Best Game Improvement Driver

Struggling with your driver leads to all kinds of difficulties in your game. So, it makes sense to look at bringing a driver into your bag that’s capable of smoothing out those rough patches and improving your shot.

Thankfully, a number of such drivers exist on the market, and at different price ranges. So, let’s check out the best drivers out there on the market that will improve your game.

TaylorMade Golf M6 Driver, 10.5 Loft, Right Hand, Regular Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Orange, Large
TaylorMade Golf M6 Driver, 10.5 Loft, Right Hand, Regular Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Orange, Large
  • Each head is individually speed tested
  • Contains Twist Face technology which reduces side spin
  • Aerodynamic shape produces more swing speed
  • Hammerhead slot offers you a larger sweet spot
  • The driver delivers greater distance, is forgiving, and provides more accuracy

The TaylorMade M6 driver is an impressive club. It’s packed full of technology that’s specifically designed to help your game, but don’t worry about the complexities of what’s included. 

The aim of this club is to help you drive straighter, get more distance, and hit the fairway. It does this via clever tweaks and changes to the club head that you wouldn’t even notice unless someone told you about it.

By tuning each club, it should mean you get maximum distance with your shot. This speed injection leads to an increase in energy at the strike point. 

Of course, adding in a larger sweet spot is always a good idea. This makes the club more forgiving, so the high handicapper won’t need to worry so much about their shot.

The Pros and Who Should Use it

This club has so many positives, and its ability to change your game is mind-blowing. 

Look at it this way. The club contains technology to help with distance, accuracy, and is forgiving. It covers all the bases.

Even the shape is aerodynamic. This helps the head cut through the air leading to improved swing speeds and greater energy. Even if you struggle with power, this driver can add some extra yards simply based on its shape.

But this club has even more positives.

It is well-balanced. The Twist Face technology means you get the same power in your shots even when your strike misses the heart of the face. The curve reduces side spin.

The list goes on as this club is outstanding.

Thanks to its features, this club can certainly help any golfer at any level. This applies no matter your handicap as it should make your driving far more consistent than ever before.


This driver is outstanding. If you can afford the premium price, it will surely improve your game while offering you greater confidence on the tee. By increasing the size of the sweet spot, you can then focus on your swing without stressing about accuracy as this club will improve that beyond any recognition.

However, it gets 4 out of 5 due to the price. It helps high handicappers, but may be too expensive for some.

2. Best for Women - Callaway Rogue Women’s Driver

Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Draw Driver, Right Hand, Quaranta, 40G Shaft, Ladies Flex, 10.5 degrees
Callaway Golf 2018 Women's Rogue Draw Driver, Right Hand, Quaranta, 40G Shaft, Ladies Flex, 10.5 degrees
  • Offers enhanced ball speed
  • Triaxal carbon crown for better MOI
  • Internal weighting for better balance
  • Enhanced draw capability

For female golfers, we recommend the Callaway Rogue driver. Callaway has combined their jailbreak technology along with X-face VFT technology to ultimately provide a driver that delivers greater ball speed off the face. Ultimately, this leads to improved distance with your shot.

But the technology doesn’t stop with better speed. 

The larger surface area found on the carbon crown combined with a re-vamped MOI shape means this driver is extremely forgiving. Also, the driver head is exceptionally well-balanced, and that brings with it greater stability with the club.

This gives you greater confidence in your swing as you know how the club will react. Boeing even engineered the aerodynamics, so the club cuts through the air with minimum fuss.

The weighting also plays a role here with it moved more to the heel of the club. This helps open up the face and reduces spin at the same time, so you get a straighter shot.

The Pros and Who Should Use it

Once again, this club aims more at the high handicap player who is desperate to knock a few shots off their round. The balance in this driver is exceptional, as is the ability of the driver to offer you such a degree of forgiveness with your shot.

This club just feels good in your hands. It doesn’t appear weighty. The smoothness as it moves through the air is impressive. Everything seems effortless, and that leads to a stronger shot with more power behind it, leading to better yardage.

Any female golfer who tends to have an issue with drawing their shot will see a noticeable difference in their game with this driver. In saying that, we believe any female golfer looking to bring their handicap down could do well to include this club in their bag.


For the female golfer, this is an affordable club that will certainly improve your game. The technology is outstanding, and it’s a stunning club. For that reason, we believe it to be the best out there on the market, so that’s why it gets 5 out of 5.

3. Best for Swing Speed - Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver 9.0 S RH
Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver 9.0 S RH
  • Variable face offers greater ball speed upon connection
  • Hi-bore crown offers lower center of gravity
  • Deep weighting to offer a higher MOI
  • Ultralight for increased swing speed

While the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver is not the most well-known of names, don’t let that fact put you off the idea of buying this driver. It may not come as packed full of technology as other brands, but we love the simplicity as well as the fact it focuses purely on swing speed.

The club has a lower center of gravity compared to most drivers, and this is also key. As such, the club head provides you with the optimum conditions to get the ball up off the ground. This means it’s easier for high handicappers to produce something closer to the perfect drive.

However, the main thing with this club is the weight. 

By reducing the weight on both the internal and external, as well as lowering the position of the rest of the weight, you get a well-balanced club. On the up side, it also makes it far more forgiving, helping those shots that miss the heart of the face.

On top of that, it uses its own unique counter-balanced shaft design. With this, the center of gravity is then pushed higher up the shaft toward the grip. This has the impact of adding head mass and increasing the MOI. Ultimately, you get a better shot with this technology as well.

So, even though it’s not full of technology, it still contains enough to make significant improvements to your game.

The Pros and Who Should Use it

The lightweight nature of this club means you will undoubtedly generate greater swing speed. Ultimately, this translates into greater energy upon striking the ball, and you achieve a superior distance with the drive.

For the high handicapper, the fact the club is so well-balanced helps. The way it assists you in getting the ball up off the ground with a better trajectory is also amazing to see. 

What this driver does is it focuses on being lightweight, balanced, and making it easier to hit the ball. These components all add up together into a club that adds distance to your drive without you having to worry about generating more power while it stays straighter thanks to the forgiving nature of the face.

So, we recommend this club to anybody looking at getting greater distances on their drives. It’s ideal for high handicappers due to the fact this club is extremely forgiving on a drive. Add in the way in which it helps generate more speed, and it’s easy to see how this club is a real game improvement driver.


This club is cheaper than many out there, and we do notice a difference in swing speed which can only translate into superior distances. It doesn’t complicate matters, making it perfect for people with less experience. It loses a point as those individuals that love to play around with settings won’t have anything to do here.

4. Best for Beginners - Callaway X-Hot

Callaway X HOT Driver 10.5, Regular Flex
Callaway X HOT Driver 10.5, Regular Flex
  • Highly forgiving head shape
  • Designed to improve accuracy and distance
  • VFT face increases ball speed
  • Precise center of gravity for greater consistency
  • Loft adjustment for improved shot selection

Next, is the club we see as being the best for beginners, and it’s the Callaway X-Hot. This driver clearly comes with a premium name attached, but it’s the technology contained within the driver that makes this club stand out.

The novice golfer has problems with all aspects of their driving game, and this club seeks to help iron out each one. 

The VFT face is breathtaking. It helps keep the same ball speed no matter if you hit the ball off the heart of the club. So, no need to continually stress about lining things up perfectly as this club will help you out.

The head and face also includes precision milling. This helps you produce the same type of shot over and over. Once again, it reduces the stress about that perfect connection.

Adjusting the loft is easy with this club. A lower angle helps increase swing speed, if that’s your problem area, while a higher loft angle also shifts the center of gravity to get more height if that’s where your shot struggles.

This club is extremely forgiving. The club head opens up the sweet spot to help keep the ball on the fairway, or at least out of the worst type of rough. 

The Pros and Who Should Use it

Ultimately, the reason why we see this club as being best for beginners is that it incorporates technology that helps without overloading you with it. The speed technology, the open face, the ability to change the loft angle. It all helps.

As with any Callaway club, you know this is always manufactured to the highest standards. The club feels perfectly balanced in your hands and through the swing. It makes a stunning sound on the connection which is surprisingly satisfying. It just feels like a pro club.

But that’s not all the pros.

An average golfer could see their drives lengthen by 10 yards or so, and that makes a huge difference. It feels light through the swing allowing you to generate more speed and, ultimately, get that distance. The average golfer will also find it easier to keep the ball straight, which is a huge bonus.

This club is ideal for moderate to high handicappers still struggling with their drive and getting a consistent strike. It does a wonderful job of removing stress allowing you to focus on a smooth swing knowing the club will help keep the ball on the fairway.


This driver is straightforward to use, and it delivers results. It does all the hard work for you, and all that’s left for you to do is to focus on your swing knowing the club is there to back you up with your shot. It gets 5 out of 5 simply because of how it helps beginners become better off the tee.

5. Best Value for Novice - Mazel Titanium Driver

MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers for Men,Right Handed,460CC (Right, Graphite(Stars Blue Head), Stiff (S), 10.5)
MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers for Men,Right Handed,460CC (Right, Graphite(Stars Blue Head), Stiff (S), 10.5)
  • Low price is perfect for novice
  • Lightweight head offers faster swing speed
  • Huge sweet spot to give added forgiveness
  • Low center of gravity to provide longer shots
  • Perfect loft angle for getting the ball off the ground

The Mazel Titanium Driver is not the most well-known, but thanks to its low price it’s one of the best clubs for people right at the start of their golfing life. This club tries to keep things simple, and in doing so it does actually help improve your game.

Its main aim is to help get the ball up in the air, and it does this with minimal fuss. Add in a lowered center of gravity along with the club weighing less than average, and you have the ability to generate more speed leading to more energy.

Finally, a novice needs a club to be as forgiving as possible, and the Mazel Titanium Driver does exactly that. The sweet spot is huge while it comes with an arrow on top to help with lining up the shot.

Also, with the sweet spot, it’s designed to reduce spin. This helps the ball cut through the air more easily leading to greater distances.

The Pros and Who Should Use it

Don’t expect this club to be full of technology, that’s not the appeal of it. Instead, it focuses on helping you with the basics, and it does that extremely well.

The fact it covers all the bases to a certain extent makes a huge difference. It comes with a super deep face, and this opens up the sweet spot and makes it as big as possible. This reduces the chances of mishits as this club is very forgiving.

Mazel pushed the center of gravity lower in this club than with other drivers, and this helps the novice golfer get some height on the ball off the tee. Combine that with the light nature of the club, and you see how the shot will travel greater distances than before.

This club comes with so many positives for the novice golfer without complicating matters. It increases ball speed, increases swing speed, is balanced, is forgiving, and delivers pretty consistent results. As someone starting out, you don’t need much more as you work to perfect your technique.

All of that is why this club aims itself at those starting out. It doesn’t cost the earth, so you can understand how the right club can improve your game without spending a fortune.


This driver won’t break the bank, and that’s why we think it’s the perfect driver for people perhaps unsure as to whether or not they want to stick with the game. It may not have the adjustment of more expensive brands, but by keeping to the basics it will help the novice golfer make huge strides with their driving game.

Why Get a Game Improvement Driver?

So, why should you get a game improvement driver? That question is self-explanatory, but let’s look at some reasons as to why this is such a good idea.

First, any club that’s capable of reducing mistakes and adding in some extra forgiveness is worth checking out. This is true not only for high handicappers, but those with a bit more experience. 

Considering the way in which your drive off the tee sets up how the rest of the hole is played, surely you want to give yourself the best chance for the shots to follow?

Golf is a game where small changes can generate huge results. The fact the drivers listed above can lead to those small changes on their own is massive for any individual frustrated with their driving game.

How to Choose the Best Driver

You need to take a few things into consideration before buying a new driver. Begin by looking at where your driving game is lacking. Do you lack distance? Perhaps accuracy off the tee is troubling you?

The key here is in finding the perfect club for those areas where you perhaps need some additional technology to make a significant difference. If you are unsure as to those weak points, ask the pro at your local club for some tips.

So, once you understand your game, you need to look for a driver that tackles that issue. 

Take the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver as an example. It helps improve swing speed, so you generate more power and energy when striking the ball. More energy means greater distance, so if you want to add 10, 20, or 30 yards to your drive, then this could be perfect.

Yet, the TaylorMade M6 helps keep your drive straighter thanks to technology in the club head. If you find you have a tendency to pull or slice your shots and miss the fairway on a regular basis, then a club that can do this is an absolute must.

So, that’s how you choose the best driver. Understand your problem areas, and then get a driver that has the ability to even partly correct those issues.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Looking at the pros and cons of investing money in buying this type of driver, we can’t really see any cons. The only negative is if you go ahead and buy a driver that doesn’t really deal with your problem areas.

However, the advantages are obvious.

By improving your drive, thanks to correcting mistakes, you will stress less on the tee. This belief in the driver helping you allows you to relax. A more relaxed individual leads to a better swing and a cleaner connection.

Also, it lets you focus on other aspects of your game while inspiring confidence thanks to your driving becoming more consistent. 

Who Should Invest in One?

Any golfer serious about becoming stronger off the tee should look at their driver to see if it’s helping or hindering their game. We recommend thinking about several questions to help determine if a new driver will help.

  • Is your driving game consistent?
  • Do you have specific problems off the tee?
  • Have you checked the specs of your current driver to see if it helps?
  • Do you understand how to adjust the driver to get the most out of it?

Think of it this way.

Say you have a tendency to come up short off the tee thanks to insufficient power or speed. It means you leave yourself battling on each hole, and that makes the game harder.

It’s not easy to increase your own power, so you need help to do so. The only help out there is to either work on your swing, which is always a possibility, or to look at the driver.

Now,  this predicament covers most golfers out there. So, it means there’s a good chance your game could benefit from investing in a new driver better suited to your own particular issues off the tee.


From the five drivers covered, we recommend the Callaway X Hot as the best. It just delivers on every promise, and it’s at a price point that covers so many budgets and levels of players. 

Aside from that, the Mazel Titanium Driver is also worth a mention. It helps golfers get started, and is perfect for that type of player. If starting out, then you should check it out.

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