Best Callaway Irons

Best Callaway Irons with Technology for Consistent Distance & Control

Now here’s a well-known fact – Callaway golf clubs perform slightly better in comparison to TaylorMade. And the sole reason for that is the combination of a short hosel configuration and bore-through shaft. These are irons and even fairway woods that last for a much longer time.

Also, Callaway clubheads are not prone to cracking or flying off their shafts, unlike TaylorMade.

Another important thing you might want to know is that the highest number of golf clubs in almost every set consists of irons. So the selection of your golf irons should be up to the mark in order to produce more consistency. After all, irons do indeed boost distance, accuracy, and confidence.

So let’s find out the top choices across the entire range. This includes Callaway-designed irons for Tour-calibre play and beginners. But if Callaway isn’t your first choice, then how about the best Mizuno irons.

Who Should Buy Callaway Golf Irons

Callaway Golf Irons

Callaway manufactures different types of golf irons, no doubt.

The Super Game Improvement Irons, with their oversized head and extreme forgiveness, are for high handicappers and beginners. The Game Improvement Irons by Callaway are more geared toward mid-handicap golfers since they deliver both easy launch and increased forgiveness.

And then Callaway also designs Players Irons for low handicappers. These golfers are more skilled when it comes to ball striking. So they demand more controlled distance and launch.

Top 11 Best Golf Irons Made by Callaway

1. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set

It’s very simple – when you switch to mid-player improvement TaylorMade Mavrik Irons, expect to add at least extra 10 yards to your every shot.

And just so you know, this is Mavrik Standard specifically designed for almost every golfer profile.  There’s also Mavrik Max (for maximum forgiveness and launch) and Mavrik Pro (which is a Players’ iron). But Mavrik Standard is the longest of the three, thus it promotes the fastest ball speed and that appeals the most to high-handicap golfers.

The ball speed boost is actually a result of the brand’s decision to use A.I. in the face architecture. This sophisticated clubface composition is unique for every loft. And it also increases spin robustness generated by each iron.

Callaway irons also feature customized tungsten weight to optimize ball flight and launch. When the CG positioning is precise to the bone like this, preserving that maximum ball speed also becomes possible.

And the extraordinary doesn’t just end here. Callaway has also incorporated exclusive microspheres in its irons. These absorb vibrations that come in the way of delivering a pure feel. So not a single unwanted effect is produced, which means you can hit long as consistently as you demand.


  • Mavrik Standard with 360 Face Cup for ball speed
  • Customized tungsten weights make the iron very forgiving
  • Patented microspheres maximize COR and dampen vibrations


  • Highly prone to visual deterioration

2. Callaway Golf 2019 Big Bertha Iron Set

Callaway Golf 2019 Big Bertha Iron Set

If you make a mistake on the golf course, the Big Bertha will forgive you – Callaway has made sure of that. This ranks as the most forgiving golf club with state-of-the-art features like Jailbreak technology and an ultra-thin clubface with Hyper Speed Face Cup.

Callaway’s phenomenal Jailbreak technology consists of double internal bars that position more weight on the clubface. And this, in turn, generates a faster ball speed, thus a longer distance. As for the ultra-thin face, it combines with Hyper Speed Face Cup to promote greater ball speed and distance even on mis-hits.

Callaway’s Suspended Energy Core

Big Bertha is one of the very few golf irons equipped with revolutionary technologies. Another exemplary example is Callaway’s Suspended Energy Core. Just one feature here is responsible for transforming the whole experience in the form of consistently long distance, easy launch, and incredible feel and sound.

You know you’ve hit the jackpot because Callaway Big Bertha is also outfitted with new progressive clubhead shaping that also delivers forgiveness likes that is its only job.


  • Jailbreak technology for faster ball speed
  • MIM’d tungsten weight adds more forgiveness
  • OptiFit hosel offers easy launch
  • Hyper Speed Face Cup promotes distance on off-center shots


  • None so far

3. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Iron Set

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Iron Set

Just like Callaway Mavrik, even Mavrik Max is a very forgiving golf iron. But Mavrik Max is more geared toward mid-level handicappers. It promotes maximum forgiveness and launch with a deeper CG and larger body.

With Callaway Mavrik Max, you can gain more distance even if you’re a senior golfer. Many have switched to Mavrik Max (steel) from Big Bertha (graphite) because of an improvement in their golf handicap. So all the more reason to believe that these irons encourage improvement and send the golf ball straight off.

The features of Mavrik Standard and Mavrik Max are pretty much the same. Both are equipped with a sophisticated (Artificial Intelligence) face architecture, customized tungsten weights, and urethane microspheres. So you never have to worry about ball speed, launch, or feel.


  • Mavrik Max with 360 Face Cup for ball speed
  • Customized tungsten weights make the iron very forgiving
  • Patented microspheres maximize COR and dampen vibrations


  • Looks don’t last for too long

4. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Pro Iron Set

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Pro Iron Set

Now here’s the deal – Callaway Mavrik Pro is a step ahead of Mavrik Standard and Mavrik Max in that it’s specifically made for pro-grade golfers. After all, it is a Players’ golf iron built with a steel shaft perfect for low-handicap golfers.

The primary advantage here is the steel shaft as it produces greater vibrations into the golfer’s hands. And skilled players demand this kind of feedback to make sure the impact and swing are on-point.

Other features, once again, are pretty much the same. Every Callaway Mavrik iron delivers industry-leading ball speed, optimal launch, Tour-preferred spin and trajectory, and unprecedented feel.


  • Mavrik Pro Players’ iron with 360 Face Cup for ball speed
  • Customized tungsten weights make the iron very forgiving
  • Patented microspheres maximize COR and dampen vibrations


  • Scratches easily and starts to look old very soon

5. Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Irons Set

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Irons Set

Now, how about Callaway’s very popular Forged Players Distance Iron!

Callaway Apex is the personification of premium craftsmanship. Its multi-piece construction and precision engineering are responsible for producing ball speed, trajectory, and ball flight like you may have never experienced before.

The forged steel composition of these golf irons hand out just the feel and sound pro-level players demand. As for beginners, you know Apex is suitable for you too because of the presence of the brand’s exclusive urethane microspheres. These dampen unwanted vibrations while also maintaining maximum ball speed.

The 360 Face Cup is a part of this Callaway iron too. So your off-center strikes are forgiven to see the light of day. And just so you know, the short irons included in the set feature VFT Face to control spin and promote aggressive shot-producing capabilities.

No doubt, this Forged Players Iron Set is amazing and provides instant feedback even on mis-hits.


  • Forged carbon steel body offers a soft feel
  • 360 Face Cup creates faster ball speed
  • VFT Face in short irons controls spin
  • Multi-material, tungsten-infused construction for optimal ball flight


  • The hitting surface is slightly narrow

6. Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Pro Irons Set

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Pro Irons Set

Find the best player match in the Callaway Apex Pro Irons Set. These golf irons produce forged Tour performance with the help of advanced distance technologies. The Tour-level composition, in this case, delivers just the kind of pro-grade results better players demand and deserve without compromising distance or ball speed.

What makes Apex Pro such a widely accepted choice among better golfers is also its phenomenal Vibration Suppression System technology. It absorbs unwanted vibrations like no other while preserving the feedback from critical shots that accomplished players expect.

In comparison to standard Apex, Apex Pro is much easier for you to manipulate. Meaning a very suitable choice for shaping your shots, along with generating a penetrating, solid ball flight. However, the distance achieved may not be as long as its standard Apex counterpart. But that’s not something better golfers have to worry about anyway.


  • Forged iron with 360 Face Cup for ball speed
  • Urethane microspheres dampen unwanted vibrations
  • Multi-material and tungsten-infused for optimal ball flight
  • Tour-influenced shaping ideal for better players


  • Not a distance-boosting golf club

7. Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Irons Set

Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Irons Set

There’s some complex, advanced technology contained within Callaway Rogue. That is responsible for delivering a very rare combination of accuracy, distance, and playability.

Callaway Rogue Irons feature an expanded clubface portion that boosts ball speed. There’s VFT too, much like in the case of Callaway Apex, for promoting faster ball speed on mis-hits. So distance is pretty much covered, literally.

Moving on to Callaway’s quintessential, precisely controlled tungsten weighting in the long irons. They allow you to launch more easily. The brand’s exclusive urethane microspheres are included as well. So you can enjoy the benefits of a solid feel and sound without losing any ball speed or COR.


  • Rogue irons with 360 Face Cup increase ball speed
  • Tungsten weighting promotes an optimal launch
  • MIM’d Internal Standing Wave offers peak control
  • Urethane microspheres dampen vibrations to improve feel and sound


  • Not easy to quantify feedback

8. Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X Iron Set

Callaway Golf 2020 Rogue X Iron Set

The distance you can achieve with Callaway Rogue X Irons is bound to boost your confidence in approach shots.

The stronger loft does indeed seem a bit intimidating at first. But then it gives you a high enough launch angle as well as a pretty decent spin rate. So you can indeed rely on Callaway Rogue X for forgiving your off-center shots and increasing distance. Also, stronger lofts, longer lengths, and lighter weights maximize distance here.

The revolutionary combination of VFT and 360 Face Cup used by Callaway once again proves just how much they care about our goal to produce a higher ball speed. No wonder Rogue X ranks among the top contenders for senior golfers – it hits LONG and STRAIGHT.


  • Rogue X irons with VFT + 360 Face Cup for more ball speed
  • Stronger loft, longer length, and lighter weight maximize distance
  • MIM’d Internal Standing Wave optimizes ball flight
  • Urethane microspheres enhance feel and sound


  • Not the easiest to hit

9. Callaway Epic Forged Iron

Callaway Epic Forged Iron

Callaway claims their Epic Forged Iron is designed from meticulous craftsmanship and precision engineering. And professional golfers approve of that without any preconceived biases. These forged irons have a premium-quality design that offers a pure feel and sound. All thanks to the forged 1025 carbon steel body.

For the pure feel, Callaway’s patented urethane microspheres dampen unwanted vibrations. And to hand over distance and launch control, the brand has also incorporated a Suspended Tungsten Core.

As usual, 360 Face Cup and VFT are added for boosting ball speed and producing optimal spin (especially in the long and mid irons). It’s the ultimate choice for golfers who are already used to a smaller, higher sweet spot for hitting more consistently.


  • Epic Forged irons improve turf interaction
  • VFT and 360 Face Cup promote faster ball speed
  • Customized tungsten weight optimizes distance control


  • Low-launching, thus not for slow swingers

10. Callaway Steelhead XR Irons

Callaway Steelhead XR Irons

Comparatively speaking, Callaway Steelhead XR has the least things in common with the others. And that means these irons bring their own unique quality to the game. Such as Shock Eliminator Technology to improve the feel.

Even the hollowed bore-through design of the hosel is new. And what it does is make way for greater forgiveness as well as easier launch. So a huge part of the weight is repositioned strategically you know. The CG placement, no doubt, allows you to launch and hit long with long irons the most easily.

But not all is unknown and new indeed, which is not a bad thing. Meaning there are some dependable similarities. For example, Callaway’s revolutionary 360 Face Cup that’s incorporated for maximizing ball speed even on off-center shots.

When golf clubs are so highly forgiving, the game becomes much more enjoyable to play. Wouldn’t you agree as a beginner and/or high-handicap golfer?


  • 360 Face Cup for increased ball speed
  • Steel-infused, soft shock/vibration eliminating technology
  • Special hosel design adds more forgiveness
  • CG placement promotes easy launch


  • Slightly limited workability

11. Callaway X HOT Iron Set

Callaway X HOT Iron Set

Those with a slower swing speed and/or high handicap are sure to appreciate the design of this particular Callaway innovation. The X HOT Iron features a cavity-back structure, so you can get the golf ball airborne more easily.

As an average golfer, you can now hit longer even with a lower-lofted iron. Hence, cavity-back irons are also known as game improvement irons (or player-distance irons – what to choose).

The impressive overall sound, feel, distance, and forgiveness of Callaway X HOT are what make it a must-have. The perfect sound at impact is proof of the excellent feel the iron hands out. Speaking of which, high-handicap golfers prefer this kind of comfortable feel that, by the way, is also brought about by the super-soft grip.

And one last thing before you make your decision (sort of to strengthen your resolve here). These Callaway irons are perfect for those new to the game also because of the rare combination of low price and high value.


  • Cavity-back game improvement iron for average golfers
  • Highly satisfying sound and feel
  • Designed to boost ball speed and distance


  • Not long enough in comparison to others

What Are Advantages of Callaway Golf Irons

The many different irons designed by Callaway share almost the same features and technologies. So let’s talk about those and list them down as advantages provided by Callaway.

  • Callaway Irons Boost Ball Speed – With the help of sophisticated clubface architecture, these golf irons produce increased ball speed.
  • Callaway Irons Promote Optimal Launch – Almost every iron by Callaway reviewed in this article features customized tungsten-infused weights. And this special weighting system in every Callaway golf iron optimizes ball flight and launch while also preserving maximum ball speed.
  • Callaway Irons Deliver Unprecedented Feel – Through vibration-absorbing urethane microspheres, Callaway irons offer a pure feel. At the same time, this particular patented technology also maximizes COR to further boost ball speed.

Does Callaway Make Game Improvement Irons?

Callaway Mavrik Irons are indeed the company’s widely preferred game improvement irons. These golf clubs have a generous-sized sweet spot that has been proven to be the most forgiving on off-center shots.

Moreover, Callaway Mavrik includes A.I. in the clubface architecture to further enhance ball speed.

What Are the Most Suitable Callaway Irons for Mid Handicappers?

Once again, the answer is Callaway Mavrik Irons (Standard). These golf irons are designed for almost every player profile. Unlike Mavrik Max, which maximizes forgiveness and distance. Thus, being a more fitting choice for beginners and high handicappers. And even unlike Mavrik Pro, which is a players’ iron.

What Are the Most Forgiving Callaway Irons?

Hands down, it’s the Callaway Big Bertha Iron. And the reason is that these golf irons are loaded with Hyper Speed Face Cup that promotes longer distances even on off-center strikes. Then there’s also Jailbreak technology installed into Big Bertha to further increase speed and distance.

Is TaylorMade Better Than Callaway?

To be honest, it all depends on personal preferences really. But Callaway does rank slightly better because the brand incorporates short hosel configurations and bore-through shafts in their woods and irons that seem to last for a longer time.

Also, there’s greater resistance to cracking, splitting, and other such damage with Callaway clubheads in comparison to TaylorMade.

Final Say

There’s the Mavrik Irons, which include Mavrik Standard, Mavrik Max, and Mavrik Pro. Then there’s the Apex Iron Set, which includes Apex Standard and Apex Pro. Even Callaway Rogue Irons come in a series. And let’s not forget the singular, wildly popular Callaway Big Bertha.

So there’s something for every type of golfer, no matter his/her skill, handicap, etc. Even low-handicap and more experienced golfers have found their perfect match with Callaway.

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