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8 Best Face Balanced Putter for the Most Control 2022

What’s the best way to pick the best face-balanced putter? This has been a common debate for a very long time. The reason why there hasn’t been a correct answer is because of this. A putter is a personal preference. Whether or not you need one depends on your golf skills.

So whether you need a face-balanced putter or not, what’s your stroke like? In this article, you’ll learn about face-balanced putters and how they improve your score.

There are many golfers who are natural at hitting a straight shot. But there are others who need some assistance. A face-balanced putter does exactly that. It assists you to take a clean shot. So you swing along the target line and, with good ball roll, you finish relatively straight.

If this is something you’ve been struggling with. Then you’ve come to the right place. Because this article has everything you need to know about the best face-balanced putters. Including some of the top-performing choices of the year.

Best Face-Balanced Putter Reviews

It’s hard to find a low-quality face-balanced putter design. That is because the improved head style of most putters is tried-and-tested! And it offers an exceptional performance value to the average golfer.

So if you’re looking to elevate your golf skills and focus on your putting strokes. Then don’t shy away from these handy and professional choices.

1. Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter

Are you looking for something tried and tested? This putter is very similar to the top pick. It’s solid and feels great. The grip is outstanding in that it really improves the quality of performance. And it’s just as good as any other high-end putter on the market. Only that the Peameadow PGX Putter is cheap!

The best feature of this face-balanced putter is the grip. It’s all worth the hype because it’s so easy to use. Whether you play golf regularly or not, this putter is for you. The head has the ideal weight and feel. It’s well-balanced and feels solid to just have around.

For a face-balanced putter, it’s quite a performer. Highly recommended by long-term users and newcomers. The putter is easy to line up with. As for the ball performance, it’s always consistent and has a sufficient roll.


  • Well-balanced and rigid alignment.
  • Solid sound and feel at impact.
  • The grip is more than adequate for consistent play.


  • Not the best choice for long putts.

2. Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter

Orlimar Tangent T1 Putter

This is a sophisticated and professional face-balanced putter. It has an accurate design for allowing forgiveness into the play. And it comes with a durable headcover to prolong its shelf life. The putter has a plumber’s neck hosel which elevates the game.

You’ll like the alignment and solid sound of the putter at impact. It really softens the blow but at the same time intensifies the results. You can practice longer putts. And this best face-balanced putter picks up one everything. No matter what putting stroke you adopt, the putter focuses on a straight shot.

In comparison to other similar putters, this one is great to play with. You’ll be pleased with the amount you’ve invested in it. It has a wide grip and a durable coating. The finishing doesn’t chip away or fade with time. It’s really designed well to compete with some of the high-end putters. But at a cheaper price!

The head has excellent balance and distribution. It’s a complete win-win for someone looking for a well-balanced heel-toe putter.


  • Comfortable grip and perfect height.
  • The balance of the putter is effective.
  • Feels light and sturdy during putting.


  • Beginners might take a while to get used to it.

3. Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

The Pinemeadow PGX SL Putter is another one of my favorites. This is the kind of face-balanced putter that you could spend all your time with. It’s built for the casual golfer as much as the professional. It’s effective and durable. With an included headcover and a well-aligned face insert.

This face-balanced putter will help you improve your putts. It’s easy and steady to use. And it makes sure your eyes are on the target. Rather than the distance that you’re about to cover. If you’re looking to replace your old putter for something new and improved, go for this one.

It precise and gets you in proper alignment. With only the minor adjustment it makes in your line of angle, it makes a huge difference. So it will definitely improve your game.

The weight of this putter is slightly heavy which is not a problem. It has a consistent and better roll than many high-end putters I’ve come across. And the added weight improves the feel at impact and closing. So all in all, it’s a great putter that doesn’t disappoint.


  • Excellent alignment and consistency.
  • The headcover is durable and thick.
  • The Plumber Neck hosel is well-angled.


  • The grip feels a little too thin.

4. TaylorMade Golf Spider X

TaylorMade Golf Spider X

If you’re looking for a good combination of feel and balance, then I would recommend this one. The TaylorMade is considered to be one of the efficient putters. It comes with a face-balanced configuration which is outstanding!

The color schemes and finishing of this putter are great. To give you a better grip, feel, and weight. The putter technology is defined to take the pressure off. So this gives a better balance right to the center. And that, believe it or not, is a whole game-changer for mid-to-high handicappers.

In comparison to the Odyssey, the TaylorMade Spider X has a high MOI. Because of its metal weights and thicker insert. The weight is naturally balanced rather than excessively heavy for any stroke. If you want to shorten your putting game with the help of a sturdy putter. Then you should go for this one.

It has good alignment and a consistent feel. For new players, it may take a few strokes to get used to. But in the world of putters, that’s not such a bad thing, after all! With a nice feel and steady swing weight, it will make you more confident in your putting stroke.


  • Comfortable grip and perfect height.
  • The balance of the putter is effective.
  • Feels light and sturdy during putting.


  • Not the best choice for long putts.

5. Odyssey Red O-Works #7 Putter

Odyssey Red O-Works #7 Putter

The first time you use the Odyssey Red O-Works, you won’t know a difference. Such high-quality putters take some getting used to. But after a day or two, that initial shock, you’ll definitely fall in love it. This best face-balanced putter has an amazing weight. It comes with its own headcover which is a huge plus!

The face on this putter is quite phenomenal. It kicks off to a great start. Keeping the head balanced and well-aligned for the ball at impact. You won’t encounter any issues with the shaft as well. The mid-sized grip is sturdy and light.

During putting, the feel and balance of the impact is great. And not to mention, it’s so consistent and accurate as advertised. Making it easier for beginners and professionals alike to line up the putt.

If you’re looking for better control at impact and finish, go for this choice. It has a durable magnetic headcover that keeps the polished design clean. It looks high end and professional with its red and black design. And it has a tour-driven head style that caters to most golfers.


  • The no-taper counter core is accurate and sturdy.
  • An adjustable, mid-sized grip is available.
  • Tour-driven and efficient Microhinge face insert.


  • The grip is a tad bit smaller than mid-sized.

6. Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 Putter

Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 Putter

The Ray Cook Silver SR500 Putter offers many advantages. And it’s a handsome looking putter too. With red and white highlights, it’s super appealing. It’s a premium face-balanced putter that will improve your game tremendously.

The heavy head maintains stability and keeps your strokes accurate. You don’t have to feel like you have a putter in your hand. But this face-balanced putter certainly makes the performance better. The mid-sized grip is soft and feels light to hold.

Overall it’s a comfortable and reliable putter for golfers. You can expect consistent control in your shots. And it also builds confidence as you progress in your game. By the look and feel of it, I recommend this putter to entry-level players and intermediates.

It’s super affordable, experienced, and durable to use. The paddle-style grip is new and really complements the rest of the design. It’s a good replacement for entry-level putters that you’re sick of playing with.


  • It improves putting significantly.
  • Accurate, solid design, and affordable.
  • The mid-sized grip is comfortable.


  • The finishing wears off quickly.

7. TaylorMade Golf Spider Putter

TaylorMade Golf Spider Putter

The TaylorMade Golf Spider Putter is a professional face-balanced putter. It is a bit different from the other putters on this list. In that, this is not a tour-driven putter. But it is a golf-driven putter for the win.

This putter has an alignment line on the head. This is something tour-driven golf putters don’t. They are either a solid red or black or grey color. In terms of weight, this is very well balanced. It’s the ideal choice for golfers looking for a straight shot.

It allows for less flexibility during the backswing. But it finishes off easily and consistently for a smooth and clean shot. This putter is face balanced so it’s not ideal for someone who prefers an arced stroke.

The aluminum insert is another reason why this is not a tour putter. It’s sturdy and dependable, that’s for sure. But it makes this putter an affordable pick for most golfers. It has a nice sound and feel at impact. Frankly, this is a personal favorite for its ease of use and flexibility.

Lastly, the double-bend shape of the shaft is a unique feature of the TaylorMade. It points directly to the head which adds stability and consistency in most of your shots.


  • Great for hitting straight, center shots.
  • Long-lasting construction and accuracy.
  • Incredible speed control for long distances.


  • Not a tour-grade putter.

8. Odyssey Red O-Works Marxman Putter


The Odyssey Red O-Works Marxman is very well-known for its good looks. Its appearance also matches up to its performance. In that, it’s super reliable and balanced. This is one of those perfectly engineered face-balanced putters.

To give you exceptional performance on the green and a clean finish. The putter will give you a good enough roll no matter the impact of your stroke. The stainless steel construction has a professional and effective cover. That is Thermoplastic Elastomer which elevates the feel and roll of the stroke – even at impact!

The read, simple, and polished appearance is also a huge plus point. For professionals, it really speaks for itself with the Microhinge insert and tour-proven design.

If you’re looking for a simple and clean putter, this is the pick for you. It has tons of forgiveness and weight alignment. The head shape is well-balanced and weighted. With the correct posture, stance, and stroke, you’ll love to play with this putter.


  • The headcover is durable and magnetic.
  • The mid-sized grip is accurate.
  • Incredible feel and balance at impact.


  • None so far.

Best Face-Balanced Putter - Buying Guide


What kind of putter do you need? Putter technology is advancing to new heights. It not only helps you elevate your golf skills. But it also takes away the pressures of staying on the green and saving your shots

To better understand the dynamics of putter technology in golf. Let’s look at how the types of putter there are.

A face-balanced putter is what you are already familiar with. But you’ll also find toe-balanced putters equally effective. So what does a face-balanced putter mean?

A Face-Balanced Putter


It’s a face-balanced putter when the face of the putter is pointed upward. So the head of the putter is facing upwards when the shaft is balancing on your finger. The face-balanced putter’s center of gravity is below the axis.

This makes them less flexible during a backswing. And more compressed during a follow-through. Face-balanced putters are perfect for golfers with a straight stroke.

A Toe-Balanced Putter


As the name suggests, a toe-balanced putter faces downward, toward the ground. You have to hold the shaft the same way, balancing the shaft on the finger. Making the putter’s center of gravity not as much below the axis as a face-balanced putter.

Toe-balanced putters are flexible and open during a stroke. So they are perfect for golfers with a curved arc in their play.

Comparison - Which Is Better?


It’s impossible to find an accurate face-balanced or toe-balanced putter. Most putters fall somewhere in the middle of both types. But golfers, those with more experience, can easily determine what’s best for them.

If you’re a beginner, the only to determine the best face-balanced putter for you is consistency. Look at what suits your stroke - straight or arc or both. Whichever putter keeps you more consistent on the green, that’s the proper putter for you.

Features To Look For


In a putter, you’ll come across a blade and mallet putter. This refers to the head style of the putter. Now, in face-balanced putters, the head should have more forgiveness. This ensures a smooth and straight shot. While the roll ensures proper balance in weight.

Beginners opt for a blade putter as it is the most accurate. But mallet putters have more stability and control. And that is a perfect combination for the best face-balanced putter.


This depends on your golf skills as well. How do you set the golf ball? What’s your ideal posture? And what’s your stroke path?

All these questions influence the length of the putter significantly. However, the most common length for a putter is 32 to 36 inches. And the longest measurement of a putter is 50 inches.

However, don’t go for what’s universal. Choose what’s best for you and your stance through practice and experience.


Face-balanced putters have an evenly-balanced center of gravity. So that the putter opens well during the backswing and closes just as smoothly during the follow-through.

This kind of configuration suits a face-balanced putter perfectly well. And it elevates the performance of a golfer who needs straighter strokes. The head weight depends on what surface you’re playing on. Heavier heads are good for slower green surfaces. And a lighter head weight is perfect for fast speeds.

The standard weight of a putter is around 350 to 600 grams. Some of the top best face-balanced putters weigh around 550 or so grams.  

Now that we got the basics out of the way, let’s answer a few questions.

Who Should Use A Face-Balanced Putter?


Beginner golfers know how tough it is to hit a straight stroke. And those struggling with on a regular basis use a face-balanced putter. It gives you better control so you’re not going all over the place. It enhances ease of movement while also preventing jerky swings that simply ruin your stroke

With the help of a face-putter, the weight of the swing is also well-distributed. So golfers who need a steadier and more balanced swing play, more specifically to hit straight shots. They will benefit the most from a face-balanced putter.

Professionals recommend a face-balanced putter for mid to high handicappers. The weight is more balanced at the center which ensures a straight and smooth stroke. Having said that, not all golfers benefit or are able to match this stroke. So it’s always important to know what you’re looking for when buying a new putter.

For others who don’t find a face-balanced putter useful. This means you’re inclined to a more “inside-out” stroke. Then a toe-balanced putter is for you.

What Types of Strokes Work Best with Putters?


Is there some inconsistency with your putter and putting stroke? Well, to get things right on track, you need to know what types of strokes work best with putters.

For a face-balanced putter, you have to focus on control. So aiming for a slight curve is natural (arc, to be more specific). If your putting stroke is higher than 4 degrees, you’re angling on a more open stroke. So to fix this, you’ll need a face-balanced putter to get back on a straight line.

What a toe-balanced putter for a golfer is also outstanding. If your putting stroke is outside during the backstroke, a toe-hang is perfect for you. It gives you a more accurate arc during the opening and closing motion.

For a more balanced putting stroke, opt for a center-shaft. It brings you closer to that sweet spot that is, for beginners, a hit-and-miss phenomenon. It can be frustrating to hit the toe or heel. So a center-shafted putter brings keeps you more at ease. You won’t twist as much as the other putters. And your putting stroke with a center-shaft will be cleaner and smoother - especially on off-center.


What is your favorite pick? Amateurs and pros swear by this putter. It’s, no doubt, the best face-balanced putter to buy right now. It has plenty of desirable features. And it’s designed for the budget-minded buyer as well.

Odyssey Red O-Works Marxman 5 Putter is excellent because it works! It’s also the most popular brand for the common golfer. It’s difficult to whisper even a bad word against this putter. It’s all praises, especially for someone who hasn’t gotten used to a face-balanced putter.

Ideal for golfers who seek professional assistance on the greens. And without paying a premium price for it, too. These face-balanced putters are rich, unique, and professional. A nice combination of classic and modern styles, they’ll improve your game in no time!

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