Golf Balls

R&L Glow Golf Balls for Night Sports

Once again, here are soft-feel glow golf balls that perform very much like real ones. Meaning these golf balls don’t cut out even when hit very hard, unlike the LED kind. Expect high performance, despite the glow in the dark function, because of the inclusion of low compression (long distance) and urethane cover (soft feel).

The product, thankfully, includes an LED UV flashlight that you can just shine on the golf ball prior to your shot in order to charge it so it glows the brightest and longest. Although the brightest glow tends to fade away rather quickly. But then that’s the case with every such non-LED golf ball.

Nevertheless, golfers who prioritize driving distance don’t mind losing something to gain something. The gain being a carry distance off the tee that’s comparable to regular or premium golf balls. In fact, these glow golf balls also chip and roll very well, which means even your short game is bound to not suffer just because of the glow-in-the-dark feature.


  • Bright fluorescent glow that recharges easily
  • LED UV flashlight included for quick charging
  • Low compression + urethane cover for soft feel and distance
  • Tough enough to handle full driver swings


  • Brightest glow dials down very quickly

8. BattlePulse LED Light Glow Golf Balls

BattlePulse Glow Golf Balls

LED glow golf balls like the ones manufactured by BattlePulse are bought precisely for eliminating the struggle of finding balls when playing golf at night. So as a beginner or recreational golfer, you don’t have to worry anymore when it comes to finding where your golf ball is shanked. But then slow swingers might find the ball slightly heavier.

The LED light remains on for around 10 minutes, which is long enough time for you to spot and reach the golf ball. What’s even more appealing is that these are extremely durable and also waterproof. The triple-layered structure, on top of that, with the super-thin cover is responsible for providing premium golf ball like control and feel.

Furthermore, the resin internal layer is optimally thick to boost sturdiness. I think this is the first LED golf ball on this list that doesn’t have poor feel, sound, and distance listed as its drawbacks.


  • Bright, vivid LED colors and also waterproof
  • DuPont surlyn cover offers a soft feel
  • Added durability with thick resin inner layer
  • Long 50-hour battery life


  • Slightly heavier for slower swing speeds

9. Goando Glow LED Golf Balls

GOANDO Glow Golf Balls Night Sports Light up LED Golf Ball Glow in The Dark Golf Balls

So do these night golf balls glow in the dark, which means are they easy to find and use? YES! And that is the most fantastic part of the experience here. What about the colors included? In that case too, the brand covers basic ground by providing bright, dynamic colors (orange, blue, green, red, pink, and white).

The golf balls remain lit (the brightest) for a comparatively shorter time though – only 5 minutes. But then you get longer 50-hour battery life. These are actually double-layered training golf balls that many golfers also use during low or no light settings.

Now that the basics are covered, let me tell you a little something that’s common among such LED glow golf balls. It’s only natural to be concerned about the golf ball damaging your club because of the hard contact feel and sound. Even so, it’s a great product that all types of golfers seem to keep buying again and again.


  • Brightly flashing LED light on impact
  • Double-layered design for extra durability
  • Long 50-hour battery life


  • Too hard feel and sound
  • Glow time is not long enough

10. Night Eagle CV LED Golf Balls

Night Eagle CV LED Golf Balls

Presenting another set of LED golf balls that perform just as advertised. But then these function in a different manner than all of the LED options I’ve reviewed so far. Well, for one thing, they don’t have a timer. Meaning the LED light turns off only when deactivated by you. As for the battery life, you get 30 uninterrupted hours of use.

For activation, use any smartphone camera light. Touch the powerful light source from your smartphone to the circle printed on the golf ball.

On closer inspection, you’ll also see the high-quality triple-layered construction that is indicative of just how resilient and long-lasting the golf ball is. So even though the distance covered is around 30-percent less than regular golf balls, the fact that these Night Eagle golf balls activate using your smartphone light makes the experience very easy-going.


  • Very bright, thus perfect for pitch-black courses/parks
  • LED activation even through smartphone light
  • Very durable 3-layered design
  • No timer, so light goes off when you deactivate


  • Naturally, not the best for distance gains

11. Crestgolf Flashing Glowing Golf Ball

Crestgolf Flashing Glowing Golf Ball,Night Glow Flash Light up LED Golf Ball

Let me tell you all that the brand wants us to believe, and we should because Crestgolf doesn’t lie or mask the truth in any way. That these are premium quality, durable glow golf balls that consist of a triple-layered construction with soft, elastic materials.

In short, this type of structure protects the glow-in-the-dark LED (long 50-hour battery life) while also adding more wear/damage resistance. The light brightly flashes once your golf club makes contact with the ball. That means colorful arcs through the sky are certainly the highlight of the show.

And then the brand also claims, rightfully so, that the LED lights stay lit for about 8 minutes. No doubt, that’s enough time for you to retrieve the golf ball.

Now let’s talk from a customer standpoint. Hands down, these flashing golf balls are bright, even though they give you a hard feel (like almost every LED night golf ball). And on putting, the true roll is enough to make you believe that it’s not just the bright light that’s the selling point but also the fact that these are, to a certain extent, performance-driven golf balls too.


  • Triple-layered construction for damage resistance
  • Battery life is 50 hours long
  • 2 super-bright, flashing LED lights


  • Harder feel and shorter distance

12. MOR GOLF LED Glow Golf Balls

MOR GOLF Glow Golf Balls, LED Constant Shining Golf Balls Glow in The Dark Golf Balls

The epitome of last-but-not-least, these LED Glow Golf Balls by MOR GOLF consist of surlyn cover and resin inner layer. You know what that means? Soft feel (thanks to surlyn) and extra durability (thanks to resin), despite belonging to the category of glow-in-the-dark LED night golf balls that are often too hard to hit (in terms of both feel and sound).

The bright, vibrant lights remain lit for 8 long minutes. No doubt, it’s the best gift you can give your golfer side to have a blast on the course whenever you feel like letting loose and not caring much about how well you play and score.

Needless to say, the disparity of the weight results in distance loss. But then you’re not really buying them for boosting your driving distance potential, are you? You’re actually purchasing these LED glow golf balls for watching your drives, even though not as long as those hit with regular golf balls, light up in the sky. For twilight golf of course!


  • Constant shining LED light with 50-hour capacity
  • Glows brightly and remains lit for 8 whole minutes
  • Infused with surlyn + resin for soft feel and sturdiness
  • 342 surface dents for high corrosion and damage resistance


  • Distance loss is to be expected
  • Not all colors are equally bright

All That Matters the Most When It Comes Buying Glow Golf Balls

1. Type or Light Source

There are mainly two types or light sources here – namely LED-powered and UV glow. Let’s talk about each below…

LED Golf Balls

LED i.e. battery-powered night golf balls, as is obvious, come with battery life. The LED lights are activated with the help of the lithium battery that’s installed inside the ball. Needless to say, these you cannot recharge so they better have a long battery runtime.

Compared to the other type (UV light), LED is much, much brighter. Hence, higher visibility during the night. And golf balls with LED lights turn on instantly on impact.

The downside though, and a major one at that, is that LED golf balls are made using hard plastic. And this means too hard feel plus too stiff sound – sort of like it might damage your precious golf clubs. Another major loss takes the form of a shorter carry distance.

UV Glow Golf Balls

Unlike LED golf balls, the glow version consists of low compression as well as a urethane cover. Low compression core means longer distances while urethane cover adds a soft feel and extra durability. All this despite being glow-in-the-dark!

You can obviously recharge these types of glow golf balls using options like an LED flashlight or maybe even your smartphone camera light. Just shine the light over the ball before taking your shot and that’s about it.

So what’s the catch? That glow golf balls are not as bright as their LED counterparts. Their brightest glow fades very quickly after impact.

2. Recharge Time

Needless to say, only those glow golf balls that are not equipped with a battery can be recharged (the second type of golf balls discussed just before this). UV glow golf balls, in that case, should have a quick recharge time.

Based on the top choices I’ve reviewed, a 60-second recharge time seems fair enough to keep your patience and time from running out.

3. Battery Life

Only applicable in the case of LED lights, the battery life, as it goes without saying, ought to be long. Around 50 hours is a reasonable deal considering the price you pay for the product.

As for how to preserve the limited runtime of the LED light, make sure to turn off the light when not in use (if that’s even possible). On the other hand, the UV glow version has no such concerns about battery life because these are rechargeable, which means continuous, undisturbed play-time.

4. Glow Time

Around 5-8 minutes of glow time should suffice, don’t you think so? I mean 8 minutes, more often than not, is enough for any golfer to reach and retrieve the golf ball. But then there are those that also glow for a shorter time (5 minutes) and longer time (15 minutes).

Just keep in mind a longer glow time would mean more time for recharging or reactivating it before the light goes off.

Also, LED golf balls are outfitted with a pre-set timer that, when it goes off, turns off the light. And this means you may never be able to find the ball. On the other hand, UV glow golf balls are designed with a light that diminishes slowly. And that’s most likely to increase your chances of locating the ball.

5. Brightness and Color

The standard colors include red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and white. Unfortunately, only LED golf balls come in these bright, vivid colors. That means UV glow golf balls are only available in a single color, for the most part that’s green.

Then comes the factor of brightness. You may already know by now that the LED type is much brighter than UV glow. Simply because the former is equipped with powerful batteries that don’t demand any sort of recharging.

So if brightness i.e. high visibility is a top priority, more than even soft feel and long distance that is almost always the case with UV glow golf balls, then nothing performs better than LED golf balls.

6. Size and Weight

These characteristics should be PGA-approved if playing professionally is a part of the experience. So that would be 1.680 inches in width and 1.620 ounces in weight.

Now let’s talk about the difference in weight between LED and UV glow golf balls. LED is normally heavier because of the inclusion of bulb plus battery. So it’s safe to assume that LED golf balls make your round less productive. But then there are a few lightweight materials that are also more advanced and durable.

On the other hand, UV glow golf balls come with a urethane covering and compressed core, which makes them extremely lightweight. So this kind of night golf ball bounces off easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to Buy Glow In the Dark Golf Balls?

LED or glow golf balls are slowly gaining momentum now that more and more golfers are taking to the course. But then not everyone has the time to play a round of golf, be it recreationally or otherwise, during daytime hours. So those heading to the turf after hours, you can purchase your set of glow in the dark golf balls right here.

Factors like glow time, battery life, color, and everything else important have been taken into account. And only those brands that use high-quality materials and pay heed to performance as well are included.

How to Make Golf Balls That Glow In the Dark?

Here’s the homemade version of golf balls that glow in the dark. Use half tablespoon borax and one-and-half cup warm water. Mix the solution with the help of a craft stick to dissolve the powder completely.

Then take another container and combine glue (1 tablespoon), cornstarch (1 tablespoon), and fluorescent color of your choice (1 tablespoon). Stir this solution also very well and add it to the borax mixture for about 20-25 seconds.

After that, remove the mixture as well as drain out the additional water for shaping the ball. And then activate the light using a flashlight.

And if you don’t want to use borax, then just combine 1/8 cup water, food color (one drop), and cornstarch (two tablespoons). Mix the water and cornstarch to create a sticky texture. And then add the food coloring. Now form a round golf ball like shape with the sticky paste. Shine some light over it, and your glow balls are ready.

How to Use A Glow Stick to Light Golf Balls?

You have to bend the glow stick insert to activate the light, which takes some minutes to happen. Close to the hole of the golf ball, there’s a tiny S. You should insert that glow stick into the farther i.e. opposite end of that.

Before hitting your every stroke, re-adjust the golf ball to make sure the clubhead is striking the golf ball in a parallel position to the glow stick. At such times, the stick should be in the center of the ball.

As for removing or replacing your glow stick, you can use a pencil or tee for pushing the old one out. Starting from the small “S” end toward the opposite, large end.

And lastly, don’t forget to mark your night golf balls using a felt pen.

Are Glow In the Dark Golf Balls Any Good?

If what you’re asking is whether they work or not, then please note that glow golf balls do indeed work by staying visible even when it’s dark. There are those that have brighter, battery-powered LED lights as well as those that require UV light (flashlight or smartphone) for activation and recharge.

Do Glow in the Dark Golf Balls Damage Your Clubs?

To be honest, LED type of night golf balls can be bad for the clubs. Their hard plastic construction does indeed tend to dent the clubface of hybrids and drivers.

How to Charge Glow in the Dark Golf Balls?

LED golf balls don’t have to be charged because they’re equipped with a battery (just make sure the battery life is long). However, you do need to charge UV glow golf balls. And you can do that by using a UV flashlight. Or it could be any other source of UV light, such as sunlight or your smartphone’s camera light. Just shine it over the ball.

How Long Does the Light Shine In Glow In The Dark Golf Balls?

Anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes. It actually depends on the type of light or light source. Meaning if it’s LED, then the maximum capacity can exceed 15 minutes. But in the case of UV glow golf balls, the brightest glow lasts for a comparatively shorter span of time (less than 10-15 minutes).

You have also options that let you manually turn off the light, such as Night Eagle LED Golf Balls.

Do Glow In The Dark Golf Balls Last Forever?

The glow paint on UV glow golf balls doesn’t last forever. Likewise, the LED light also has a limited timeline because of its pre-set battery life. In the case of the former, you can certainly recharge the ball using UV light.

Wrapping It Up…

Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to generate your longest driving distance with golf balls that glow in the dark. Frankly speaking, they’re not really built for that.

What they do provide, however, is a whole lot of fun by letting you stay out in the dark and take your most colorful shots. Just the kind of fun you want to have with family and friends as an avid golfer!

I mentioned right at the beginning that not much is known about these kinds of night-time golf balls. So I hope, now that we’ve reached the end, you know more about them and how they work to make a more well-informed decision.

You can choose either LED (for the brightest, constant glow) or UV (for the softest feel and longer distance potential). It all depends on what your priorities are, right? The great news is that I’ve explained and reviewed both!

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