Best Drivers for Distance

Best Drivers for Distance

When it comes to your driver, then most people will want a blend of both speed and distance since they want to get as far away from the tee as possible, but still with a sense of control over it all. 

However, different drivers are capable of achieving different distances, and some are clearly better at it than others. That in itself poses the question of which drivers are indeed best when it comes to distance.

So, that is what we are going to check out right here, and there’s going to be a few familiar names in the mix along with possible a few surprises.

TaylorMade SIM MAX-D Driver, UST Mamiya Helium 5 Shaft, 10.0 Degree Loft, Left Hand, Stiff Flex
  • Available in different flexes

  • 10.5 degrees of loft

  • Speed injected technology included

  • Twist face technology included for better hits

  • Precise weight distribution

The best driver overall when it comes to distance, in our opinion, is the TaylorMade SIM driver, and if you have ever had a shot at this club, then you will understand why we love it.

This driver is crammed full of technology that is ultimately there to help you produce the perfect ball flight coupled with speed and accuracy. Basically, it’s going to mean you leave absolutely nothing to chance off the tee, and that leads to a better end result.

First, there’s the loft aspect. At 10.5 degrees, that means you will get the ball off the tee, but not too high that you will lose some distance.

Next, there’s the speed injected technology in the club. This boosts ball speed off the face, and they have pushed things up to the absolute maximum limit. Basically, it means you will not lose as much energy off the face.

But they don’t stop there.

They have also included twist face technology, and that also means the face is larger than normal. This will correct mishits due to the angle of the face, so you get more distance in the right direction rather than screaming off into the rough.

Add in perfect weight distribution, the perfect MOI, and what you have is a club that not only helps you to let go on the tee, but is there by your side through the entire shot.


  • The speed you get off the tee is impressive with this club
  • The driver is highly forgiving, and that makes a huge difference
  • The precision is out of this world
  • It provides you with the perfect trajectory off the tee
  • It has the perfect CoG and MOI


  • If you already have a fast swing speed, then this may push things too far

Overall Conclusion

This driver is out of this world. It’s tough to find anything wrong with it as TaylorMade has managed to produce something that works exceptionally well for most people.

Because of that, it’s impossible to take any points off this club, so we aren’t going to do that.

2. Best for High Handicaps - Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Subzero Driver (Right Hand, Project X Evenflow Riptide 50G, Regular, 10.5 Degree)
  • Latest version comes with their new face technology offering better strikes

  • Comes with Callaway Jailbreak Technology

  • Very light leading to faster swing speeds

  • Delivers an exceptionally satisfying sound

  • Comes with a high MOI

The Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero is a driver that has the usual kind of Callaway technology contained within the club, but this time the price is lower than other versions, and it’s aimed at helping those with a high handicap.

The club is very light, and the latest version is several grams lighter than older ones, and that makes a huge difference. Often high handicap players struggle with speed and power due to tension, so this driver will undo some of those issues.

The Jailbreak Technology will further enhance that ball speed, and everyone knows you need more speed being transferred from swing to ball to get the distance. Callaway has sought to reduce the amount of energy being lost, and the Mavrik certainly achieves that.

But this driver also gives you a huge amount of forgiveness. It has a massive sweet spot, and it will help to correct a whole host of mishits.

Overall, it’s the forgiveness and the way it will generate a whole lot more speed that makes this driver stand out from the crowd.


  • The sweet spot is impressive, which is always a bonus.
  • The technology boosts speed, which leads to more distance.
  • It is light so helps people with slow swing speeds.
  • You lose less energy between club and ball.


  • People with fast swing speeds won’t benefit from the club.

Overall Conclusion

This driver comes with the usual quality you would expect from Callaway, but in saying that, this club is not for everyone.

It does give you a huge sweet spot and forgives you for mishits, but the main focus is on helping people struggling with swing speeds and also not making the best connection. If you have a fast swing speed already, then it could make things worse.

That is why we have taken a fraction of a point off this driver because, apart from that, this is an excellent club.

3. Best for Adjusting - Cobra King SpeedZone Driver

Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone Extreme Driver Black-Yellow (Men's, Right Hand, MCA Tensei AV Blue 65, Stiff Flex, 9.0)
  • You can adjust the weight and gravity on this driver to suit your needs

  • Has a CNC milled face included

  • Speed back weighting increases energy transfer

  • Streamlined shape means faster club head speed

The Cobra King SpeedZone driver is not only all about speed, and that translates to better distance, but it also gives you the chance to adjust aspects of the club to suit your needs.

Now, that does mean you need to understand how moving weight around will change your shot, so this club is certainly more for those with a low handicap. 

The face of the club is CNC milled, and that is a big deal as it does give a certain precision and regularity surrounding the shot. You just know how this club will react off the tee, and that helps you to loosen up and let go with your drive.

But back to the speed aspect.

They have sought to streamline the club head so it moves through the air with less drag. This will help those with slower swing speeds as it will increase speed which means more power. 

The speed back weighting is another cool feature. It means the CoG is positioned as low as possible in this club, and that bolsters the energy transfer between club and ball. Losing less energy in this way makes a huge difference to the distance you can then achieve.

Overall, this club will add some yards onto your drive thanks to the reduction in loss of energy while being able to play around with the weight distribution allows you to shape your drives better than pretty much anything else on the market.


  • The milled face offers real precision on your shots
  • The streamlining of the club does increase swing speed
  • It reduces loss of energy, so you will hit the ball harder
  • The low CoG will push the ball through the air without that energy being lost


  • The adjustment aspect does mean this is better for people with a low handicap to take advantage of this feature

Overall Conclusion

The Cobra King SpeedZone driver is an impressive club. There’s no doubt it will boost speeds off the tee, and you will achieve better distances thanks to less energy being lost. 

However, to really get the most out of this driver will involve you playing around with its features, and not everyone is capable of doing that. So, it loses some marks thanks to that aspect.

4. Best for Seniors - Titleist TS2

Titleist TS2 Driver 11.5 (KuroKage Black 50 Seniors) Golf Club
  • Comes with 11.5 degrees of loft

  • Large sweet spot

  • Relatively light

  • Highly forgiving

Titleist are known for producing some pretty impressive clubs, and the TS2 is one that certainly makes the list. This model is perfect for seniors, and we believe this to be the case for several reasons.

First, it is highly forgiving, and not only for mishits.

It will be forgiving when it comes to hitting off the edge of the club without you losing too much energy and power in the process. That should mean you do not lose that much distance on your drives even if you are not making that pristine connection.

Also, the club is relatively lightweight, and that is perfect for people with a slower swing speed. However, it still offers a great amount of control with your shots, so you can trust that it will help you out with your drive off the teel.

The club also seeks to push the CoG down low, and that will make a huge difference when it comes to how the ball flies through the air. At 11.5 degrees of loft, then you will still get things up off the tee, but you won’t be able to get the ball too high, which would mean you lose distance.

Overall, this club does not have as much technology as other models on the market, but it does perform pretty well when it comes to the basics.


  • It is highly forgiving, and we love that
  • It is quite light, so you can swing it faster than other clubs
  • The loft is perfect for most players
  • It makes it easier to hit the ball, and harder to make a mess of things


  • It doesn’t give the most satisfying of sounds

Overall Conclusion

This driver is impressive, and there’s no doubt it will be able to help seniors who struggle with some of their shots due to a lack of speed and power. However, it does come across as lacking in technology.

We have taken some points off this club due to that lack of technology. It does help with distance, but it could do a bit more when it comes to the speed aspect.

5. Best Tour Level - Callaway Epic Max Driver

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver (Right-Handed, IM10 50G, Regular, 10.5 degrees) , Black
  • Comes with all the usual Callaway technology

  • Boosts ball speed thanks to the technology

  • Available in different loft angles

  • Available in different flexes when it comes to the shaft

  • Comes with a sliding rear weight

The Callaway Epic Max Driver is an amazing club to have in your bag. It’s tough to list all of the different pieces of technology contained within this driver as there is just so much to write about.

However, it is designed to correct mishits and get that ball down the fairway. It is also designed to reduce the loss of energy between driver and ball, and that changes the distance you are able to achieve through this particular club.

But it’s the sliding rear weight that is the really interesting part with this driver. It will completely change how this driver reacts through your swing. That means you can alter the ball flight off the tee, but then the loft angle will also determine the trajectory.

What you get here is a driver that is able to not only help you get new distances, but also the correct angle off the tee, and that makes a difference. Overall, it is also highly forgiving when it comes to your shots.


  • The club is more forgiving than you would have perhaps expected
  • The sliding rear weight is amazing at helping you to change the ball flight
  • The driver feels pretty well balanced through your swing
  • It boosts energy transfer between club and ball


  • The club is complex, so it’s for low handicap players and not those new to the game

Overall Conclusion

This driver by Callaway does deliver on helping your drives when it comes to precision, distance, and speed. It does this by cramming in so much technology into the one club that it’s almost impossible for it to not make a difference to your game.

However, it does make life complicated, and that means it’s not for everyone. That is why we have taken some points off as it does exclude a certain percentage of players.

What to Look for When Choosing a Driver for Distance

There are several key factors to look out for when it comes to actually choosing a driver purely for the distance it may help you to achieve.


One major thing to look at is just how forgiving the driver is before you buy. You want to make sure that the sweet spot on the face covers pretty much every single aspect, and that’s for a good reason.

To get more distance, you often need more power, and more on that later. If a club has an impressive sweet spot, then it may lead to you losing less power when you don’t hit off the heart of the club.

It’s all fine knowing a club is forgiving with mishits, but you want it to keep the power and energy levels as high as possible at the same time.

Swing Speed

A number of the clubs we have included are more for people with slower swing speeds, but not entirely.

Swing speed changes the distance you can achieve with a driver. The higher the speed, the more power you can generate, and that leads to better distances off the tee. 

Look to see if the driver is designed to suit your own swing speed. If you aren’t sure as to what your swing speed is, then get your local pro to help you out with this as it will all be worth it in the end.

Loft Angle

You shouldn’t only think about the loft angle, but also the trajectory you will be able to achieve off the tee. 

A number of the drivers we have included will come in different loft angles, so check out which degree is best for your game. The lower the angle, the lower the ball flight, so if you have an issue with hitting your drive too high, then this is the best option.

But then, the opposite is also going to be true. If you hit too low, then you need to increase the loft angle to make a difference to your drive.


Be aware of the power aspect with the driver. You want to be certain that you will be able to transfer as much power and energy as possible between swing and ball. Anything that is lost will mean you lose distance as well.

A number of drivers include technology designed to reduce that loss of energy. Often, it will involve how the face of the club reacts.

On most drivers, it will involve the face acting more like a trampoline where less energy is lost. It will then mean there’s more of a cushioning effect, and that will result in it pushing the ball off the face without as much energy disappearing.

What to Avoid with a New Driver

There are a number of things to avoid when it comes to a new driver, and the key here is in understanding your own game as much as possible.

Think about these points when it comes to your own game.

  • Do you tend to slice or pull your drives?

  • What is your swing speed like?

  • How is your trajectory off the tee?

  • Do you feel you are lacking in power?

The key here is that you need to find a driver that enhances the areas where you struggle, and doesn’t enhance the areas where you have no problems. 

You see, if you have a fast swing speed, then buying a driver that is designed to really help with the swing speed aspect makes no sense. At that point, you need a driver that offers more control, so pay attention to the flex to help with that area.

The same goes for the trajectory. If you hit the ball too high, then don’t do something that means the ball goes even higher than before. 

Who Needs a Club for Distance?

Finally, who is going to need a club to help with the distance aspect? The answer is simple. Any player needs this sort of assistance.

We could all do with having a few yards added to our drive. We could all play better if we could hit the ball harder and with more speed leading to it going down the fairway.

The only problem is that you also need accuracy, and that is where the forgiveness and sweet spot comes into its own. 

Does it Help?

A driver that is designed to help with distance is going to achieve that aim. It can do it no matter your own individual swing, or where your problems may lie.

Of course, you need to know those weak areas to get the full benefit. Also, if you are new to the game, then don’t go for a driver that is complex in technology and being able to adjust things. That will only complicate matters, and you don’t need to do that until you are ready to be able to focus on other areas. 

Overall, these drivers are wonderful clubs to have in your bag. It’s entirely possible that they will indeed add a number of yards to your drive, but don’t forget about improving your swing as well to make that extra difference.

Overall Conclusion

There is not really a clear winner when it comes to the best driver for distance, but the TaylorMade Sim Max Driver is the one that does stand out from the crowd for us.

It strikes a balance between helping you to go ahead and get better distances with your drives, and it will do so without complicating matters at the same time. You will feel it is balanced through the swing, and it will also help you out with those mishits that would normally lead to a reduction in distance.

We do also recommend the Callaway Epic Max Driver as another amazing option. The technology is going to blow your mind, so if that is what you love in your clubs, then you won’t feel let down.

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