Average Golf Swing Speed by Age

What Is the Average Golf Swing Speed by Age? (What Matters the Most)

These days all sorts of golfers are looking to perfect their swing speed. This includes beginners, amateurs, professionals, and even senior players. After all, that’s how it should be. Because your swing speed is among the most crucial golfing skills. That said, what is the average golf swing speed by age?

I’m sure you probably know that your golf swing, clubhead speed, and handicap are connected. This means you have to work on your swing speed. That is if your goal is to improve your game of golf. And become more proficient as a golfer.

Now it’s time for me to tell you that no 2 players have a similar swing speed. Because when it comes to comparison. There are many factors that determine your particular swing speed. And that’s why there are average numbers you can compare with your swing speed. In that case, you know how much scope there is for improvement.

So let’s find out how to figure out your golf swing speed. And then get to know the average numbers based on different age groups.

Average Golf Swing Speed by Age – An Overview

You don’t need a golf swing speed chart here. Just a basic idea of the average golf swing speed by age is more than enough. These yard distances are achieved by amateur golfers on an average…

  • Ages between 20 and 30 – 239 yards
  • Ages between 30 and 40 – 231 yards
  • Ages between 40 and 50 – 220 yards
  • Ages between 50 and 60 – 212 yards
  • Above 60 years of age – 196 yards

So what’s clear here? That younger players have a better golf swing speed. And why do you think that is? Simply because they have the greater physical power to hit longer shots.

I’m not saying that older golfers are not fit. I mean there are plenty of experienced players out there that continue to surprise us in many ways on the golf course. But just for the sake of comparison. Their younger counterparts are certainly fitter.

Just keep in mind that these distances are achieved by amateur players based on their age. Also, the numbers are not set in stone. So the distance you achieve largely depends on whether your golf swing speed is above or below average.

If it’s lower than average, there’s no need to worry. And it’s nothing to be embarrassed or frustrated about either. Because there are plenty of ways that teach you how to increase swing speed.

How Far Can Average Golfers Hit?

Average Golf Swing Speed by Age

So you already have a basic idea of the average golf driving distance by age. But do you know that the driving distance achieved in professional games is now longer than it has been? However, you and I here are not concerned with the professional side of the game. Instead, our focus is to look at the amateur or average aspect of things.

Longest drives in golf fall in the range of 280 and 300 yards. But practically speaking, amateur players don’t get anywhere close to that number. The best that amateurs are able to achieve is a driving distance of 215 yards.

Let’s get the golf handicap into the picture now. A handicap of below 6 achieves 240 yards average distance (310 yards driving distance). 6 to 12 handicap golfers achieve 220 yards (341 yards driving distance). And a handicap between 13 and 20 achieves 204 yards (320 driving distance). And an above-20 handicap achieves 187 yards (279 yards driving distance).

Therefore, the longest drive is often hit by golfers with a handicap between 6 and 12.

How Far Can Female Average Golfers Hit?

How Far Can Female Average Golfers Hit?

The average distance achieved by an amateur woman golfer is 148 yards. But let’s be more specific. Meaning let’s take golf handicap into consideration once again.

  • Below 6 handicap – 196 yards average distance and 261 yards longest drive distance
  • Between 6 and 12 handicap – 178 yards average distance and 254 yards longest drive distance
  • Between 13 and 20 handicap – 153 yards average distance and 256 yards longest drive distance
  • Between 21 and 28 handicap – 138 yards average distance and 217 yards longest drive distance
  • Above 29 handicap – 118 yards average distance and 188 yards longest drive distance

So now you have a basic idea about the average women’s golf swing speed distance too.

How to Increase Golf ClubHead Speed – 3 Most Effective Strategies

How to Increase Golf ClubHead Speed

1. Time Your Maximum Clubhead Speed

This means finding your whoosh. There’s a lot of difference between swinging fast and swinging hard. Unfortunately, many golfers don’t understand the difference. As a result of this, they end up wasting both time and energy.

The best way to work on your swing speed is to time your peak clubhead speed right at MOI (moment of impact). This is often known as the golf “whoosh” drill.

2. Fix or Adjust Your Grip

The most commonly underestimated aspect when it comes to improving golf swing speed is the grip. Once you tune up your grip. You can do more than just increase your clubhead speed. Fixing your grip also prevents other common issues. Like hooks, slices, and impact problems.

When your grip is proper, you release the golf club through impact. The outcome of which is a free clubhead at impact. That achieves maximum speed right on-point.

3. Widen Your Stance

At address, widening your stance can go a long way. Quite literally! It prevents you to sway laterally toward your target while on your way down during the swing movement. This coupled with a slightly aggressive yet relaxed swing of course. It’s a very effective way of achieving more distance as well as accuracy.

When you widen your stance, you keep the head toward the right during uncoiling your body. This encourages the clubhead to collect speed as it travels through the center of the body. The result of which is the clubhead ripping through the air once it touches the golf ball. And then it’s only unavoidable to gain yards.

The EndNote

Just remember that you simply cannot improve something you don’t measure. That said, it’s very important to determine your current swing speed. And then compare it with the average golf swing speed by age. It’s the only way to pick up some momentum. And eventually, improve your overall game of golf.

But don’t obsess too much about achieving a crazy speed. The goal is to increase the numbers in small, realistic increments. And make sure to have better control over your swing at all times. No matter your age or goal! Because a faster swing with no control inevitably produces errant shots. And these certainly don’t help when it comes to improving your golf scores.

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