What Is the Average Golf Handicap by Age

What Is the Average Golf Handicap by Age? (The Most Important Factors)

It’s possible for any type or level of golfer to play a round of golf with anyone. All thanks to the amazing handicap system of golf. It allows players of all abilities to enjoy a game of golf with each other. That means you can play a normal game even with Brooke Henderson, Michelle Wie, or Tiger Woods.

This brings into the picture a very commonly asked question. What is the average golf handicap by age? It’s the first thing you want to know when playing with other golfers. What your handicap is and how does it compare with the handicap of your fellow golfers? It’s only common and logical to approach the situation this way.

That said, this article, with its invaluable information on the topic of average golf handicap, might help…

Average Golf Handicap by Age – An Overview

Coutry Men (Average Handicap) Women (Average Handicap)
America 14.4 26.4
England 17.2 26.5
UK 16 26.5
Australia 16.9 26.7

As you can see, the average score of both men and women across all countries is closely similar. So this should help you answer yet another frequently asked question. That’s what is a good golf handicap?

Now let’s dive deeper and move a little away from generalities.

Average Golf Handicap by Age – Male Golfers


Now you understand how your golf handicap compares to the handicap of average golfers across the globe. And this comparison should help you determine if your handicap is better or requires improvement. That said, you may want to find out more. Like how does your particular handicap compare with golfers belonging to the same age group?

First and foremost, let me make one thing very clear. That it’s impossible to come across any detailed and universal information about handicaps. Because there’s no one right answer. No matter the geographic location or country.

In America, around 8-percent of the male population indulges in the game of golf. And these nearly 24.2 million players have an average handicap of 14.4. So is your golf handicap below 12.9? If yes, then you can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that your handicap is superior to that of half the American golfing population.

As for what percentage of golfers are single-digit handicap? The answer is one-third of golfers across the country. Around 33-percent of the players have a handicap between 15 and 10. And only 2-percent with a better or scratch handicap.

Compared to Australian golfers, American golfers have a comparatively lower handicap in general. Much the same with the UK and England.

Average Golf Handicap by Age – Female Golfers


Women players, on the whole, have a much higher golf handicap than their male counterparts. In America itself, the average handicap is 26.4. More than 70-percent of female players among them have a handicap above 21. With just a little over 4-percent touching the single-figure handicap level.

Comparatively speaking, in Australia and England, women golfers have a slightly higher handicap. It’s only in the UK that the average golf handicap is lower than in America.

Average Golf Handicap by Age – All You Need to Know


Here’s the information you’ve been looking for…

  • Golfers between the age of 7 and 12 years have a handicap of 150-180.
  • Golfers between the age of 12 and 20 years have a handicap of 90-180.
  • Golfers between the age of 20 and 30 years have a handicap of 80-90.
  • Golfers between the age of 30 and 70 years have a handicap of 91-94.

What does this trend show? The simple fact that the stronger you are, mentally and physically, the stronger your golf game is going to be.

Junior golfers don’t possess the physical ability to generate a lot of force during their strokes. That means taking more shots for putting the golf ball in that hole. This explains why junior golfers have the highest handicap.

Compared to them, teenagers have greater strength. And that’s the reason behind the improvement of average golf scores.

Likewise, your physical and mental capacities decrease with age. So a senior golfer has to strike more shots to complete his/her round of golf. Nonetheless, the majority of senior players can achieve a score of around 80. And if he/she is an elite golfer, then 60 is a possible-to-score number as well.

So the bottom line is that your actual handicap and score depend on your physical fitness. And that’s why age matters such a great deal in golf.

How to Improve Golf Handicap?

It’s only natural to want to achieve better scores on the golf course. But it’s in your best interest to get the job done by setting up unrealistic goals and strategies. This involves not obsessing over the comparison between your handicap and that of another player. Comparing scores with other golfers only lets you down.

You need to understand and accept that every player brings into the scene his/her individual collection of golfing skills and abilities. These are both mental and physical. The best you can do is identify your common mistakes. And based on these, correct your game.

The rule of thumb is to keep account of your average handicap or scores. And not to allow these numbers to dictate your every single move or a round of golf. Struggling to break par and rushing your game never works. Especially if you’re a beginner golfer.

Achieving a par demands years of golfing practice and professional skills. That’s why I mentioned earlier that you should be setting up a more realistic approach. It’s the only way to keep you on track without draining your energy.


No matter your handicap, never establish an unrealistic strategy for improving your golf scores. The reason why golf is a fun sport is that most golfers don’t stress about their handicaps. In fact, the majority of them don’t even have any handicap. So how about you go a little easy on yourself. And just make the most of your time on the golf course!

As for the average handicap among men, women, and by age, I have mentioned the numbers. So you know where you stand.

And always remember this. That it doesn’t matter what your score is today or was yesterday. Every single time you start a new round of golf, you’re going to begin from your first tee shot. And do it all over again to achieve an average or good score.

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