5 Wood Vs. 7 Wood: Which Club To Use & When

5 Wood Vs. 7 Wood

5 woods and 7 woods are two fairway woods that have very different characteristics regarding how they perform on the course. These two clubs are specialized for specific distances, and each is applicable in specific situations, but which club should you use, and when?

5 woods hit further and lower, but they are more difficult to control and are better for advanced players. 7 woods are easier to use but hit closer and higher. Use a 5 wood for longer fairway shots, and use a 7 wood for closer shots or for shots from the rough. 

Fairways woods are very useful clubs, but it is critical to know how to use these clubs correctly to get the most out of them. 5 woods and 7 woods are clubs that must be understood to be used effectively. Let’s go over when and why to a 5 wood rather than a 7 wood, and vise versa.

What Is a 5 Wood Good For, And When Should It Be Used?

5 woods are very precise clubs that are great for hitting longer shots on the fairway. This type of club is more challenging to use and control compared to other fairway woods, but it is incredibly useful if you know how to use it well.

This club is generally used to hit between 180 and 240 yards and is better for more experienced players. Ball flight from a 5 wood is farther than from other fairway woods, and is generally lower as well.

A 5 wood is used to hit lower, longer shots than a 7 wood. This is perfect for a player who needs distance or a player who is trying to lower their handicap. 

5 woods can be used to hit long par 3’s and to hit a second shot from the fairway on a par 5. These clubs are very accurate, and in the right hands, can land the ball precisely on the green from a good distance.

This club is good for players who struggle with distance and for those who have a faster swing. It is easier to hit long distances with a 5 wood, and this club is faster than other fairway woods, so it can deliver more power to the ball when hit.

The 5 wood is about ½ an inch longer than the 7 wood, which makes it slightly more difficult to control, but a more effective club for longer and lower shots, which is why it is favored more by advanced and professional players.

What Is A 7 Wood Used For, And When Should It Be Used?

A 7 wood is a more controllable club when compared to the other fairway woods. These clubs are excellent for higher, shorter shots and are incredibly accurate.

This club has more loft than other fairway woods and is excellent for getting out of the rough quickly and effectively.

The 7 wood is a great club, but it takes some skill to use well. This club is not favored by advanced players due to the short range of its hits, but when used in the right hands, it can be a very useful club for payers of every skill level.

This club is a good replacement for a long iron, and it is specialized for closer, higher shots.

While the 7 wood is not as commonly used as 5 woods, it should not be overlooked. This club is about ½ shorter than 5 woods which means that it is a slightly slower club, but the shorter shaft makes this club far more accurate than the other fairwoods, particularly 5 woods.

This club is ideal for players with a slower swing and is a good choice if you do not enjoy playing with hybrids or long irons.

When To Use A 5 Wood Vs. A 7 Wood

5 woods and 7 woods are both great clubs when used in the right way and used to their own advantages.

There are certain instances where 5 woods and 7 woods are more applicable over each other. Below are a few examples of when to use 5 woods and 7 woods.

Examples of when to use a 5 wood:

  • 5 woods are better off the tee than 7 woods.

  • 5 woods are better for hitting longer shots.

  • 5 woods are longer and swing faster, which makes them more versatile for fairway shots.

  • 5 woods are better for hitting the second shot in a fairway par 5.

  • 5 woods are better for long a long par 3.

  • 5 woods are better for low handicap players.

  • 5 woods can be used to reach a long par 5 in two shots.

Examples of when t use a 7 wood:

  • 7 woods are better for closer shots. 

  • 7 woods are better out of the rough.

  • 7 woods are more precise than 5 woods.

  • 7 woods are better for precision.

  • 7 woods are easier to hit.

  • 7 woods are easier to use for a par 5 in two for high to medium handicappers.

  • 7 woods are better for slower shots.

In the end, the choice between using a 5 wood and a 7 wood should be made based on the skill of the player and the course that is being played.

More advanced players favor 5 woods, as they are more challenging to use, but they are more versatile in the hands of the right player.

7 woods are favored by mid-level handicappers and by advanced players who have a slower swing. These clubs are far easier to use and much more precise when used well, but they are not able to reach the same distance as 5 woods.

Which of these clubs to use comes down to the preference of the player and what they feel is required to play the best shot in their best position on the course that they are playing. 


5 woods and 7 woods are both very versatile clubs that are useful for specific circumstances on the golf course.

5 woods are longer and hit further, lower, and faster. This makes them ideal for more advanced players, and for those who are determined to improve their handicap. 

These clubs must be used in the hands of an advanced player to achieve their full potential.

7 woods are easier to use than 5 woods, but they are not able to reach the same distances. These clubs have more loft and are better for hitting a shot from the rough, and their slower speed makes them better for less advanced players and those who require more precision.

Which club to use and when it comes down to personal preference and the requirements of the player at certain parts of the course.

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